15 Signs You’re The Initiator Of Fun In Your Relationship

Ever find that you’re always the one making plans in your relationship? Or, perhaps you’re the friend or colleague that never fails to make crazy ideas come to life? Chances are, that’s because you’re the initiator of fun in all your relationships. You have a positive outlook on life, a thirst for adventure, and a “nothing’s going to get me down,” attitude. You can have fun doing just about anything and make every event way more enjoyable for those you surround yourself with. Of course, it’s a great way to be. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be exhausting at some points. After all, no one wants to be the only person in the relationship that makes plans or seems to put in an effort to have a good time. Still, it happens to the majority of us. Read below to find out if you’re the initiator of fun in your relationship.

15You Make All The Plans

The two of you have plans to hang out this weekend. However, that’s the extent of your plans so far. He’s the one who constantly says, “we’ll play it by ear.” He wants to stay in, order a pizza, watch movies, and relax. And, that sounds great. After all, you can have fun doing absolutely nothing… but you have bigger, better ideas in mind. You want to get a Groupon to go water skiing or check out a new art gallery that just opened in your neighborhood. You don’t want to waste a weekend laying on a couch, you want to be out and about experiencing things and enjoying the world while you can. If you know you have a weekend free of obligations, you plan to enjoy it to the fullest and do whatever you need to do to do exactly that. Of course, you bring him along for the ride. Adventuring is more fun with good company.

14You’re The “Encourager”

If you get invited out, you gratefully accept the invitation. Even if he’s tired or doesn’t want to tag along, you make him. You’re the “encourager.” In a way, the two of you are almost opposites. He’s quick to make excuses and shy away from things and you always jump on board way too quickly. You say “yes” way before you say no, even if you don’t know what you just said “yes” to. You find you’re always having to persuade him to try new things or break out of his comfort zone. As exhausting as it can be, it’s rewarding. All he needs is a little push to experience things he’d normally be opposed to and that’s where you come in. At the end of the day, you balance each other out. He keeps you calm and you keep his life way more exciting than it would be if he didn’t have you.

13This Is A Pattern For You

In any relationship you’ve ever been in- friendships included- you find that you’re the “wild” one. You do crazy things, get yourself into hilarious predicaments, and even get into sticky situations more than other people in your life. You have a thirst for adventure and you’re always trying to quench it, no matter what that calls for. People often refer to you as a wild child and when you were growing up, your parents used to call you “trouble.” It’s rare that you come across someone who’s as open-minded as you are. In fact, it’s so rare that you don’t know if you ever have. More than once, your friends or men in your life have told you that you’re “too much” for them or complained about not having enough energy to handle you. You don’t mind, though, you’d rather be out having fun than catering to those who try and bring you down or hold you back.

12He’s Always The “Normal” One

You are always the more eccentric one in the relationship. You have crazy ideas and visions about the world that you are not afraid to share. You can make friends with strangers anywhere you go. You can have fun basically doing anything. You crack funny, but inappropriate jokes, and find yourself absolutely hilarious. You get in fights with random patrons if they offend you. Heck, you even cause scenes in public. Some people might view you as immature but they would never stop you from wearing your heart on your sleeve. You live your life in the moment and don’t regret anything. He, on the other hand, falls more in the “gray area.” He’s calmer and more rational. He probably has a more normal job, lives a low-key lifestyle, and has similar hobbies and interests to the people that surround him. As we stated earlier, you balance each other out.

11You’re Constantly Curious

You always want to know more. You are like a kid in a candy shop. You want to try everything at least once. After all, if you do not try everything, how do you know if you like it or not? You never say “no” to new experiences. In fact, you seek them out. You are constantly looking for fun things to try- like skydiving or horseback riding or some other crazy activity you have never done before. You keep yourself stimulated by finding new hobbies and meeting new people. You are never bored because you are always occupied. You find almost everything interesting. You are open minded and appreciate the little things in life. For you, every single day is a new adventure and you love that. You realize that life is a journey and you are on yours right now. Therefore, nothing should be taken for granted, not even a single moment.

10You’re The More Positive Partner

As we stated before, you are the one who always says “yes” before saying “no.” However, when we say that you’re the more positive partner, we mean that you’re overall more positive than your partner when it comes to your outlook on life. If something goes wrong, you don’t automatically assume that the end of the world is coming. Instead, you see it as an opportunity to change your path or experience a new thing. You have a sense of humor when it comes to failure and disaster. Why? Because you know things are going to turn out all right in the end. You believe in yourself and have faith that somehow, things happen for a reason. You’re the one who’s alway encouraging and lifting the spirits of those around you, including your partner. At times, it can be exhausting, but you’re happy you have the ability to do so.

9He Doesn’t Have A Good Time If You’re Not There

This is also a pattern with you. Whenever you date someone, they like having you around all the time because they always have way more fun when you’re there. Why? Because you always make every situation, even the worst situations in the world, more fun. Therefore, if you’re not around, he doesn’t have a good time. He’s become so reliant on you to make him happy or make his life exciting that he doesn’t quite remember how to exist without you. Of course, he might not realize that the only reason he has more fun when you’re there is simply because that’s who you are, but it’s true. This is why he complains if you can’t make it to a certain event or if you have plans that don’t include him. He finds himself missing you when you’re not around and wishing he could fill that void that you fill inside of him. Your presence makes everything better for everyone in your life.

8Unless You Suggest It, You Don’t Do It

You and him get in fights about this all the time. If you do not make dinner plans or choose a restaurant to go to, the two of you would just end up eating a frozen pizza and staying in. If you don’t book a hotel room and plan a weekend getaway, you’d never leave town together. If you don’t push him to try new bedroom experiences, you’d just keep having the same love sessions all the time. If you don’t come up with funny new movies to watch, you’d just watch boring cable television. If you never suggest exciting places to go to or new restaurants to eat at, he’d never make it there. You wonder what he would do if he didn’t have you, but you already know the answer- nothing. He’d just wait until someone invited him out instead of taking the initiative himself.

7You Take The Role Of “Clown”

You’re the goofy one. When a song comes on the radio, you sing your heart out. When you hear a funny joke, you tell him about it just to make him laugh. You’re always coming up with ways to entertain people or brighten their days, especially when it comes to him. You have a never failing sense of humor and he loves that about you. In fact, he depends on your sense of humor. As we stated earlier, you can make any situation more fun, even the worst of situations. Sure, it might be inappropriate at times, but it doesn’t matter. You don’t care if you look like an idiot, you’d rather enjoy yourself and see the person you care about enjoying themselves as well. You do funny voices, weird dances, and have hilarious personality quirks that you play up. There’s no doubt that you’re one of a kind and anyone who knows you, knows that.

6You Always Make An Effort

You’ve had a long day at the end of a long week. You’re absolutely exhausted. So exhausted that taking a hot bath, cracking open a bottle of wine, and watching a movie actually sounds good to you. However, you still make an effort to enjoy yourself and be enjoyable to the company that you’re with. So, you pull yourself together, rile up all the energy that you can, and be the best version of you that you can possibly be. He, on the other hand, wouldn’t do the same thing if he were in your shoes. Instead, he takes the easy route out.  He’s so much lazier and more stuck in his old ways than you are. You feel like he doesn’t put forth as much effort to have a good time with you as you put in to have with him and the two of you fight about it constantly.

5You Feel Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Make An Effort

You and him are always arguing because you think he doesn’t put an effort to make plans for you guys, come up with new ideas for the two of you to try, or even add to the relationship in ways that you do. He, on the other hand, doesn’t think he does anything wrong. Of course, he probably does make an effort and would probably be appreciated by someone who was less of a “fun initiator” than you are, but that’s not the case. Therefore, he’s always getting mad at you for “asking for too much” and/or being too demanding or needy. It seems like every week, it’s something new between you two and it always has to deal with plans you make or how much “fun” you have when you’re out. You often wish he was on your level when it came to going out and being wild and he always wishes you would calm down a little bit and just relax.

4You’ve Always Been The Goofy One

Since you were a little kid, you have been the “goofy” one. If you have siblings, you were perhaps the “black sheep” of the family or the kid in the neighborhood that was always messing around. In almost all of your childhood photographs, you are making silly faces and on your report cards, all of your teachers noted, “lacks focus” or “plays too much.” As an adult, nothing has changed. For some reason, you are sillier than most of the people you know, including your partner. You are more playful and way less self-conscious than he is. So much so, that it almost makes him uncomfortable sometimes. Of course, that doesn’t bother you. You are going to have as much fun as you want to have, no matter the company you’re surrounded by. After all, that’s the way you’ve always been and you have no plans to change for anyone or anything.

3You’ve Got a Thirst For Life

As we stated earlier, you’ve got a thirst for adventure and you’re always looking to quench it. For you, everyday is an opportunity to grow as an individual and experience something that you’ve never experienced before. You look to learn new things and expand your horizons and the horizons of the people you surround yourself with. You rarely find yourself down or feeling cynical and almost always find that you’re uplifted and positive about the future. Even dreary tasks like jury duty or re-painting your living room are fun for you. Your healthy attitude allows you to find joy in menial things and your partner loves that about you. In fact, he depends on you to help him do the same thing when it comes to problems or obstacles he faces in his life. There’s no doubt that you’re one of a kind and that your type is extremely hard to come by.

2You Can Be Exhausting

Just as your taste for adventure and love for life are coveted by those around you, they can also be exhausting to some. You are someone with a lot of energy. Therefore, taking a day off to just relax or to do absolutely nothing is a struggle for you. If you’re watching television, you have a hard time sitting still or even making it through an entire movie without being distracted. Yes, you’re the girl who cracks jokes at a movie theater and annoys everyone around you. If you go out to a bar, you’re always the last one to leave, especially if you’re enjoying yourself. If you travel to a foreign country or even a neighboring town for the weekend, you wake up early so that you can see as much of the place as you can. You don’t understand the term “take it easy,” and you never have.

1Everyone Always Wants You Around

It’s true. You make every party more fun and less typical than they would be if you didn’t attend. You bring in new ideas to your workplace and your bosses love the way you find solutions to problems by thinking outside of the box in ways your peers can’t. If a friend of yours is going through something difficult, they call on you for help because they know you’re the person that’s going to make them laugh and distract them. If your partner has a long day, you’re the girl he runs to to cheer him up. Of course, your parents aren’t any different. In fact, they plan family gatherings to your schedule because they know it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t there. It’s no secret that you make everything better and that you leave your footprint everywhere you go. Why? Well, simply because you’re the initiator of fun.

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