14 Signs He’s Obsessed With Himself (+ 6 He’s Still Talking To His Ex)

It seems like whatever we do, we just can’t get through to him. He’s completely in his own world and there is absolutely no way that we’ll be able to seize his attention.

We’re going to keep trying to figure out a way to shift his attention towards us, but we need some extra help. That’s why the next step is to figure out if he’s simply obsessed with himself, or is still pining over an ex.

If he’s a little self-obsessed, that’s totally fine. That means there is actually a chance that we’ll be able to get through to him. All that we need to do is figure out a way to get him to stop focusing on himself and give us attention instead.

However, if he’s ex obsessed, then that’s a completely different story.

If he’s still dealing with old feelings about a certain someone, it’s almost impossible to get him to focus on who’s in front of him. That’s because he’s spending all of his time and energy hoping to win someone from his past back. He isn’t about to waste his effort trying to start things up with someone new when he’s obsessed with someone else.

Get ready to make some notes and figure out whether he’s simply obsessed with himself or if he’s actually obsessed with his ex!

20Self-Obsessed: He’s Convinced He Could Date Anyone

If the guy you’re into is giving off this vibe, then he is totally self-obsessed. He’s so used to being the best in everything that he often forgets that he doesn’t actually rule the world. However, in his head, he could totally get any girl he wants just by looking in her direction.

He definitely thinks he could date anyone if he’s constantly striking up new conversations with random girls that may be way out of his league. In his eyes, any girl would be absolutely lucky to date him. If this doesn’t scream that he’s obsessed with himself, we’re not exactly sure what will! This has to be one of the most annoying personality traits someone could have.

19Self-Obsessed: He Always Puts Himself First

There is absolutely no one more important to him than himself. Even when he finds himself completely in love in a relationship, he still goes out of his way to put himself first. He knows his worth and is not going to let anyone get in the way of his connection with himself.

While we totally love his self-confidence, he is completely self-obsessed. That’s because he isn’t scared to put himself first in superficial ways. He’s not willing to experience any minor inconveniences in his direction, even if it means benefiting someone else. If he isn’t able to get the best outcome in whatever situation he finds himself in, he isn’t scared to leave.

18Ex-Obsessed: She Just Entered His Life Again

It’s an absolute red flag if she just entered his life again. If you’re still friends with an ex, it’s probably because you still love them and are hoping to get back together. We can’t imagine getting friendly again with the person our whole lives once revolved around.

That’s why if he doesn’t even seem phased that his ex is entering back into the picture, it’s probably because he has some unresolved emotions towards her. He sees her entering back into his life as a way to either win her back or close that door completely. While we’re definitely hoping that he’s looking for some closure, we’re getting the vibe that he actually wants something more.

17Self-Obsessed: He Isn’t Willing To Settle Down

You totally know that he’s self-obsessed if he just isn’t willing on settling down with anyone. That’s because he’s more obsessed with having endless opportunities and putting himself first. He doesn’t want to be tied down in an official relationship as that just stops him from experiencing everything that the world has to offer.

Instead, he would rather do his own thing without someone holding him back. He knows that if someone new comes along, he simply won’t be able to make the switch if he’s in a relationship. That’s why he’d rather put himself first and stay away from putting any labels on his love life. Unless, of course, it benefits him in a big way.

16Self-Obsessed: He’s Not Scared To Show Off

He simply knows he’s the best and isn’t scared to put himself first. The last thing on his mind is worrying about people ridiculing him for showing off since he’s convinced that he’s never wrong. In his mind, he’s absolutely amazing at everything and deserves to receive endless praise from everyone around him.

If you catch him constantly wearing flashy clothes or showing off his success, it’s because he thinks he deserves it more than anyone. While we totally bet that he worked hard for everything he has, he definitely doesn’t care about anyone except himself. He wants all eyes on him, and nothing else.

15Ex-Obsessed: He’s Liking All Her Photos On IG

He’s still obsessing over his ex if he’s liking all of her photos on social media. It’s safe to say that the best thing to do when you break up with someone is to cut all ties to truly get over them. That means unfollowing each other on social media to create some distance.

If he’s instead still checking up on her and liking all of her IG photos, that’s totally a red flag. He wouldn’t be keeping up with her life unless he actually cares. Besides, there is absolutely no chance that he’ll be able to get over his ex if he’s constantly seeing her online.

14Self-Obsessed: He Thinks He’s Always Right

This has to be one of the most annoying things that he does. If you constantly catch him convinced that he’s right about everything, then he’s self-obsessed. It seems like no one ever told him that he was wrong even once, and he is now convinced that he knows everything there is to know.

While he might simply be confident and incredibly knowledgable, we’re getting the vibe that there is more to the story. He’s probably right a lot of the time and has convinced himself that he knows everything. Don’t even waste your time trying to argue with someone so unwilling to analyze another person’s perspective.

13Self-Obsessed: He’s Known For Breaking Hearts

You definitely want to stay away from a guy who is known for breaking hearts. There is absolutely no reason why you should be spending time with someone who is enviably going to leave you in the dust. If the word on the street is that he’s known for breaking hearts, it’s best to just let him go.

He totally has a love for power and adores taking control of the situation. We’re getting the feeling that he’ll go out of his way to break someone’s heart just for the satisfaction of having control. He is obsessed with himself and is soon going to get a reality check when he’s the one who ends up left behind.

12Ex-Obsessed: He’s Being Super Mysterious

If he was once a social butterfly, telling everyone his life story within the first conversation, but is now acting like he’s keeping something hush-hush, he’s totally trying to keep something private. Our guess is he’s still obsessed with his ex and is trying to figure out a way to win her back. He doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s up to and is keeping his thoughts to himself.

There’s also a chance that things are already going on with his ex and he’s being super quiet about it. He doesn’t know exactly where things will go and is trying to figure it out in private. If he’s being secretive all of a sudden, it’s best to let him go, even if it means he’s pursuing his ex.

11Self-Obsessed: He’s Easily Offended

Don’t get us wrong, most people are easily offended. However, if you notice that he often gets hostile towards someone just because they made a little joke about him, he is self-obsessed. It’s safe to say that it’s because his ego is larger than himself.

He sees a little criticism as someone going after his character. He thinks he is the absolute best at everything on earth and is not about to let someone tell him otherwise. This has to be the worst characteristic that someone can have since it’s simply unhealthy to think this way. He will never be able to evolve since he can’t see his own faults.

10Self-Obsessed: He’s Always Doing His Own Thing

It seems like he has no time for anyone but himself and is much more focused on doing his own thing and having fun. While everyone around him is constantly trying to become a part of his life, he isn’t having it. Instead, he’s going to keep on doing his own thing even if he’s completely wrong.

In his head, there is nothing more important than his success. That’s why he’s not willing to help someone even for a minute since that’s a minute taken away from him. He thinks he deserves the absolute world and is only willing to talk about his own goals rather than anyone else’s. While you might be developing feelings for someone like this, it might be best to go for someone else!

9Ex-Obsessed: They Keep Texting Each Other

It is a major red flag that he’s still talking to his ex. There is no way that either of them is going to move past their relationship as they’re still keeping up to date with each other. Unless they spent a few years apart getting over the relationship and ended up becoming friends again, this is a huge problem.

We’re getting the feeling that he’s still obsessed with his ex and isn’t willing to let her go. It’s safe to say that she was once the most important person in his life, and he’s not able to move past that. But the last thing that you want to do is waste your time trying to get a guy who is emotionally unavailable.

8Self-Obsessed: He Isn’t Scared To Over-Exaggerate

He is so used to being the life of the party that he can’t have it any other way. He is constantly chasing over people’s admiration of him so he’s willing to do basically anything in order to achieve that. If that means over-exaggerating a story to look cooler than he actually is, he’s all for it.

It’s safe to say that he’s totally self-obsessed and is willing to go above and beyond to be the centre of attention. He isn’t scared to lie a little if that means getting him ahead in life. In his eyes, he deserves absolutely everything and feels like these little lies will help him get whatever he desires.

7Self-Obsessed: He Just Can’t Handle A Joke

He’s not about to let anyone put him down even a little because he adores himself. Even if someone makes a playful joke, he’s not about to let it slide. While we love his confidence, we’re not about to be falling for someone who can’t even take a joke. He’s not the most important person on earth and should be able to handle a little playful banter.

Instead, it seems like the world is falling apart when someone makes fun of him. While we understand that no one likes being put down, the real issue is that he’s not able to handle the situation. If he can’t take a joke, it means he can’t laugh about himself, and that’s no fun.

6Ex-Obsessed: She’s The Only One Who Can Control Him

Even though they’re not together anymore, it seems like she still plays a major role in his life. He truly values her opinion and needs a little guidance in life. He’s spent so much time with her that he genuinely believes that no one knows him better. Rather than getting to know someone new and getting a second opinion as to how to improve, he’s still focused only on her viewpoint.

This is completely unhealthy as he’s totally still obsessing over his ex. If he still values her so highly, he is absolutely convinced that she should still be a major part of his life. He isn’t willing to let her go and instead is looking for a way to keep her around.

5Self-Obsessed: He Thinks The World Revolves Around Him

Based on his actions and words, it’s pretty obvious that he’s convinced that the world revolves around him. He’s so used to getting his way that he simply expects to have things always work out in his favour. We’re guessing he’s been a little too lucky in the past and is now convinced that the universe is willing to do whatever is necessary for him to win.

We couldn’t agree less with his viewpoint. He’s simply obsessed with himself and isn’t willing to acknowledge the importance of anyone else. Don’t even get offended if you feel like he’s constantly switching the conversation back to him. He genuinely thinks the world revolves around him, and there is nothing you can do to change his ways.

4Self-Obsessed: He Has A Ton Of Followers On Social Media

He thinks that he is the coolest person on earth just because he has a ton of social media followers. It’s pretty funny that he’s convinced people love keeping up with his life. He’s going to get a harsh lesson in reality when he figures out that followers don’t mean true friends.

These numbers are totally getting to his head as he becomes self-obsessed. At this point, he’s convinced that he has to let these people into his life as they are begging to know more. It’s best to keep your distance with this one as he is more concerned with outward appearances than anything else.

3Ex-Obsessed: He Isn’t Willing To Let Her Go

It’s pretty obvious that he just can’t let his ex go. Whether he’s always reaching out to her, trying to figure out ways to see her, or simply by the way he looks at her, everyone can tell that he’s still obsessed. He’s convinced that things should have worked out differently and is now looking for a way to win her back.

The last thing you want to be doing is trying to get with someone who is in a completely different world. It’s best to let him do his own thing rather than trying to convince him that you’re better than his ex. He still has some unfinished business that he obviously has to figure out before anything else.

2Self-Obsessed: His Looks Are A Number One Priority

It seems like he’s constantly obsessing over how he looks and wants to look on point 24/7. If you thought that girls might get a little uptight over how they look, he’s a completely different story. He’s not willing to look anything less than perfect every second of the day.

He’s simply in love with himself and adores all of this attention. There is nothing more that he wants than to have all eyes on him. While you can’t deny that he is attractive, he shouldn’t exactly be flaunting his good looks all of the time. Rather, it’s time for him to stop obsessing over his appearance as it’s only on the surface. He should actually be focusing on his personality and being a good person!

1Self-Obsessed: He Just Can’t Handle ‘No’

This one is totally starting to get annoying. He’s so used to getting his way that he can’t handle a simple no. He thinks that the world adores him and that he should always be making the final decision. That’s why at this point he is willing to do absolutely anything to get his way.

If you think that telling him no will fly, think again. He’s not averse to becoming a little problematic to convince someone to change their answer. However, the last thing you want to do is aid in his behaviour. If you don’t agree with him, you should let him know up front. The last thing you want to do is help him get away with his immature tantrums.

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