10 Things You Do That’ll Bring Your Soulmate to You

We spend several years trying to find that perfect partner who can fill our lives with happiness and love.

Sometimes, we get lucky and meet the love of our lives at the very first real date.

And at other times, it takes a bit of searching and prodding.

But the truth is, there’s a soulmate for every one of us.

And there’s a great chance that they’re right around the corner and looking for love too.

Understanding how to find your soulmate isn’t as hard as many portray it to be.

It really isn’t as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. As a matter of fact, it’s as simple as taking a walk in the park. Hopefully, a short walk!

How to find your soulmate

You can sit back and wait for love to find you, and it may never really happen.

At times, it takes a bit of an adventure to meet the one who can take your breath away.

If you really do want to know how to find your soulmate, start taking chances in love.

The sooner you start to take an initiative to find that elusive soulmate, the sooner you’d find your knight or damsel.

Confused about the way forward? Here are ten little things you can change in your life, and we assure you, you’ll meet your soulmate sooner than you can imagine. And the happy journey to finding your soulmate would be an experience of a lifetime too!

Use these ten steps and you’ll walk closer to your soulmate with every passing day.

#1 Be the best you can be

Look into the mirror. Are you happy with what you see? If you do want to find your perfect soulmate, you need to take steps to be perfect too. After all, all of us wear rather tinted glasses that make us shallow at first sight. It’s always easier to get the attention of soulmate potentials when you look your best and feel confident about it.

[Read: How to look sexy without trying]

There’s a perfect ‘you’ waiting to be chiseled out inside your body. Bring that attractive looker out and you’ll see your confidence soar through the roof. And when you’re confident and happy with your appearance, it shows. [Read: How to love yourself]

#2 Kiss a few frogs

Life isn’t a movie, and unlike a movie shoot, you can’t have retakes when you find yourself in the company of someone who’s definitely not your soulmate.

But that isn’t really a bad thing. It takes a bit of trying, testing, dating and falling in love to understand what you really need from a potential soulmate. Be prepared to kiss a few frogs and soon enough, you’re going to be standing in front of your true soulmate. But that’s only if you take chances in love. [Read: Why you can’t find love?]

#3 Live your passion

Do you like dancing, cooking or even mountain climbing? Live your passion if you want to know how to find your soulmate. When you participate in activities that you like with other people, you’re bound to meet a lot of people who share the same passion as you. If you do find someone you like when you’re living your passion, it’ll bring you a step closer to finding your soulmate.

#4 Try new experiences

Are you having a hard time finding someone who excites you? Are you looking in all the right places? Are you even looking outside your own little world?

Most of us like the comfort of our own little world. We don’t like to try new things or meet new people. But if you do want to find your soulmate, you need to step out into the big world and experience new things. If your friends invite you to whitewater raft or trek a hill, don’t back out. Try new things, explore possibilities and live your life to the fullest. And almost always, you’d end up meeting the love of your life at a new experience, when you least expect it. [Read: Love at first sight]

The best part of all this is that you don’t really need to put a hold on your life while searching for love. Instead, you can live your life to the fullest. Life has a great way of throwing happy surprises when you least expect it.

#5 Be willing to change your mind

You may be looking for your soulmate for a while now, and you may have your own list of requirements. But don’t ever use a list of pointers to pick your lover. Always be willing to compromise. As you grow and evolve as a person, your idea of the perfect soulmate would change too. Don’t ever be rigid when you’re looking for love. Just go with the flow and listen to what your heart tells you.

#6 Don’t turn down opportunities

Is a good friend of yours trying to fix you up on a blind date? Don’t brush the thought away. Whether it’s about dating someone new or meeting a new group of friends, don’t turn down opportunities to interact. [Read: Where to find a nice guy?]

To understand how to find your soulmate, you need to keep your eyes open. Love is mysterious, and it’s completely unpredictable. And that’s what makes finding your soulmate so magical and exciting!

#7 Look out and don’t settle unless you’re happy

Compromise in love, but don’t bend over backwards trying to please your current partner. Love is about compromise, but it has to be both ways.

If you fall in love with someone and don’t really feel excited about it or find that you’re trying too hard to make it work, step out of it and don’t look back. This may seem selfish, but true love should be effortless. Walk out and continue the search for your soulmate if you ever find that you’re not happy in a relationship.

There’s a perfect partner who’s looking for you too, so why stay in an unhappy relationship when you can be blissfully happy when you do find the one. [Read: How to know if he’s the one]

#8 Date someone who understands you

When you’re searching for your soulmate, you may have to end up diving headfirst into a few relationships. If you’re lucky, you may find your soulmate the very first time you fall in love, or perhaps, it may take a few more times than that.

Always date someone who can really understand you and your mind. You really don’t need to finish each other’s sentences as long as both of you can understand each other’s wants and desires. [Read: Best questions to ask on a date]

#9 Chemistry and excitement

Now that you’re in the dating scene and waiting to find that special someone who you can call your soulmate, look out for chemistry and attraction. You may meet a great guy or a girl who may be perfect, but sometimes, love is a funny thing.

It can bring two great people together, and yet, both of them may feel no excitement towards each other. Always look for chemistry and attraction in a relationship. Do you feel excited to be with the person you’re dating? [Read: Chemistry in love]

If you can’t feel electricity surge through your spine when your date runs their hand on your back, or don’t feel blissfully weak after a first kiss, well, perhaps, you’re missing out on a bit of that all important chemistry that soulmates have.

#10 Understand the truth

You may search high and low for that perfect lover, but you have to understand this fact if you want to know how to find your soulmate.

Soulmates aren’t born, they’re made. Soulmates are created with love and compromises, and they’re given shape by two lovers who understand, respect and cherish each other. If you find yourselves falling more in love with each other with each passing day, and if either of you do your best in your own little ways to make each other feel better and more loved, you’re on your way to becoming soulmates.

But always remember this, you still need to walk through the first nine steps to really understand the truth.

After all, two incompatible people can never become soulmates. It requires more than love and attraction, it requires unconditional love and the will to compromise for each other’s happiness to truly become soulmates.


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