September29 , 2022

10 Signs Your Cancer Man Is Playing You



If you’re looking for a rich, deep, and developed relationship with someone, then bagging yourself a Cancer is a near guarantee that you’ll get what you’re looking for. Cancer is ruled by the element of water, the element that is representative of emotions, and if emotions are what you’re after, then these are the ideal guys for you.

They are usually incredibly open and easy to read, and although dealing with their ebb and flow might be tough sometimes it’s undeniable that these waters run deeper than any others. However, the fact that they’re normally emotionally present and open doesn’t mean that a Cancer can’t, or won’t, play you. They might try to put up a certain front to make you think that the status of your relationship is different than it really is, but there are a few unmistakable warning signs that a Cancer is being sneaky. If you want to know if your Cancer man is playing you, just check out these signs to know for sure.

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10They’re Not Sharing Their Feelings

Cancers are one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, so while their emotional experiences might ebb and flow often it’s definitely a good sign if your Cancer man is sharing them with you, and it’s definitely a sign of trouble if he’s not. Feelings mean more than anything to a Cancer in all of their different relationships, whether it’s family, friendship, or love. If your Cancer man isn’t even bothering to keep you informed on how he’s feeling on a regular basis then it’s a pretty sure fire sign that he’s not invested in the relationship and you’re about to get played.

9They’re Being Pessimistic About The Relationship

It’s fair to say that if your man is feeling pessimistic about your relationship then it’s a bad sign, no matter his sign. However, when you keep how emotionally oriented Cancers are in mind you can almost guarantee that if your guy is expressing a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about your relationship prospects then it’s for a reason. He might not be outright ready to cut the cord quite yet, but a potential end to your relationship is on his mind then it’s because he’s already starting to check out emotionally and has probably already started his mental countdown clock to the end.

8They’re Distant

Different zodiac signs always deal with their relationship issues in a myriad of different ways, but if your Cancer dude starts behaving in a distant and uninvolved way then it’s a pretty safe bet that something is going on that you don’t know about. Cancers love to share their feelings in most circumstances, even if those feelings are negative ones, because self-expression is a catharsis for them. But if a Cancer is suddenly clamming up when it comes to sharing time then it’s because there is something they’re withholding and specifically don’t want you to know about, and the only way they can really be sneaky is just not sharing at all.

7They’re Emotionless

Not to sound like a broken record, but emotions are really REALLY important to a Cancer. Normally that unabashed emotion makes them a pretty easy sign to get a good reading on, so if they suddenly seem emotionless to you then it can only mean one of two things, neither of which are very good signs.

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The first possibility is that they’re simply not emotionally invested anymore, which essentially means that the relationship is over (unless you can get that emotion back). The second is that they’re specifically trying to keep something from you, which is a painfully obvious sign that you’re getting played.

6They’re Ignoring Your Feelings

Honestly, sometimes the ebb and flow of this water sign’s emotions can be a hard one to deal with, especially if you’re not a particularly emotional person yourself. But with every downside there’s an upside, and what’s so lovely about Cancers is that although they expect you to deal with their hefty emotional baggage they’re also extremely in tune with and concerned about your emotional state. Cancers want you to make them feel emotionally satisfied and they want you to feel emotionally satisfied, so if they stop caring about how you’re feeling then they’re totally checked out on the relationship.

5They’re Withholding Affection

Love is something that is precious to every person on some level or another, but the emotional Cancer sees love as the most important part of the most important thing to them. In any relationship, feeling loved and making others feel loved is a huge deal. And one of their more positive attributes when it comes to any strong emotion is that they’re incapable of faking it. If a Cancer is sharing their feelings with you then you can feel safe knowing that they’re true, but because they’re such terrible fakers when it comes to love then once something starts going wrong they’ll just withdraw completely.

4They’re Having Mood Swings

This is a trickier warning sign to figure out, because to be quite honest, Cancers are prone to mood swings in nearly any circumstance. But what you need to be on the lookout for is if these mood swings become more frequent and more dramatic, and be especially cognizant of whether or not you understand why their moods seem to be changing.

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If you can get a good read on why they’re feeling the way their feeling then you’re probably in good shape, but if they’re swinging back and forth constantly and you have no clue why then it’s more than likely that it has something to do with you.

3They’re Suspicious Of You

Everyone is familiar with the idea of projection, right? It’s essentially the notion that if someone seems to be hyper-fixated on a particular action or behavior of someone else, it’s because that action or behavior is a reflection of themselves that they really don’t want to see. Well, that idea most definitely applies to any Cancer man who suddenly seems to be very suspicious of you. If you’re acting normally and not up to anything, but your Cancer seems to be under the impression that you are, then it’s almost certainly because in reality they’re the one that’s up to something.

2They’re Turning On You Fast

A Cancer’s mood can turn on a dime, but if they’re happy and spending time with someone that they love then it’s fair to assume that most of the mood changes that occur when they’re together will lean towards the happy end of the spectrum. But if you’re hanging with your Cancer significant other and they seem to constantly be going from happy to “crabby”, and if those negative emotions seem to be directed at you for reasons you don’t know or understand, then it’s because something sketchy is going on behind the scenes and they might be playing you out.

1They’re Picking At Every Little Thing

Cancers are not particularly skilled when it comes to misleading anyone about their emotional state, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t occasionally try. Sharing their feelings is an enormous relief to them, and if they’re holding something back then they’ll find little ways to let that out without coming out and saying it (especially if they’re holding back something bad). A Cancer who’s feeling unbalanced will let out these bad feelings every time they see an opportunity to, so if they seem to have an over the top negative reaction to every single thing you do then it’s because they’re keeping something from you.