15 Signs He’s Over The Relationship

You may have had high hopes for your relationship, but sadly, it really looks like things are coming to an end. Your weekly Netflix dates are few and far between, you can barely get a text back from him these days, and you have a feeling deep down in your gut that he has mentally checked out of the relationship.

Many men will give some verbal and non-verbal clues when they are over the relationship before they finally pull the plug once and for all. You’re probably hoping he’s just going through a rough patch in his life, or it’s his job that’s really stressing him out. Wouldn’t it be great if he snapped out of his funk and proclaimed his undying love for you? I guess it could happen, but it’s not likely at this point.

If your boyfriend has been acting strange, and you’re not sure where things are headed for the two of you, keep reading to see 15 signs that he’s definitely over the relationship.

15He Deletes Your Pictures

When a guy is preparing to end a relationship, he will go to great lengths to wipe a girl clean from his life. If his social media profiles were full of cute pictures of the two of you together, and suddenly, you notice all the pictures have been deleted, then it’s definitely a bad sign of what’s to come.

All the photos of the two of you boo’d up at the musical festival from last summer? Gone. The picture he took the night he asked you to be his girlfriend? It has since disappeared into thin air. If he’s not ready to end things officially, he may come up with some excuse about deleting your photos because he wants to be more private about your relationship. Don’t fall for it, girl. A man who is happy and in love will want to show off his girlfriend no matter what. Your pictures are gone simply because he’s over you and the relationship.

14No More PDA

When you first became a couple, he just couldn’t keep his hands off of you. While driving in the car together, he would reach over and grab your hand. While watching a movie at the theater he would drape his arm across your shoulders, and while standing in line at Starbucks he would give you a big hug and a kiss for no reason at all. I know you miss those days, and sadly, they’re unlikely to return at this point.

Now that he is having second thoughts about the relationship, all PDA will come to a screeching halt. You will feel like the two of you are just buddies hanging out together once the affection disappears. If you even try to hold his hand in public, he may pull away, and that right there is your sign that the end is near.

When a relationship is coming to a close, a lack of affection is the norm. At this point, he’s just working up the courage to let you know that he’s completely over it.

13He Gets Annoyed Easily

He used to love your high-pitched laugh, but now he’s giving you the side-eye every time you let out the tiniest giggle. He never once cared that you chewed with your mouth open, but now he’s going on an on about how sitting across from you at the dinner table is starting to gross him out. When little things that weren’t a problem start to become a big deal, it’s pretty clear that he has already checked out of the relationship.

Getting annoyed easily is a sign of discontentment, and your boyfriend has probably had enough of your idiosyncrasies. He’ll probably stick it out for just a bit longer until he finds the right words to let you down easily, so brace yourself. Once a man becomes annoyed with you, anything that has to do with you and your entire relationship, there really isn’t hope for things to be salvaged.

12He Plans a Solo Trip

When a guy is happy in a relationship, and if he has the means to do so, he will want to travel with his girlfriend. Whether it be a short weekend trip or a five day cruise, it doesn’t really matter as long as he’s with the woman he loves! But the second a guy starts hinting at taking a solo trip or a trip out of town with the boys “just because,” consider it a red flag in your relationship.

A man going on a solo trip when he’s in a relationship is no big deal, but if you already suspect that something’s amiss between the two of you, his solo trip could be his way to get away from you for a few days and clear his head. While he’s away, he will probably cut contact with you, and spend most of his time thinking about what went wrong in your relationship, and how he can let you down gently.

11He Keeps Cancelling

A man who’s in love wouldn’t dare cancel on his girlfriend. He will bend over backwards just to see her, he will squeeze her into his schedule if he’s having a busy week, and he will frequently lose out on getting eight hours of sleep just to drive across town to surprise her in the middle of the night.

As soon as a guy is over the relationship, you’ll start to forget what it felt like for him to actually agree to do something without cancelling. Even if it’s something as simple as meeting you for coffee on a Saturday morning. He will find a way to back out of the plans if he’s not feeling you and the relationship anymore.

When your boyfriend starts to cancel more than he agrees to see you, just know that your relationship is likely coming to an end. Soon enough, he will be sitting you down to let you know that things just aren’t working between the two of you.

10His Emotions Are Flat

If your boyfriend is like most guys, he finds it hard to really hide his emotions. When things were going good in your relationship, he would great you with a big smile. When you said something funny, he would laugh, and when you were having a bad day, he would put on his serious face and provide you with a shoulder to cry on.

Now that he’s not feeling so sure about the relationship, his emotions and feelings are going haywire inside of him. You may notice that now that the relationship is coming to an end, his emotions towards you are completely flat. He will have no problem joking around with his friends, but when it comes to engaging with you, he turns the other way. This is a non-verbal clue that he’s unsatisfied with things.

So what’s a girl to do? There really isn’t much you can do at this point. He’s emotionally pulling back from you because he doesn’t see the relationship working out. Sorry, but things are definitely about to come to an end.

9He’s Always Busy

If your boyfriend isn’t cancelling on you, you’re not of the woods just yet. Another way a guy pulls away when he’s over the relationship is when he claims to be busy all the time. And it’s true, he could legit be very busy. But you should always remember this: guys make time for the things that they want. It doesn’t matter if he’s working two full-time jobs and he’s the captain of his rugby team. If a guy wants to see you and be with you, the word “busy” won’t even be in his vocabulary.

Now that he’s over the relationship, he no longer has time to take you out on dates because, you know, work got really busy. And he can’t stop by after work to have dinner with you because, well, you know, he’s going to be really busy. You know he’s full of it, you know he’s pulling away, but you’re still holding on tight that maybe he’ll snap out of it at some point.

If your relationship gets to the point that your boyfriend is alway using “busy” as an excuse, he has already mentally checked out of things. It won’t be long before he’s physically out of your life, too.

8He Fires Up His Dating Profile

Yikes, this one definitely stings. It’s pretty much every girls fear – especially if you met your boyfriend on an online dating site. Although the two of you agreed to take your profiles down after you became exclusive, you would periodically get that gnawing feeling in your tummy that something just wasn’t right. So you would fire up your computer every few months to see if he was back to cruising for babes on an online dating site. But your suspicions were wrong, and his profile was still deactivated. Whew!

But now that you can feel the shift in your relationship changing, you’ve probably searched for his handle on every dating website known to man. And if he has really checked out of the relationship, he’s probably already on the hunt for a new girlfriend – or at least a FWB until he’s ready for a serious relationship again.

You should always take a reactivated dating profile as a bad sign. It always means he’s not serious about you and he’s completely over the relationship.

7He’s Secretive With His Phone

If your boyfriend is always on his phone, you should definitely take it as a bad sign. But if he’s on his phone and he’s being secretive about who he’s texting and talking to then this is a major red flag. When a guy has mentally and emotionally checked himself out of the relationship, he may not wait to completely sever ties with you before he starts hitting up other girls. To make sure you don’t find out that he’s being a creep behind your back, he will guard his phone like it’s the winning lotto ticket. He will take it with him into the bathroom, into the shower, and he will sleep with it tucked underneath his pillow.

If your boyfriend went from not caring if you touched his phone to freaking out if you came within one foot of it, it’s a sign that not only is he doing something that he doesn’t want you to find out about, but he’s probably inching closer to finally ending your relationship once and for all.

6He Spends More Time With Friends

When a guy is unsatisfied with his relationship, he will want to be anywhere but with his girlfriend. So to take his mind off of how bad things have become, he will start to spend more and more time with his friends…his single friends to be exact.

Everyone needs time to themselves and time to spend time with their buddies, but if he went from spending every weekend with you to spending every weekend at the bar with Joe, Jason and Daniel, this is definitely a bad sign.

If your boyfriend and his single pals are whooping it up in the VIP section of every club within a 30 mile radius, it’s pretty clear that he’s over the relationship. Those Friday nights at home, snuggling up in front of the TV are over. He would much rather get plastered with his crew and meet new girls than to be in a relationship with you. He’s testing the waters of single life, and it won’t be long before he dives right in and pulls the plug on your relationship.

5He Keeps Secrets

You understand how important it is to be open and honest in your relationship, and you really thought you and your boyfriend were on the same page in that regard. In fact, when the two of you began dating, he was the one who stressed how important honesty was in a relationship, but now, it seems like he has done a complete 180.

When a guy thinks that his relationship is over, being forthright with his girlfriend is no longer on his mind. He will frequently keep secrets, he won’t clue her in on his whereabouts when the two of them are apart, and he will be shady when it comes to fessing up about his interactions with other women. He doesn’t feel like he owes you anything at this point, because in his mind, the relationship is already over.

If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend is keeping secrets from you all of a sudden, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s doing something bad. It simply means you no longer hold an important position in his life. A breakup is imminent.

4He Stops Answering Calls

When you first met your boyfriend, the two of you would talk and text non-stop. Every time you glanced at your phone, there was a new message from him. Every time your phone rang, it was sure to be him on the other line. Every night before you went to bed, you knew he would be the last person you spoke to, and every morning when you woke up, you knew you would have a “good morning, gorgeous” text message from him. But now that your relationship is in the dumps, it seems like he has completely cut all communication with you.

These days, you can never get him on the phone no matter how hard you try. You’ve practically memorized his voicemail greeting because that’s the only thing you hear when you dial his digits. If your boyfriend is suddenly gone with the wind, and it seems like he never answers your calls or gets back to your messages, just know that your relationship is coming to an end.

3Intimacy is Gone

When a relationship is on its last legs, intimacy is usually one of the first things to disappear. Contrary to popular belief, not all men are out to sleep with any and every girl they can get their hands on, and they’re definitely not going to continue being intimate with someone if things are going sour in a relationship.

If you’ve noticed the dynamics of your love life have changed, and intimacy has left the building, it could be a sign that he’s not happy in the relationship. If he’s no longer initiating, and he’s turning you down every time you put the offer on the table, it’s definitely a sign of things to come. Once the intimacy is gone, everything else in your relationship will eventually die a slow and painful death, as well. Communication will drop off the face of the Earth, his emotions will be under lock and key and it won’t be long before he puts you and himself out of misery by finally ending the relationship.

2He Stops Making Plans

Remember when the two of you first met? Your boyfriend was always so excited to plan fun and exciting dates for the two of you. He would sometimes ask you out weeks in advance, or better yet, he would ask you out on your next date before the current date even came to an end. You loved the fact that he was such a planner, and you really looked forward to spending so much quality time with him.

But now that he thinks the relationship is over, all the planning will go right out the window. He will no longer make plans with you because you’re just not a priority in his life. He will gladly schedule time with friends, family and co-workers, but when it comes to you, you have to get in where you fit in. And unfortunately, you’re not fitting into his life as of right now.

If your boyfriend has stopped making plans with you, it’s best to confront him. Let him know that you look forward to your weekly dates, but don’t be surprised if this conversation goes all the way left and he tells you he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you.

1He Changes His Relationship Status

Okay, this last sign is definitely the kiss of death. When you and your boyfriend first started dating, he was so excited to change his Facebook status to “in a relationship.” You thought it was a bit cheesy and juvenile, but you went along with it and changed your status, too. But now that he’s considering ending things, he may have already switched his status back to “single” without even cluing you in. But you already knew something was wrong deep in your gut, so you’ve been stalking his page every day to see if anything suspicious popped up. And there it was, right smack in the middle of your face. Single? WTF?

When this happens, it means your boyfriend is a coward. He’ll probably be texting you within the next five minutes to send you an “it’s over” message complete with a sad face emoji on the end. Any guy who will sever ties with you without sitting you down and speaking to you like an adult doesn’t deserve to be in your life. It sucks to get dumped through a simple relationship status feature on a social media website, but at least now you can dust yourself off and find a guy who’s better suited for such an amazing girl like you!

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