10 Signs He’s Not Over Her (& 10 That Prove It’s Time To Move On)

Sometimes, things go wrong, relationships don’t work out, and people break up. It is not always easy, but it is part of life.

And sometimes, one or both people involved in the breakup are not okay with the fact that it happened at all… which brings us to this article.

How can we tell if a guy is not over us? What do we do in that situation? Will someone be able to tell when it is time to move on in life? Where do we go from there?

All of these questions and more will be observed today, as we go over the top 10 signs that he is not over her and the top 10 signs that it is, indeed, time to move on from the fractured relationship.

And gentlemen, please realize when something has ended and when it is time for a new chapter. We promise that we ladies will try to notice if that time comes, too, so that we can also transition as smoothly as possible.

From how he acts online and in person to how he feels about the normal things in life, there are many signs that point to a dude not being over someone.

20Not Over Her: He Checks Up On Her Online

In today’s digital age, there is a big way to try and notice if he is not over her: if he stalks her online. Right at our fingertips, we have access to social media sites, messaging platforms and photos from the past.

If a guy is not over a gal, he may constantly check her online accounts to see if she deleted photos of him or added any of a new man. He may message and DM and text her all the time if he misses her a lot. Or he may just scroll through images of her, wishing he still had her.

19Time To Move On: She Has A New Relationship

Speaking of a new man… If said gal has a new relationship, it is time to move on from the old one! One of the best ways that we can get over a breakup is to distract ourselves with something or someone better, and many relationships end due to other people.

That being said, if an ex has committed themselves to someone new, that means they are trying to move on, so we should, as well. Get a new hobby. Ask out a cutie. Plan a vacation. Dive deeper into work or school. Write a novel. Just move right along…

18Not Over Her: He Asks About Her

He may still be interested in her if he makes that interest known in the real world, too (not just online). He could ask her friends about her. He could “accidentally” bump into her sibling, just so he can question him/her about his ex.

Yes, if someone is always talking about another someone, a crush probably exists. We get it, and we know that breakups are hard, but don’t look desperate. Instead, try to limit the questions to only a couple, to people who are really close to her, as they could report back to her and remind her that she misses the relationship!

17Time To Move On: She Ignores Him

On the other hand, if all of his attempts lead to her ignoring him, he should give up. In many cases that involve the dissolving of a relationship, it will be clear what at least one person is thinking.

In this instance, a woman could either respond to and return these somewhat desperate attempts to get attention (if she is not sure that the breakup was a good idea), or she could shut them down, run the other way and try her hardest to ignore her ex. If she does that, it is time to move on, men, so do.

16Not Over Her: He Daydreams About Her

At times, a guy may not make it known to the world that he is not over someone. But if we were to jump inside his head, we may learn all types of juicy details! Yeah, guys can dream and daydream and create fake scenarios in their heads—and they may all be centered around one special person.

If that is the case, then this guy is definitely still into the girl of his dreams, whether she returns the feelings or not. Keeping this info to himself is probably for the best, but who knows; people do crazy things for love.

15Time To Move On: She Wants Nothing To Do With Him

As mentioned, at least one person involved in a breakup will probably be very vocal about what he/she wants. Let’s say that a relationship stopped happening and that the female involved made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend (the male involved). If this happens, the male should hear her, respect her wishes and move on.

It may not be easy. He will probably not get any pleasure out of it at all, but even if it seems like she is loving every minute of the split, stay strong, stay focused and stay away from her!

14Not Over Her: He Tries To Run Into Her

It is common for exes to try to run into each other out in the world if they are still into each other. One may know which class the other has next, so it is time to head to that part of the school—just because. One may know where the other works as a cook, so it seems like a nice day to eat at that particular restaurant.

We understand people wanting to make this happen, but we are big believers in kismet; what is meant to be will be, so let these run-ins happen organically, which will make them even more special.

13Time To Move On: The Relationship Was Toxic

People end relationships for so many different reasons, but if the relationship was toxic, it is definitely time to get over it. Obviously, people are also drawn to significant others for so many different reasons.

But a cute face means nothing if mean words constantly come out of that mouth… A large bank account is insignificant compared to a big and annoying ego… A couple of romantic moments will feel like nothing compared to a few blowouts that lead to the cops being called… When it is time to move on, know that it is time to move on, please.

12Not Over Her: He Won’t Commit To Anyone Else

If a man still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, he will probably have a hard time committing to anyone else. In fact, he may not for quite some time! We mentioned that getting a new boo is a great distraction during this time. However, a man won’t want to do that if he wants his ex to know he is still available and still waiting for her.

This may seem like a romantic gesture, and it could work out in his favor… or it could just leave him alone and missing out on some amazing experiences and some awesome people.

11Time To Move On: There Is Love Involving Another Person

Someone in a relationship could make a big and potentially irreversible mistake. One or both people could fall out of love. A girl could get swept off her feet by a prince while visiting Europe. A guy could meet his celeb crush and want to live out the rest of his life with her.

Yes, at times, other people come into a relationship, and the love shifts. It could be meant to be, or instead, it could end up ruining everything. But when this happens and when the love is gone and has moved on… Well, it is time for everyone to move on then.

10Not Over Her: He Talks About Her Constantly

We have all been there: someone in our friend group likes someone, and that is all that they talk about—ever! At first, it seems sort of sweet; we want them to be happy, and we support them in this new endeavor. But then, it becomes too much. It becomes clear that this friend maybe isn’t going to pursue this crush…

Instead, this friend is just going to talk about this person and obsess over this person and stalk this person! If this is all happening, then feelings are present, someone hasn’t moved on, and the friend is clearly not over her.

9Time To Move On: She Has Her Friends Remind Him Of The Breakup

Since Ross and Monica are in this accompanying image, let’s use them in this scenario: Rachel had her ups and downs with Ross, but let’s say a big down moment happens, and she wants to be done with him. Ross, though, considers her the love of his life, and he never wants to let go.

That being said, Rachel sends Monica in to remind Ross that it is over and that he should go distract himself with work or his son or a movie with the guys. It can be brutal to send in reinforcements, but it is sometimes necessary!

8Not Over Her: He Hangs On To Her Memories

Memories can be thoughts, old photos, mementos from life events or gifts from loved ones. And if a dude is hanging on to these, he is not over his dudette.

Cherishing keepsakes is one thing, but if he spends all of his alone time looking at her pictures or if he spends all of his free time hanging out in their old special places and if he is, like, sleeping with a stuffed animal she gave him… That is just sad! Store that stuff in a box, hide it away at the back of the closet, and find new mementos to fill up space.

7Time To Move On: She Gave All The Gifts Back

While we are on the topic of gifts, we will say that keeping memory boxes is a common thing; people may break up, but they may keep some special treasure, tucked away, in order to commemorate the good time in life.

However, if a woman gives all of the gifts back, she is so done with the relationship. This means that she does not want to put them in a boyfriend box. She didn’t even want to put them in the trash. She wanted to throw them at her ex, letting him know that they mean nothing to her anymore.

6Not Over Her: He Is Stuck In A Funk

Humans handle struggles in a variety of ways, and the end of a relationship can be a dark time. If we see a man stuck in a funk after a breakup, it could be a sign that he is not over it all. We should do all we can to help him during this time—like taking him to the movies, lending him a shoulder to cry on, introducing him to new people and ordering him pizza.

But if this continues, the funk could possibly maybe be happening due to the fact that he is supposed to be with his ex after all.

5Time To Move On: Life Is Going Nowhere

Along the same lines, a man may know he doesn’t belong with his ex. But what if all the distractions are not working? What if movies all sound boring, tears won’t come out, new people sound too stressful and pizza has lost all taste?

In this case, when life seems to be going nowhere fast, everything needs to get shaken up in a big way, as this man attempts to move on and become a whole new him. A move to a new place, a trip to a counselor, a bucket list activity or a new job could be just the ticket!

4Not Over Her: He Has Lost Interest In Hobbies

We will elaborate on this portion a bit more… We mentioned that a sad guy could think that even pizza was gross if he was that upset over a breakup. That may sound totally crazy to some, but it is true: during these low times, people can lose interests in hobbies and other things they once enjoyed.

And this could, yet again, be another sign that he is not over the relationship. Will he find the right distraction? Will he get back with her? Has he just outgrown this hobby? Does she want him back, as well? Only time will tell.

3Time To Move On: Something Better Is Found

The right distraction, as we have touched upon, could definitely be something better, like a new significant other—and this goes both ways! If the woman found a new hunk, deleted all evidence of her ex online and seems head over heels for this new person, it is probably time to move on, folks.

And if the man happens to find a new person and thinks that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, then he is taking the right steps towards moving on and he probably realizes that now is the right time to do so.

2Not Over Her: He Keeps Asking Her Out

A clear and definite sign that he is not over her is when he keeps asking her out. He may pull a romantic move like this one, or he may just slide into the DMs to pop the question. Either way, if he is on her constantly and keeps coming up with reasons that she should say yes… He has it bad.

If she says no a thousand times, she may not feel the same way. But if she finds love songs played on a boombox to be totally cool, then maybe it is actually meant to be after all.

1Time To Move On: She Keeps Saying No

Before this list ends, we will restate a previous point: if she keeps saying no, it is time to move on, man. We don’t mean to sound harsh—we are just trying to save everyone time, energy and feelings.

A guy could be with someone even better if he was not using every waking hour trying to win back an ex. A girl could exceed in even bigger ways if she was not having to come up with creative ways to reject someone. And everyone would be better off if only they just realized that what was done is done.


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