10 Things Good Girls Don’t Do In Relationships (+ 10 He Wants Instead)

Guys love dating the good girl because she’s the type of girl they can bring home to mom and know that they will be proud of her. There are a lot of benefits of dating a good girl because she’s someone who won’t just do anything to please a guy. She has standards! Guys will typically marry good girls because they feel like that’s what they deserve for the rest of their lives.

There can be some downsides to the good girl, however, and men may find that there are certain challenges that they can’t get around. A good girl is someone who’s going to love her guy to the end and will do her best to take care of him, but there are a lot of things that she won’t do and some guys tend to have a problem with that.

When it comes to dating a good girl, men will sometimes be afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing around her because she has such high standards. She may take a joke too seriously or find something they do offensive. Dating a good girl can be a slippery slope. Check out these 10 things good girls don’t do in relationships, plus 10 he wants instead.

20Good Girls Don’t Do: They Don’t Make Bold Or Offensive Jokes

This is the kind of girl that’s not going to find offensive jokes to be funny. Again, there are always exceptions to the rule but in most cases, a good girl is not going to like a guy’s bold jokes. This is where a guy can hesitate about saying certain things in front of her because he’s not sure how she’s going to react.

Unfortunately at times, especially when first dating a good girl, a guy will have to tread lightly because he won’t know what she will think of his joking nature. It’s just best for guys to keep the bad jokes to themselves.

19He Wants: Her To Hang Out With The Guys

Guys love it when their girlfriend can hang with their friends like she’s “one of the guys.” But that doesn’t always work out. It all depends on what a guy’s friends are like. If she goes to a party where the guys are acting crazy and throwing things around, she’s likely to bail on her BF.

There is also the risk of offensive jokes and bad language at such events. She might end up leaving the party thinking that her boyfriend’s friends are tools. If a guy’s friends are more laid-back, then it might be okay to have everyone hang out.

18Good Girls Don’t Do: They Don’t Focus On Their Partner’s Bad Traits

Good girls always have a habit of seeing the best in people and that includes their boyfriends. A good girl doesn’t focus on his bad traits. She looks for the good in people and so she will focus on all the things that make him amazing. She is going to be his biggest cheerleader and his biggest fan and he will love her for it.

She will probably believe in him more than he believes in himself. He’s going to have doubts about himself when they are together and she will help him to overcome them. This is one of the best traits that a good girl could have.

17He Wants: Her To Take Better Care Of Him Than He Does Himself

All guys want a girl to take care of them in one respect or another. Whether that involves cooking, cleaning or just making them a coffee in the morning. If anyone is going to do that sort of task it would be a good girl because she loves him enough to want to do it.

That said, she won’t be the homemaking type because of her independence and her feelings of wanting to be cared for as well. Sometimes girls worry too much and guys get annoyed because they feel too mothered. But at the end of the day, he knows that she cares and that’s all that matters to him.

16Good Girls Don’t Do: They Don’t Always Think About Themselves

One thing a good girl won’t tolerate is being with a guy that neglects her or someone who is selfish and only thinks of himself. The reason for this is because she rarely thinks of herself. She is always thinking about others and often putting them first in her life. She doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t think about her constantly.

She wants a guy who sends her a “good morning” text just because he’s thinking of her. She’s not the type of girl who’s only going to worry about her own needs. Guys should take note of that.

15He Wants: Her To Get Excited Over The Little Things

One thing that guys find irresistible is when a girl gets excited over the little things. Not only does it show that she’s not high-maintenance but it also shows that she appreciates the small things that he does for her.

Katherine Schwarzenegger is a great example of a girl that glows with happiness. It doesn’t seem to matter what silly thing that Chris Pratt is doing, she always looks excited and happy. That’s what a guy is looking for: someone who appreciates him in ways that his friends really don’t.

14Good Girls Don’t Do: They Won’t Be Disrespected

Good girls will not be disrespected so guys shouldn’t even try. The reason why a good girl is “good” has a lot to do with the way that she was raised – she was taught values and respect for others. She is likely giving her man all the respect that he deserves and she expects to get the same in return.

A girl like this won’t stick around for very long if she feels disrespected. She has self-respect and if a guy tries to bring her down, she will walk right out of his life in a heartbeat.

13He Wants: Her To Tell Him She Loves Him

We are by no means implying that this is something you do on the first date or even right away. We are talking about when a relationship is already established and you know that your guy loves you.

Guys can get just as mushy as girls can when they know someone loves them! They want to feel that love just like their girlfriend does. They want to be told she loves them even if they already know. Girls might think that guys don’t care about this stuff, but that’s not true at all. Guys need validation in the same way that girls do.

12Good Girls Don’t Do: She Won’t Wait Around For Him

One thing to know about the good girl is that she’s not waiting around for opportunities. She is not the girl who is going to sit by the phone waiting for a guy to call. Good girls know the value of their time and they aren’t going to waste it.

She’s confident and won’t bat an eye at moving on if she feels like she has waited too long. She’s not the girl that’s going to respond to a text three days later. By then she has already moved on from the guy and is doing something else!

11He Wants: Her To Watch Football With Him

This is a no-brainer. If a girl likes a guy and she knows that he loves football or any other sport, she should just order a drink and sit there and watch it with him. She doesn’t even need to know how the game is played in order to enjoy herself.

Being in a relationship means that you support your partner in whatever passions and hobbies they have. He will appreciate any girl who is willing to sit through a game with him. If she learns the rules as well, then she will enjoy the game even more.

10Good Girls Don’t Do: She’s Not Going To Do Embarrassing Things In Public

If you have a personality like Ryan Reynolds you might want to completely avoid the good girl because she’s not going to accept your fun and games in public. Some boyfriends can worry that their girlfriends might prank them in public but you don’t have to worry about that with a good girl because that’s not her cup of tea.

She may joke around with you and play your games but it’s never going to be in public. She doesn’t like to engage in embarrassing activities that may put her on the spot.

9He Wants: Her To Surprise Him With A New Outfit For The Night

One thing that guys really like is when a girl dresses up for them. That could mean getting dressed up for a night out on the town or a romantic dinner. It doesn’t really matter. Guys like the fact that she took the time to look gorgeous for them. She may not think that it matters but it really does.

Guys pay attention to that sort of thing. Good girls are less likely to dress in super-attractive ways and it’s certainly something that their guys would wish for more regularly. Sometimes it’s a good thing to get out of your comfort zone.

8Good Girls Don’t Do: She Won’t Move Fast In The Relationship

Good girls would thrive in a courting situation but of course, that’s not the world that we live in anymore. Good girls don’t just jump into a relationship. They don’t want to send guys pics and they don’t want things to move too fast. That can be frustrating for guys but it’s just the way it is.

If a guy really wants to be with her, he has to take things slow so as not to put her off. A guy who puts too much pressure on her is going to find himself deleted and blocked. He may have to wait around longer for a good girl but it’s usually worth the wait.

7He Wants: Her To Initiate A Kiss Or Phone Call

She may think that there’s no way that a guy would want this, but that’s not the case. When a guy really likes a girl or is even falling for her, then he’s going to love getting a phone call or text from her. It can be hard for good girls to want to initiate the first kiss or call because they are usually shy about doing things like that.

It takes her out of her comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. Whether she will be willing to do it for her special man or not depends on the guy.

6Good Girls Don’t Do: They Don’t Make Their Boyfriends Their Whole World

Good girls aren’t interested in making a guy their whole world. They want a full and happy life and that means spending time with their friends and family.

She doesn’t want to be put on a short leash. She doesn’t want to be told what to do or where to go because she has a mind of her own. She loves her man but there are lots of things that she loves about her life and she has room for all of them.

Good girls are usually independent women who have their own lives. She will want to have her girl’s nights from time to time and she won’t care if her guy goes out with his friends. In fact, she’ll encourage it!

5He Wants: Her To Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity isn’t really part of the good girl’s repertoire. Good girls typically tend to be quiet and reserved. There are the exceptions of course, but for the most part that’s the way it is.

As much as he loves her, a guy is going to wish that she was a little more spontaneous, that she wasn’t so “by the book.” She may even get a little anxiety at the idea of an impromptu road trip. He may want to jump in the car and head for a road trip while she will feel like it’s too rushed and she prefers planning things in advance.

4Good Girls Don’t Do: Stay Out Past Their Personal Curfew

Good girls are responsible women. They don’t stay out late when they know they have to get up early for work. It may sound silly but it’s true. The good girl always goes home from the party early even if she’s out with her best friends. She’s not going to be the one to show up to work the next day with a hangover. It’s not her style.

She cares about what people think of her and she’s not willing to get in trouble for something as silly as a night out on the town. This might annoy her boyfriend who wants to go to that concert or party, but she won’t sacrifice her values for a night out.

3He Wants: Her To Look At Him And Actually See Him

Sometimes people can feel alone in their lives and it’s not because they don’t have anyone special but because they don’t feel like they are present in their SO’s life. Guys can feel that way in a relationship. For someone to truly feel like a part of someone else’s life, there has to be a level of understanding that only comes with true love.

A guy will know this by the way his girlfriend looks at him. It’s a look that says she isn’t looking through him but at him. When that happens, a guy doesn’t feel so alone anymore.

2Good Girls Don’t Do: Tolerate Bad Language

One thing a good girl won’t tolerate is having a guy cuss around her all the time. She’s not that edgy girl that he met at a bar one night who cusses like a sailor. Good girls are called “good” for a reason and that’s why you won’t find them using bad language. They also don’t want to be around someone that uses bad language all the time.

If a guy really wants to be with a girl, he will either change his ways or at least respect her enough not to use bad language when he’s in her presence. Otherwise, they probably won’t be dating for too long.

1He Wants: Her To Surprise Him With Thoughtful Gifts

Guys love surprises too! They might not admit this, but guys like to feel appreciated. It’s not just good girls that can miss these cues, though – it’s all girls.

Girls just don’t see guys in that light. Guys are our big, strong men, and we don’t think of them as needing to feel appreciated, but they do need that. Sometimes surprising them with a cupcake or t-shirt is enough to show them they are loved.

It’s the idea that she was thinking about him enough to surprise him that matters more than the actual gift!


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