10 Early Warning Signs He’s Going To Stray In The Relationship And 10 Reassuring Signs He Won’t

What’s the most common storyline in a romantic comedy or juicy teen drama? You would probably think cheating since that’s something that seems to happen all the time. Whether the main character literally walks in on their partner in bed with someone else or three characters get involved in a crazy love triangle, it seems like no fictional person is ever loyal to the person that they claim to love.

When you get into a new relationship, you can’t ever imagine things going south. You’re in the honeymoon period, everything is new and thrilling, and you really care about each other. Once you’ve been with someone for several months and then years, it’s definitely possible that life will get in the way and start to ruin the love that you two share. Maybe you have suspicions that your boyfriend isn’t being faithful to you, or maybe you know deep down in your soul that there’s just no way that he would ever have eyes for someone else. No matter what’s going on in your love life, you’ve totally come to the right place. Read on to find out 10 early warning signs he’s going to cheat in the relationship and 10 reassuring signs that he won’t!

20Warning Signs: He’s Super Close To His Ex-Girlfriend

It’s pretty common to talk about your past relationships after the first few months of dating… and it’s always awkward AF. There’s really no getting around that, though, since you’re curious about who your boyfriend has dated before (and he feels the same way about your list of exes).

Hopefully your boyfriend’s last relationship is truly and really over and he knows that being with you is so much better. If he’s still super close to his ex-girlfriend, though, that’s definitely an early warning sign that he just might cheat. That’s a sign that she’s not actually ancient history and that he’s still thinking about her. After all, why would he want to keep her in his life if he wasn’t thinking about going back to her?

19Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He’s Willing To Talk Through Anything And Everything

It’s a total myth that guys don’t want to talk about things. Maybe they don’t want to admit it to their best friends, but they have feelings, too. The right guy will want to have serious conversations with you whenever issues come up, and he’d rather find out how you feel so he can make things better and so you two can keep your relationship strong.

If your boyfriend is always willing to chat about problems, no matter how big or small, then you should consider yourself lucky once again. It’s a really good sign that he’s really committed to you and that he’s not going to cheat on you. He respects you and cares about you and wants to do everything that he can to make sure that your relationship works out.

18Warning Signs: He Still Sees His Ex’s Family

This is even worse than the previous point when you think about it. If your boyfriend still talks to his ex, you can tell yourself that it’s okay because they stayed friends (whether or not that’s actually true). If your boyfriend still hangs out with her parents and siblings and maybe even other relatives, well, that’s not a great sign.

That’s basically a huge red flag because it means that he still wants to be part of her world. And he just can’t let go of the people in her life, either. This would absolutely make you feel super weird… and no one would blame you for that. It definitely sounds like he wants to get back together with her and just might cheat on you with her if this is happening.

17Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Will Make An Effort To See You Every Day/Night

You can be reassured that your boyfriend is truly in love with you when he wants to see you all the time… as in every single day and night. He comes over weeknights after work. You spend weekends at his place and go for brunch and make dinner and watch movies and drink wine. It’s basically the best thing ever and it’s why being in a relationship is so comfortable and special.

He’s making the effort to see you on a regular basis because he can’t imagine not being with you all the time, which is really sweet and really awesome. A guy who is doing this would never cheat on you. Why would he?! He’s got everything that he wants and needs and that’s you.

16Warning Signs: He Talks About Past Relationships All The Time

It’s never a good thing when a guy seems like he just can’t let go of the past. If your boyfriend never stops talking about the girls that he dated before you, it’s for sure a sign that he’s not as committed to you as you think that he is.

Maybe he mentions that his ex-loved Gilmore Girls when you’re watching it one evening, and that seems like a throwaway comment so you figure that it’s no big deal. But if that happens all the time, it might be more disturbing and worrying than you think because it means that she’s on his mind. There’s really no reason for him to go down memory lane like that unless he’s thinking about other girls and wondering if he should try to make something happen again.

15Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Invites You Around His Friends And Family

If a guy wants you to be part of his life and really wants to commit to you, he’s going to make sure that everyone in his life knows about it. He’ll always invite you to his family gatherings, from his mom’s birthday weekend to his sister’s Christmas Eve party. And he’ll invite you out with his friends, too.

He always wants you to be around because he loves you so much and you’re so important to him. If you weren’t, he would never do this. A guy who commits to you this much and makes you such a big part of his life isn’t going to be unfaithful. It just wouldn’t be possible.

14Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Trusts You With His Most Kept Secrets

A relationship is nothing without communication but trust is also important. Without trust, the two of you are just going to be paranoid all the time and you won’t have the solid bond that you need. If your boyfriend trusts you, then he’s going to tell you things that he’s never shared with anyone else, and you’ll be the person that he turns to no matter what’s going on in his life.

If he feels that way about you, then you can be reassured that he’s definitely not going to cheat. You mean everything to him and you’re his best friend. He knows that what the two of you share is something super special and that he’s not going to find that with anyone else. And you won’t either, of course, which is what makes your relationship so amazing.

13Warning Signs: He Never Tells You Who’s Texting Him

It’s totally inevitable that when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend, one of you is going to get texts every once in a while. It could be your mom making plans for this weekend or your BFF wanting to chat about the latest episode of the Netflix show that you’re both loving. If your BF asks who texted you, of course you’re going to tell him, right? It would be really weird if you didn’t because you have absolutely nothing to hide.

If your boyfriend never tells you who’s sending him text messages, that’s proof that he could be thinking about cheating. Maybe he changes the subject or just starts acting really off and strange. He could be texting another girl… or he could just be hiding things from you. Either one isn’t great.

12Reassuring Signs He Won’t: You Know About His Past But He Says He’s Glad It’s Over

It’s only natural that you know about the girls that he’s dated before. He’s told you about his past relationships and why they didn’t work out. He’s happier with you, though, and he’s told you that more times than you could possibly count.

As long as your boyfriend says that he’s really glad that his past relationships are over and that he knows that things are better with you, there’s nothing for you to worry or even think about. Yeah, it sucks to think about him being with someone else, but that’s just the way that these things go. You’ve dated people before him, too, so he totally feels the same way. It’s only a problem when he seems hung up on his ex and like he can’t move on.

11Warning Signs He Works Late Without Telling You Beforehand

It’s totally normal for someone to work late every once in a while. It’s not normal for your boyfriend to know that he’s going to stay late at work this week… and not even tell you.

Whether you two live together or just spend nights at each other’s apartments, it’s only polite for you to tell each other what time you’ll be home. If you’re sitting there and you just made dinner and it’s getting cold and you don’t know where he is, that’s not something that should be happening. This proves that he doesn’t respect you or the relationship and that he wants to live his own life that’s separate from you. He doesn’t feel like he needs to check in with you and he also doesn’t want to.

10Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Says He Appreciates What You Do For Him

Even if you and your guy don’t live together yet, you still probably do a lot of things for him, like laundry or cooking dinner or picking up some groceries because you had a bit of free time. If he’s a total jerk, he’ll never say thank you (and you shouldn’t even be dating him in the first place, of course).

If he’s the one for you, he’ll appreciate everything that you do for him… and he’ll definitely tell you. He’s not going to stay silent because he knows that these are no small things and that you don’t have to help him out with anything. When a guy really appreciates you, you can be reassured about him and about the relationship. This is exactly what you want to be happening.

9Warning Signs: He Refuses To Talk About The Future. He Only Focuses On Right Now

Sure, you don’t want to talk about getting married when you’ve just started dating someone, but it’s only natural to want to get an idea of what your shared future looks like once you get into a more serious relationship. No one would ever blame you for that. Your boyfriend should feel the same way since this is something that you two absolutely need to be on the same page about.

If your boyfriend refuses to talk about the future and only thinks about the here and now, it’s possible that he’s not thinking about you long-term. And that just might mean that he’s not going to be loyal and faithful to you. He doesn’t consider you a big part of his life, which totally sucks if you’re all about him.

8Reassuring Signs He Won’t: You’ve Got A Future Plan

Some people are planners and love to be organized, and others are of course more free-spirited and go with the flow. Neither one is good or bad, it just depends what your personality type is. The same thing goes for couples: some love to plan the future and others don’t want to talk about that stuff.

In this case, though, a couple that refuses to talk about the future and makes real, concrete plans is probably not all that committed to each other. You absolutely deserve to be with someone who wants to talk about being with you forever. If you and your guy have a future plan, that’s a good sign and he’s honestly not going anywhere. You can be sure about that, and you don’t have to worry about him cheating.

7Warning Signs: He Whines About Married Couples

It’s a total cliche that guys hate the idea of getting married and never want someone to be their wife. Unfortunately, the stereotype of guys thinking that they’re going to be “whipped” is still alive and well. If your boyfriend complains about married couples that he knows and acts like his friends who have gotten married are having a terrible time now, that’s something that you should watch out for.

You might think that it’s no big deal if you’re not looking to get married right now, but it proves that he’s not big on commitment. It also proves that he doesn’t believe that two people can love each other and be together for a long time. With a bad attitude like that, why wouldn’t he cheat?!

6Reassuring Signs He Won’t: You Talk About Milestones Before They Happen

It’s pretty rare that you and your boyfriend can just randomly go, “Let’s move in together” and, bam, it happens the next day. There are a lot of things to consider and talk about, like when both of your leases in your current places are up and what neighborhood you want to live in and what type of place you’re looking for.

If you and your boyfriend talk about milestones before they happen, that’s a good sign that he’s going to be loyal and faithful to you. You’ve discussed moving in together months before it’ll actually happen. And maybe you’ve said that you want to get married in the future even though you’re not close to getting engaged yet. That proves that you care about each other and are both in this thing for the long haul.

5Warning Signs: He Complains That You Don’t Give Him Enough Space

Couples who are truly in love and who have a good thing going aren’t going to talk about needing space. It just would never happen because they really enjoy hanging out together and would never dream of being apart. They know that would be dull and kind of miserable. Plus, they know that they’re in a relationship which means that they should see each other a lot. Otherwise, they should just stay single.

If your boyfriend says that he needs alone time (and he needs it all the time) and complains that you don’t give him enough space, it’s very possible that he’s thinking about cheating. It shows that he’s feeling trapped in the relationship and it also shows that he’s not very happy with you. It sucks to realize this but it’s better to know sooner rather than later, right?!

4Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Tells You How Much He Loves You All The Time

Of course just because a guy says that he loves you doesn’t mean that he actually does. You’ve probably been snowed before just like everyone has. But chances are, if you’re in a relationship with a guy who is always sharing how he feels, he’s genuine about the whole thing.

Consider yourself super lucky if your boyfriend is sweet and romantic enough to tell you that he loves you all the time. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, he wants to tell you this stuff. He texts you throughout the day with adorable messages and heart emojis, he compliments you, and you just know that he really has strong feelings for you. This should definitely reassure you that he’s got eyes for you and you only and would never even think about cheating on you.

3Warning Signs: He Becomes Super Irritable When You Spend More Than Three Days Together In A Row

There are couples who want to spend every day together and then there are those that want to do more things apart than together. Most people would probably want the former since that means that you and your partner are best friends and really get along well. Guys who talk about needing space all the time probably aren’t guys who want to hang out all the time, so it’s no wonder that your boyfriend is also complaining that you two are spending too much time together.

The fact that he doesn’t want to see you all the time should be a pretty massive red flag. It proves that he doesn’t consider you a huge part of his life because he thinks that he should be living a separate one.

2Reassuring Signs He Won’t: He Has Said He Hates Cheating/It Would Be Unforgivable

You and your guy have probably had a conversation about relationship dealbreakers. If he says that his is cheating and that he would never stay with someone who did that, then you can be sure that he would never do that to you. The same thing is true if he says that he’s really against cheating and if he gets upset when he even sees a character sleeping with someone else in a movie or on a TV show.

This is the best case scenario, of course, and proves that the two of you have something real. You have a solid, legit bond and you really care about each other. You both hate the idea of cheating in general and you especially hate the idea of cheating on each other since that just breaks your heart. So you definitely don’t have to worry. You’ve got a really good one.

1Warning Signs: He Postpones Big Decisions And Doesn’t Make An Effort To Remember The Little Things

One of the best things about being in a relationship is having your partner do sweet little things for you all the time. This is different for everyone, of course. Maybe your boyfriend knows that you love a certain dish from a take-out place in your neighborhood so he surprises you with it every once in a while. Or maybe he just loves doing the little things that couples do for each other once they’re serious, like remembering to pick up paper towels or avocados because you just ran out.

When your boyfriend doesn’t do these things anymore (or maybe he never did them), it’s not a good sign. When he won’t make big decisions about your relationship, either, like deciding where to go on your vacation this summer or when you should move in together, it just might mean that he’s not as into the relationship as you are.

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