July2 , 2022

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1. Type-casting. When you only date people with a certain love language, personality type, or astrology sign because you’re convinced they’re the only type of person who will work for you.

2. Dial-Toning. When you give someone your number even though you aren’t sure whether you’re seriously interested, they reach out to say hello, and you never bother to reply.

3. Rossing. When an almost sleeps with someone else and acts like they didn’t do anything wrong because technically you’re not in an official relationship.

4. Cause-playing. When one of your exes or a former almost texts you to ask you for a favor, even though they’ve been out of your world for a while.


5. Fleabagging. When you have bad taste and keep dating the wrong type of person for you, even though you know you’re only repeating history.

6. Dogfishing. When people use their pets in dating profiles (or walk them around the town) in the hopes of getting a date.

7. Jekylling. When someone treats you like you’re the best thing that ever happened to them, but the second you turn down a date with them or reject them, they start insulting you and acting like you’re not worthy of their time.

8. Glamboozled. When you go through the trouble of shaving, doing your hair, and applying makeup for a date — and then your person texts to reschedule or completely cancels on you.

9. White Clawing. When you date someone only because they’re attractive, even though their personality is pretty boring and you don’t really click.

10. Flatlining. When a conversation over text suddenly dies before you had the chance to really get to start talking.


11. Yellow Carding. When your date says something problematic, and instead of letting it slide, you call them out on their opinion, behavior, or overall shittiness.

12. Exoskeletoning. When your person’s ex-girlfriend requests you on social media and keeps reaching out to talk to you because they’re trying to keep tabs on you.

13. Kanye’d. When your date keeps talking and talking and talking about themselves without giving you a chance to contribute to the one-sided conversation.

14. Eclipsing. When you start dating someone new and immediately pick up all of their hobbies, phrases, and habits, thereby becoming a carbon copy of them.

15. Elsa’d. When you’ve been texting someone, but they suddenly start acting colder and giving one-word answers until they eventually stop answering you at all.