14 Reasons to Enjoy being Single in Your 20s

Most people who do not have the love of their lives yet tend to feel pressured by their peers, while those who are fresh from breakups think that they’ll be lonely forever. People often interpret being single as having sullen days of their lives, as if they miss a piece of something that makes them feel incomplete, but I guess they got it wrong.

Actually, flying solo can be an advantage and it has never been boring. Getting in a relationship is neither a race nor a requirement.

There are more exciting things you can look forward to while being single. Here are 14 reasons why you should cheer up and celebrate your life in your 20s even if you’re single.

1. You’ll have more freedom.
Single men and women have their own liberty. You will be free to do something you want. There will be no “dos” and “don’ts”, and judgments in your life. You will not feel like a robot that would always follow what his or her master would ask. You will be in charge of yourself.

2. You’ll not be dependent on others. 
You can be more self-reliant. You won’t rely on all things to someone. You will learn to stand on your own feet. Besides, you are too young and there are things that you must know more about life.

3. You’ll value yourself more.
This is not being selfish, in fact, you should always put yourself your top priority. You will be the captain of your own ship, thus, you will be responsible for your life. The more you have your “free” time, the more you dig about yourself. You will have more time to build a better you.

4. There will be lesser heartaches and headaches.
When you are single, you will not be dealing with so much drama in your life. There will be no heartaches, no serious fights and no stress – just your own life and your own problems. You will not be stalking someone on social media and get paranoid about what he or she has posted.

5. There will be lesser responsibility.
Another thing is that you will have fewer responsibilities, you do not have to send off someone to their offices or school. You will not be required to send texts messages religiously, like “good morning” at the moment you wake up and “goodnight” before you go to bed.

6. You’ll have focus.
Couples do have fights, which cause them to lose focus. When you are at work or at school, you will not be worrying about how to solve your love quarrels and you will surely not be distracted. You can solely concentrate on your own desires and needs.

7. There are no trust issues.
If you are engaged in a relationship, there will always be trust issues. You will be suspicious of what your partner is doing at a particular moment. Luckily, if you are single, you’ll be able to avoid these. You’ll have a carefree life.

8. You can save more money.
We all know, dating requires money especially with boys, and it’s an undeniable fact. So, if you are single, you tend to save more cash, avoid debts, and you could buy the things that you want. There will be no such things like “monthsaries”, “anniversaries” or “surprises” to think of.

9. You’ll have more time for family and friends.
When you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, your world seems to revolve around them. Sometimes, you forget to spend time with your friends and family, who actually came to your life first. Being single can give you more time to build a stronger friendship and better relationship with your family. It is also nice if you are with someone you can comfortably be with than with someone who watches every action you make.

10. You’ll not owe someone an explanation.
You do not have to argue with someone why you are late going to bed or why you should spend the entire night with your friends. You will not be practicing excuses just to save your relationship. Living a life being single is one of the most convenient things in this world.

11. You’ll have more time for yourself.
You will not be considering other schedules but just your own. Hence, you could go traveling anytime and wherever you want, and no one will be taking your time away from you. In fact, spending time with yourself helps you learn the most important things in your life. You will not also feel guilty that you don’t spend your precious time with someone.

12. You’ll have a greater chance to succeed in life.
Given the fact that you have no other responsibilities, you can focus on your endeavors in life – your personal and professional aspirations. You will have more time to explore your capabilities and potentials. You do not need to consider someone’s decision or plan for your life.

13. You’ll have more opportunities to choose someone better.
Another perk of being single is that you can date or get to know anyone, anytime. There will be greater chances to know someone you can comfortably be with, and someone who can understand you more. You don’t need to rush things, everything comes right if you know how to wait.

14. You’ll learn to love yourself more.
While you are not tied up in a romantic relationship, you can use your time to discover yourself more. So when you enter a relationship, you’ll be able to choose the right woman or man for you – someone you know could love you better.

Do not just base happiness on having a love life. Yes, it’s nice to have someone who will make you feel special and loved. But, remember that you are the first person in charge to do it for yourself. Therefore, learn to love yourself first. There is always a right time for everything. In case you do not find him or her yet, just take your time now. Do things that will make you happy and would definitely define you who are.

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