10 Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Work

Are you currently facing what they call a “relationship slump,” a situation wherein you no longer know where you and your partner are headed to but are still together for the sake of convenience and routine? Are you starting to face issues such as getting bored frequently and no longer feeling motivated to make your relationship move forward to bigger goals or new adventures? Well, don’t worry. Even seemingly strong and solid couples face this slump, and it’s normal if you and your partner are starting to feel the same way.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you no longer love each other. It’s just that, there are trying times that call for more effort to make the relationship work. If you happen to be in this situation but are willing to continue with the relationship (you just don’t know how), then these tips below may come in handy:

1. Recall why you became a couple in the first place.
Perhaps you are experiencing the slump because you two have already grown too used to each other – to the point that you take each other’s presence for granted. You may want to sit back and think of how and why you two chose to become a couple in the first place, and from there maybe you can find ways to bring the spice back.

It would also be a good exercise for the both of you to reflect on the past so that you can list the things that made your relationship reach a slump, and how you want to do about them and get your partnership back on track.

2. Go out.
Another reason you have reached a slump is because you have chosen comfort and convenience over adventure. Why not take the weekend off and go out? This doesn’t have to be a “date,” but rather taking a walk in the park together, or to the beach, or on a hike. You may also want to attend concerts or watch movies, or take a class together. Maybe your relationship just needs a change of environment, don’t you think?

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3. Allot time for conversations.
Sometimes we become too busy with our priorities we forget to talk to our partners. And yes, it takes more than the routine exchange of “hi” and “hello” to jumpstart a conversation! You may want to initiate a light chitchat either before the start of the day or at the end of the day so you two can check on each other’s lives. These simple conversations make it easier for both of you to be more open and relaxed to share whatever it is that you want to say. And yes, they help keep the relationship real.

4. Listen to each other’s insights.
When discussing things with your partner, it is important that you not only talk, but you also listen. Listen to what your significant other is saying, may it be how his or her day went or issues regarding the relationship. By listening, you provide the respect the other needs. It would also be easier to share issues, concerns, and proposed solutions because you listened to what your partner was saying.

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5. Do not avoid confrontations.
Another big reason why relationships lead to a slump is when either or both of you start avoiding confrontations. Sure, you have grown accustomed to each other’s attitudes, but this doesn’t give you the ground to avoid the drama and tantrums whenever you reach certain arguments. These issues you encounter as a couple need to be faced and dealt with, not run from.

So yes, whenever there’s something that needs to be resolved, sit on it and discuss.

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6. Get out of your routine.
Routines get boring as the days pass by, and you should know that. These especially become apparent when you are already living together, and these often lead to taking each other for granted. Why not break the routine by going on a spontaneous movie date? Or perhaps take weekends off to rest and do activities that you have not done for a long time? Breaking the routine is important because it spices up your otherwise dull day. For all you know, your significant other has grown tired of the routine too.

7. Hang out with your support group.
It is also healthy to hang out with your close friends every once in a while. This helps a lot because not only that you get a change in environment, you learn insights from your support group too. You and your partner may be seeing a situation from only a certain perspective, but through your support group, you are able to look into other ideas that might be of help too.

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8. Do activities where you can work together.
Relationships are made stronger by trust, and this can be exercised by means of couple activities. As a couple, you may want to enroll in a class or a sport, where you have to depend on each other’s capacities to reach a goal. You may also want to be sports buddies, like in marathons or when working towards fitness goals-these provide the both of you a fresh perspective on how to make the most out of each other’s time, feelings, and aspirations in the long run.

9. Hold each other’s hand when walking.
Sure, you may not be the showy type of couple, but why not try to hold each other’s hand while taking a walk? You can do this in the park or in a not-so-busy street, or wherever you may please. The point of this gesture is to make your partner feel (and vice versa) that you are still willing to take the journey in your relationship, no matter where the future leads you two. It’s also a gesture of assurance, that despite all the bumps, everything is going to be okay.

10. Be vocal about admiring each other every day.
Lastly, spice up your relationship by mentioning a thing that you like about your partner every day. Make your partner do this exercise too, as it helps the both you see the positive things in each other, and how exactly you formed your love and commitment. These bits of admiration need not be grand, but of course, they have to be sincere.

They say that lasting relationships are not those filled with love and romance, but those that have a strong foundation of trust and commitment, as these are the key elements in making any partnership work. So yes, don’t worry about the slump; with these tips at hand, you’ll be able to overcome it sooner than expected.

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