13 Signs Your Relationship Is Normal

Being with somebody for a long time can be a little challenging. For one, you’ve gotta put up with all of their insecurities and weaknesses, but as an added perk, you also get to see some of the best sides of them. What if things start getting a little too cozy though and you’re not sure what to make of it? What you do is embrace it! Here are 13 signs your relationship is normal.

13 You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

They know exactly what you’re about to say if you both see or hear something. This comes in handy when you know something has just triggered your partner to respond in an irrational way. Can you say damage control?

12 You Can’t Lie

Not even a white lie will get past the gatekeeper that is your significant other. They’ve known you too long to think “nothing” really means nothing. They also take notice to things you do differently around the house and any sudden routine changes.

11 You Can Share One Bathroom Sink

You guys have been living in a small studio apartment, but you always know how to make it work out these days; whether that is alternating turns in the bathroom or just subconsciously utilizing a quarter of the mirror to their 3/4s.

10 You Clean Their Mess Because Arguing About It Is No Longer Worth Your Time

You find yourself picking up the same sock that randomly winds up in the living room on a daily basis. Their idea of cooking is making a mess in the entire kitchen, and although you are sick and tired of it, you can’t bear the sight and clean it up yourself.

9 Having Your Own Hobbies

This may seem so mandatory for some couples, but there are those pairs that don’t understand the value of this concept. It’s okay that you love tennis and they rather be painting. Go your separate ways. Believe it or not, having that time to detach for a bit is the best, and if you’ve already discovered this, you know what I’m talking about.

8 Doing The Deed Isn’t A Priority

You both have gotten so used to each other and there are so many things happening around you that sex is no longer a daily thing. This is normal, especially when you spend your working day apart and all you want to do when you get home is relax and maybe exchange a smooch or two.

7 You Can Share Your Attraction For Others

You both have mastered the way to say someone’s hot without making your partner feel jealous or insecure. This is usually a light conversation in passing and is completely okay for you both. See a nice derriere? Don’t worry, chances are your partner probably saw it too.

6 You Don’t Need To Text Each Other Everything Anymore

Having a good deal of digital distance is okay for you guys now. There’s no need to constantly update each other to know that person loves you and misses you. Yes, it’s sweet, but this isn’t much of a necessity like it was when you were courting each other.

5 You Are Their #1 Fan

You’ve seen them from start to finish with their career and life achievements. There’s no one like your partner rooting you on. You have probably found yourself saying “I can’t wait to tell _______ this.” They are probably just as anxious and excited. Sharing these emotions during important times of your life is a beautiful thing.

4 You Tell The Truth

The truth shall set you free, or at least this is the case in relationships. A lot of couples turn to each other because they will get the raw version, and this is absolutely imperative for any kind of growth. Not to mention the well-deserved reality check you need at times.

3 You Have More Family

When you’ve dated someone for some time, you’ll pick up that you’ve gotten extremely close to their family to the point the only thing distinguishing their family with yours is the last name. But you are probably working on that, aren’t you?

2 You Know Exactly How They Like Their…Everything

You have gotten used to their special requests whether it’s regarding their coffee, dinner, and even how many pillows and which pillows they use. It’s great to have someone around that gets it. They understand how you like things done, and those sweet gestures make all the difference at times.

1 You Want To See The World With Them

You really just want to see every country and share a bucket list of places because he or she is probably your favorite travel buddy. They know how to deal with your imperfections and they make living in a big world with a passport just a little more satisfying.

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