13 Reasons Why You Crush On People Outside Of Your Relationship

Is crushing on someone when you are in a relationship wrong? Absolutely not. In fact, nearly everyone has crushed on another person at some point during a relationship. This includes crushes on absolute strangers and celebrities (one of the safest crushes there is).

Having a crush on someone while in a relationship is not cheating. Guys do it and so do we. Crushes are normal, but crushing also means no touching. It is a brief mental affair we have with someone else without anyone knowing about it, especially the person we are crushing on.

Does it mean that there is something wrong with the relationship you are in? Maybe or maybe not. While having a crush on someone other than your significant other can be healthy, especially for the libido, it could point out that there are problems you and your partner are not dealing with. If you are unhappy with your current relationship, you might start to crush on others to fill a void. Feeling unloved, unwanted, or even bored in a relationship can cause you to start crushing on someone outside of your relationship. So, while crushing is generally healthy, always take a deeper look into why you are crushing. If you are happy in your relationship, then just enjoy the thrill of the crush while it lasts.

13It Adds Some Excitement To Your Inner Life

Women love to dream and fantasize just as much as the guys do, and having a secret crush lets us do just that. It gives us some fun to crush on that hunky guy on the bus or that total geek that was just hired in at work. Yes, geeks are great for crushing on. Having a secret crush on someone adds a bit of excitement to our lives without getting coworkers or the neighbors involved.

12You Aren’t Getting Enough Attention In Your Current Relationship

Does it feel like your man doesn’t love you anymore? Have you both gotten so caught up in life’s daily routine that you no longer have special time together anymore? This may be the reason why you are suddenly crushing on an absolute stranger. Remember, crushing involves no touching, so it is healthy to crush away, but don’t ignore any problems that are happening in your current relationship. Fix things with your man and make time for dates and late night events with him.

11The Grass Looks Greener

One of the reasons you may be crushing on someone else other than your man is because you think that the grass looks greener on the other side. This is especially true if you are having some relationship issues at this time. Don’t despair. We all have our moments when we think that maybe the next guy might be a better match for us and we search around for someone to fall for. If this is your case, you should probably pull away from the temptation of a crush if he is a coworker or someone who lives nearby. If the crush is a celebrity, then crush away. In both instances, though, you should take a closer look at your current relationship and decide whether or not it is worth saving.

10It’s A Taboo

When I was in high school, dating one guy and having a crush on another was totally taboo. If you mentioned it to any one, you were automatically sl*t-shamed. As adults, we realize this is totally ridiculous, but for some of us the taboo remains strong. That can be a bad thing, according to some people. Turning a crush into a taboo is almost like daring someone to cheat. The thrill of it is very real. Instead of thinking of your crush as a taboo, change it to a silly secret. Sure, it is fun to crush, but it will wear off eventually. In the meantime, keep on loving the one you’ve got because that is what really matters.

9He Makes You Laugh

I’m a sucker for a great personality. If a guy can be silly and crack off some good jokes without coming off as insensitive, all the better. Some of us fall head over heels in a crush over guys who have comedic qualities. They may not be the best looking guys, but if you close your eyes and just listen to his great comments, his looks won’t matter. Personality crushes are common. People crush on their favorite radio personalities without ever knowing what they look like. It is easy and super safe to crush this way. There’s just a total immersion into his personality and you come out at the end feeling fabulous. No harm, no foul.

8He’s Great Eye Candy

It is a long, boring day at work, so why not have a little something to stare at? You know that he really isn’t your type and that the two of you would not get along in real life, but in your mind, you have got a major crush on him. He is great to look at. His arms are perfect, muscular, and you can almost bet money that he is sporting some great abs. You sneak looks at him throughout the day. Just the sight of him reenergizes you, but at the end of the day, you are happy to go home to the one you love in real life.

7It Puts The Spark Back In The Bedroom

Having a crush can put the oomph back into the bedroom. This is one of the main reasons why you or your spouse should never get jealous over a silly crush: it reenergizes you and puts you in the mood for some good old fashioned loving. No, it is highly unlikely that you are going to cheat. After all, why throw away a great relationship for some eye candy? On the contrary, having a crush will get the juices flowing again and your man will reap all the benefits of it.

6It’s Not Someone You Are Normally Attracted To

Crushes are a safe way to explore relationships you don’t really want to have in real life. A crush gives you an excuse to mentally go after some guy (or gal) who is completely different than you. For example, let’s pretend you are a good girl (haha, right?), but the guy that always stops in at the convenience store you visit is not such a good person. In fact, he looks like a total bad boy and is not someone you would fall for in real life, but he is so freaking hot. You crush on him and fantasize about him when you are alone. He is certainly not someone you would leave your real life sweetheart for, but you crush away in silence until the thrill is over.

5The Danger Of Being Found Out Is Hot

Danger can be an aphrodisiac, but you are in a committed relationship. Any danger that you conjure up will have to be kept in your imagination and not acted upon. When you see the cute guy that moved into the apartment across the way, you know you have found your danger crush. You thrill at catching a glimpse at him and probably imagine what he is like in bed, but that is all it is and that is as far as it goes. It is the best kind of danger thrill there is: totally legal and far from actually cheating on the man that you truly love.

4You Get That High School Feeling

You go through day after day, feeling older and maybe feeling like you are in a bit of a rut. Then, all of a sudden, while watching a new television show, you found yourself a hot, new crush. You tingle every time he comes on screen. You almost feel like squealing like a school girl, but your sweetheart is sitting next to you and might think you’ve gone nuts. So, you sit there, smiling, and feeling totally school girlish. It is a great feeling and you get it each week when a new episode comes on. It is a harmless crush, but still, it makes you feel so young and full of life that even your sweetheart notices that you seem happier, and that’s a good thing.

3It Makes Alone Time More Fun

A crush can fuel the imagination, making your quiet, alone time a bit more fun. We all do it, even the guys. We take the person we are crushing on, whether it is a coworker or a movie star, and play out the sexiest scene possible in our minds and then, oh my! Yes, I am talking about masturbation. It is a healthy part of our lives, even when we are in a committed relationship, and having a sly crush on someone can make those moments of “me time” so much more fun.

2It Makes You Feel Attractive

You feel yourself blush whenever you see him (or her). It is a total rush that puts the spring back in your feet. If your crush so much as looks in your general direction, you suddenly feel special and attractive. He (or she) noticed you! It is an awesome feeling that you take back home with you where you bat your lashes at your long term partner. You feel great and it shows in your eyes, on your skin, and in the way you hold yourself. Your partner will think he has gotten himself a whole new woman.

1You’re Bored In The Bedroom

If there is a problem in your current relationship with the bedroom action and it seems to have gotten boring, you might start crushing on someone outside of your relationship. This doesn’t mean that you actually want to cheat on your partner. Instead, take it as a sign to take an active stance in the bedroom. Change things up with your partner and introduce some fun. Don’t let sex become a nightly chore. Add some naughty videos to the action or some special toys. Do whatever it takes to bring back the magic because a good, long term relationship is worth saving.

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