10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships are the Best

If you think that a long distance relationship will only lead to a devastating heartbreak, you’re not alone. There are millions out there who have lost faith in this type of commitment and many have sworn never to be in this relationship ever again. ALSO READ: 9 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail and How to Avoid Them

Unsuccessful LDRs are so common that you probably know someone, or even just a friend of a friend, who has had their heart broken from it. However, think about these questions first: are you really willing to let go of something special just because others have failed? Don’t you think that your love deserves a chance to prove itself? Lastly, is it fair to give up on something just because you’re scared to get hurt?

If you’re about to be in a long distance relationship, don’t let go just yet – because you’ve only read and heard about half of the story. The truth is, being in an LDR can be the best decision that you’ll ever make and it can, surprisingly, offer a genuine happiness that a traditional relationship can never give.

Here are the reasons why long distance relationships are the best.

1. It defines what true love is.
True love exists and it can be found in the most unexpected places and circumstance. Being in a long distance relationship, for example, reveals a lot about our feelings for someone and how strong and genuine our love is for them.

It’s a true test of love because it challenges us to stay strong and stay true to the relationship regardless of the distance and time apart.

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2. It teaches you the value of patience.
It makes you become a better person by teaching you the value of patience and understanding. LDR teaches us that things will not always go our way and that we don’t always get what we want, whenever we want them. Nonetheless, all these don’t matter because, at the end of the day, you’ll still have each other.

3. It distinguishes true love from pure lust.
A long distance relationship will help you discover your partner’s true intentions: are they in the relationship just to satisfy their physical desires or do they actually love you for who you are as a person?

Is it real love or just pure lust?  Distance can give you an honest answer to this important question.

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4. It helps you focus on your own goals.
It’s such a comforting thought that you have someone who will be there to support and encourage you to reach your dreams – even if they can’t physically be there to cheer for you.

Most people in a relationship demand their partner to spend time with them and to even put it at the top of their priority list. While it’s normal for couples to want to be together all the time, it’s also unhealthy – especially if you’re both young and still trying to reach your own professional goals.

Being in an LDR will help you live a productive and focused life, helping you achieve your individual goals while still having someone to go home to at the end of each day.

5. It gives you the freedom to truly live life.
Most people with a romantic commitment can admit that they usually spend a big percentage of their waking hours with their significant other. While some of their activities are fun, being together all the time doesn’t let them have the chance to do other productive things outside of their relationship – and it could be unhealthy in most cases.

In an LDR, you have the freedom to spend more time to develop yourself, your skills, and help you become more productive in both your professional and social life. A long-distance relationship can also let you live life at your own pace.

6. It tells you who your friends are.
Being in a long distance relationship can be emotionally exhausting and sometimes, you’ll need your friends to cheer you up – and only true friends will have both the patience and the sincerity to be by your side especially if you’re not at your best.

Being in an LDR will tell you who your true friends are, the friends who are willing to stay and listen especially when times are hard.

7. It helps you express yourself better.
Communication is the key to a successful long-distance relationship. You have to talk to each other and learn how to express your thoughts not only in words but through actions. That’s why you often have to create ways to help you understand each other without sounding redundant or boring.

In addition, there are just feelings and emotions that you cannot easily share when you’re physically together. Sometimes, you’re either shy or you feel awkward from just talking about it. However, when you’re miles away and just talking over the phone, you somehow develop the courage and the confidence to be and say anything you want.

8. It teaches you how to let go.
LDR teaches you to let go of the things that you cannot change because of time or distance. It teaches you how to be strong and be emotionally ready to face whatever life throws at you because you know and have accepted the fact that things don’t always go your way.

9. It encourages you to be strong.
You know when to give up and which battle to fight because you’ve been there – you’ve felt loneliness, you’ve felt a longing for someone, and the frustration over something that you cannot easily have just because you’re too far away from them.

LDR encourages you to keep holding on and to let strength give you hope that someday, things will be better, and you’ll see each other again.

10. It makes you feel excited about the future.
LDR makes you feel excited about the years and days when you’ll finally have the chance to hold them and kiss them. It also lets you look forward to a better and happier life together.

You know that once you survive this greatest challenge in your relationship, you’ll both be stronger and better people.

Most people don’t believe in a long distance relationship but don’t let their doubts prevent you from finding your own happy ending. Good luck and stay strong! Enjoy the benefits or advantages of your LDR!

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