15 Signs Your Relationship Is Way Beyond Repair

There are some relationships that can be fixed and then there are those that are simply beyond repair. How do you know if your ex is willing to rebuild a relationship and how do you know when it is time to quit trying? There are fifteen distinct signals a guy will give you if the relationship is way beyond repair. To see if your guy has them, you will need to pay attention to what he says to you and, more importantly, what he does. His actions will tell you a lot more than his words. For example, if he still says he loves you but he has you blocked on Facebook, chances are pretty high that he is just hanging out until he finds someone else. On the other hand, if he stares longingly at you from across the bar and is still hanging out at your favorite places, he just might want to hit it off again. Try to pay attention to the signals he is sending you. If you are getting the “go away” signals, your best bet is to do just that. Move on with your life and don’t waste your time chasing after someone who does not want to be with you anymore. Let go. Move on. Find your bliss.

15 Fewer to No Texts

Many former couples keep on texting each other long after a breakup. They sort things out and try to figure out what they did wrong. Eventually, the texts cease and both people move on with their lives. If you are still texting him after a breakup and he is barely responding, if at all, it is time for you to let go. He is sending the signal that he wants to cut ties with you and move past the former relationship. Your best bet is to let him go and stop texting him altogether. If he starts to feel lonely without you, he will let you know. Otherwise, begin your journey to something or someone new and better for you.

The same goes with emails. If he has stopped emailing you and forwarding links and images to your account it is because he has other things he would rather be doing.

14 He Doesn’t Hang Out With You

In his mind, the relationship is over and done with. The last thing he wants to do is hang out with his ex-girlfriend, no matter how wonderful she is. If this is how your ex feels, make a graceful exit and don’t blame him for wanting to move on. Trying to force or coerce him into hanging out with you is going to make him feel bitter and angry towards you. A better option is for you to head out and make new friends to hang out with. This will get your mind off the breakup, your ex, and, who knows? You may eventually find your soul mate waiting for you in the great wide world.

13 No Eye Contact

You want to look deep into his beautiful eyes again and just dream of a future together, but he refuses to make eye contact with you. This is usually a sign of guilt. Maybe he feels bad that he is not in love with you anymore or maybe he has already moved on. Some men stop making eye contact because they are angry or annoyed. They do not know how to express their feelings and so the easiest way out for them is to refuse to face those feeling.

Whatever the case may be, if your ex is not making eye contact with you, he is signaling to you that he is done with you and the relationship. He does not want to acknowledge you and wants to move on. Do your best to let him go and not confront him about what he is feeling towards you. Since the two of you are already broken up, those are his problems that he will have to deal with, not yours. He will either get over it and one day make the effort to at least be “hi and bye” friends with you or he will carry his feelings with him straight into another relationship. Whatever the case, it is not your problem to deal with anymore.

12 Facebook Blocked

He has blocked you from Facebook. When a guy does this it is because he is moving on. He may already be sending out the flirt signals to other single women and he does not want you getting involved or feeling hurt. He doesn’t want the drama and so the easiest thing for him to do to avoid it is to stop you from seeing his posts and friends list.

Unless the relationship ended as a mutual friendship, there is no reason why you should remain on his Facebook. In fact, if he doesn’t remove you, do yourself a favor and remove yourself. Block him to resist the temptation to spy on what he is doing or who he is flirting with. In the end, a clean break is the easiest solution to a relationship gone bad.

11 A Change of Hangouts

The two of you always hung out on Friday nights at the bar up the street. On Saturdays, you would both walk the park together, holding hands. Now, when you go there, he is not there. Where is he?

He is most likely letting go of the places the two of you spent together as a couple. He is letting that part of his past go and is ready to try out new and different places. He is ready to move on and wants to make new memories that do not involve your past together.

Follow his example and move on. Find new places to hang out and spend your free time facing new adventures. Make new friends and new memories. In the end, you will be happier you did and, you never know, you might meet your soul mate at one of the new locations.

10 He Wants All of His Stuff Back

Sometimes a guy will intentionally leave a few of his things behind at your place when he isn’t completely sure that the relationship is over. That way he has an excuse to stop back over and see you again. The flip side of that is when he wants all of his things back. This means that the relationship is over and he wants to end all contact with you. To do that, he needs his stuff back so that there are no loose ends to tie up and he can move on.

When in this situation, do the right thing and let him have all of his belongings back. You would not want your ex keeping your stuff, so in fairness do not keep his. Keep the give back or exchange neutral and without arguments or have a co-friend return his belongings to him.

9 Let’s Just Be Friends

If he tells you that he just wants to be friends, take his word for it. What he is saying is that he likes you as a person but he is not in love with you anymore.

There are a lot of women who take this as a maybe signal and go out of their way to try and make him fall in love with them again. The fact is that this is not how it works with men. If he just wants to be friends, it means he will gladly hang out with you and other friends once in a while, but you better be prepared to see him flirt with women that interest him. If you can’t handle seeing him with other women, it is time for you to break off the friendship completely. Tell him thank-you and keep the parting cordial, but tell him that you are looking for a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Move on.

8 He Talks About Other Women

He has agreed to hang out with you, but he is talking about other women and not about you. This is a sure sign that he is moving on and is probably testing you out to see if you are okay with it. He probably feels comfortable around you because he feels you know enough about him and his ways.

Couples that decide to stay friends after a relationship is over face a lot of challenges. The first challenge is that one of you may already be thinking about dating someone else.

Your best bet? If you can handle him seeing and talking about other women then there is no reason to end the friendship. On the other hand, if the idea of him liking other women hurts you, it is time to let him go and find something else to do with your free time. Don’t be a martyr. Real love is not about suffering alone with no one to turn to and you don’t have to prove your loyalty to him or to anyone else.

7 He is Mean to You

When he is around you he is mean. He yells at you and he blatantly shows you that he is angry with you. This is not some relationship funk that needs to be fixed. He is being mean to you on purpose. It is his way of showing you that he is no good for you. He is giving you every excuse to get up and walk away from him forever.

Do just that. Walk away. He is not worth the fight and the heartache. You can not force someone to stay in love with you or fall in love with you. If he is not feeling any love for you, and he clearly isn’t if he is yelling at you, then take this as your shining moment to be a better person and leave.

6 Stopped Talking About the Past

You are at a party. You look across the room and see your ex sitting on the sofa alone. You walk over, sit down beside him, and the two of you start chatting. He says something that reminds you of the time when the two of you were dating. You begin to retell the story, starting with, “remember when we…” He starts to shift around and look uncomfortable. His eyes scout the room in search of an easy escape. You have just crossed the line.

When a relationship is over, some guys don’t want to talk it over and rehash the details. They do not want to take a stroll down memory lane and they certainly don’t want those memories shared with other people.

It is at this point that you have got to realize that it is over. The past is in the past and no amount of retelling will rekindle those fond feelings the two of you used to have for each other.

5 Puts You Down

He tells you that your butt is getting too big. He hates your mother and your sister is nothing more than a leech. That dinner you spent over an hour preparing? He says he has tasted better and doesn’t finish his plate. And don’t forget that his mother, sister, and ex-girlfriend all do everything better than you do. You are imperfect, not good enough, not pretty enough, and you ruin everything you touch. Yeah, we have all been there with an ex.

When a guy has hit this level of dissatisfaction, there is no way to ever please him and, honestly, you should not even waste your time. Let him go find someone else that is “way better than you.” And while he is out scouring the bars and Facebook for your replacement, give yourself a kick in the rear. You deserve someone who appreciates you. He is out there. You just have to hunt him down and show him what you’ve got.

4 Stopped Saying He Loves You

The two of you broke up last month, but whenever you would talk on the phone with him or see him at work, he would always end the conversation or meeting with a quick “love you.” The past few days, though, he has acted distracted around you and he no longer says he loves you. In fact, it seems like he doesn’t even want to hear from you or be around you anymore.

The reason for this is because he has moved on. He may have kept saying he loved you after the break up because he was unsure if he was ready to move on or he may have thought he was being kind to you by making the breakup a smooth transaction without the unnecessary hurt and drama. Whatever his reason, he is giving you a very subtle hint that he no longer wants to get back together. There may be another woman involved or he may have finally decided to head out and look for a new girlfriend. Whatever the case, it is time for you to look for a true love of your own.

3 He Says He Doesn’t Trust You

Trust is a huge issue during a relationship that can still be broken after a relationship has ended. For example, if he finds out that you lied to him during the relationship about something he considers important, he will stop trusting you. If, let’s say, after the two of you have broken up, he finds out that you have flirted with one of his friends the day after the breakup, you will lose his trust.

Relationships are built on trust and without it, all the love and good feelings vanish. If you have lost his trust, whether through a truthful or false accusation, your best bet is to cut the ties and move on. While some guys will listen to your defense, there are many who won’t bother hearing your end of the story. Instead of trying to get back a guy who doesn’t trust you, find one who will. Build on that trust and make your new relationship flourish.

2 He’s Already Dating

The signal is loud and clear with this one. He is dating someone new and is making the final transition to being over and done with you. Don’t take it so hard. When a relationship is over, people will do all sorts of things to force themselves to move forward with their lives. For some, that means entering into another relationship even if the chances are high that it is just a rebound relationship. Take this as a sign that you are better off focusing on yourself and your needs, and don’t bother the newly paired lovebirds because it will just make you look desperate. Put your big girl panties on and head out the door. Go on an adventure, make new friends, and maybe take a few art classes at the local studio.

1 He Changed His Number

Has he changed his phone number? This is often one of the first significant signs that he doesn’t want you back. He is trying to move on and doesn’t want you to be able to contact him whenever you want. Some guys change their numbers immediately after a break up so they can move on to greener pastures or so they will have an easier time letting go of you. If he is unwilling to give you his new number, respect his wishes and don’t bother his friends or family for it. Give him what he wants and don’t contact him by phone. Better yet, take this as a major hint and move on to your own greener pastures. After all, true love isn’t one sided. It is when two people love each other openly and are readily available to each other.


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