September29 , 2022

10 S*xy Conversation Starters to Get You Both H**ny



Have you ever felt like turning your partner on, but putting on lingerie and doing a sexy dance seems like too much of a routine? You want to aim for subtle, but you can’t seem to find anything to take your partner off his online game or her Facebook feed without outright sitting on their face?

The perfect solution lies in the art of conversation, where you can steer your partner’s mind in a sexy direction… And you don’t even need to take your clothes off!

How to turn your partner on with words

It may seem like you have to be a pro at dirty talk to pull this off, but in reality, a few subtle lines are all you really need.

#1 Give them a sexy phone call from within the house. Go into the bathroom or the bedroom or any room where you prefer to do your sexual activity, light some candles and send your lover a message saying, “What are you wearing?” After you’ve sent this message, send them an extremely sexy photo of you saying, “I’m wearing my birthday suit, would you like to wear yours? Find me.”

Your partner is sure to drop whatever he or she is doing to come and find you! [Read: 20 sext messages to make your partner horny]

#2 Sometimes, if you start describing how you would have sex with that person, it’s enough to drive them crazy. Ask those questions like, “Do you like to be licked or sucked? Do you like your balls to be licked or you prefer them untouched? Do you want your nipples pinched?”

Giving them a description of the naughty acts you’re willing to try can be enough to get those “I’m getting some!” bells ringing in your partner’s head. Plus points if you describe these suggestions in the sultriest or huskiest voice you can muster. [Read: 30 dirty “would you rather” questions to ask your partner]

#3 The position discussion. Discussing sexual positions is almost always a turn on for anyone. Ask your lover what they thought of the most recent exotic sexual position that you just had, and if they liked it a lot, tell them that there is more in store, and that you would like to discuss it with them.

Even if your partner says that they did not like the previous sexual position you tried, you could still use the same comeback and say that, “Well, we could try something else,” and start discussing other options. Try your best to be as informative and descriptive as possible. [Read: 20 naughty sex questions to ask your man]

#4 “I would like to masturbate you and use sex toys to pleasure you,” will be a very strong declaration that you would really like to have sex. The very idea of lying back and letting your lover pleasure you could be enough to get you into the mood within seconds.

Make sure that you are ready to follow through on your plan, though. If your partner’s libido was initially down, it might take some time to get it up and running. So make sure you’ve got the energy to get them from unaroused to aroused enough to jump you.

#5 The “areas covered” discussion. Even if you live in a small apartment, there are still several areas that you still haven’t had sex on, that is for sure. Have you ever done it on the dining table? Or the work table? The balcony? In the shower? On the roofdeck?

Asking “Would you like to try the kitchen counter next?” might ignite a spark in your lover, especially if you have discussed about doing it in as many places in the house as you can. Be adventurous, there are almost always new things to try.

#6 If your lover is the kind of person who likes to play board games such as scrabble or answering trivia and crossword puzzles, then this might just work for you. Invite her to play scrabble and try to put in as many dirty words as you can like suck, insert, penis, vagina, nipples, sex, and other slang words like pussy, cunt, dick, cock – you get the drift. Try to write this down as well in a crossword puzzle that they are trying to solve and hopefully things will get warmer from there.

#7 If you are still in the office or school and you would really like some hot bedroom activity as soon as you arrive home to your lover, make sure to get them excited. One way to do this is to start sending them messages that will pique their interest, especially if you know they are already at home and not doing anything. Tell them, “I have handcuffs, edible underwear, and a can of whipped cream…” and leave the rest to their imagination.

Or you can also say, “I am in a lingerie store getting you lacey thongs, and after this I’ll buy some flavored lubricant,” if your lover is a female. If your lover is male, you can still utter the same sentence, just say that you are shopping for sexy lingerie that you cannot wait to wear tonight after showering and shaving. The very idea that you’re putting in some extra effort to make tonight’s session steamier than usual is sure to get your partner excited!

#8 UNF = Universal Noise of F*cking. If neither of you make any moaning sounds while having sex, then start learning to moan by trying to copy what you hear from adult videos. Your partner might look at you oddly the very first time, but once the noise registers in their mind, they can definitely have a mental image of what should be happening in order to make you repeat that sexy sound.

#9 If your partner is a bookworm, buy a few romance novels or erotic literature for them to read. Show this to your partner, and ask them to read it to you or to read it together. One way to make this even more exciting is by asking your partner to read some of the steamiest chapters aloud as you pleasure them with your hands and mouth. Watch them squirm as they try to read coherently, while stifling their moans.

#10 Visual stimuli seems to be the easiest way to start a conversation that will increase libido. Put on an adult film and watch it together. Don’t instantly go for the hardcore films, though! If you’re a guy, your woman will most likely prefer something more romantic and sensual. If you’re a girl, your man might prefer something with a lot of focus on the female lead. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to turn you on]

It’s going to be a herculean feat to get your hands off each other after watching two hot porn actors go at it onscreen!