15 Things Strong Women Do In Relationships

Are you a strong woman? Would you like to be one? Strong women are the ladies who understand themselves and are compassionate enough to take the time to understand others. They don’t hide from the world, but they don’t shout angrily at it, either.

Strong women are level headed. They are successful or are striving towards being successful in what they set their minds to do. They work in all industries. They are mothers, wives, and housewives. Their strength comes from within and from the wisdom they have learned from their own lives and the lives of others.

Do you wish that was you? Even if you feel that you are not a strong woman right this moment, there are steps you can take to creating a totally new you. Take, for example, this list of things strong women do in a relationship and apply them to your own relationship. One by one, make the necessary changes to bring about positive changes in your life, in your man’s life, and, if you are a mom, your children’s lives.

Are you single? No problem. You can still make these same changes in your life so that you attract a positive partner into your life.

15Expect Equal Work At Home

A strong woman is not going to want to be stuck with all the housework. In fact, she expects her partner to contribute equally to keeping a place clean and organized. When a relationship moves from visiting each other’s apartments to living together, she will sit down and talk about household chores with her partner. She wants tasks to be divided equally with each person picking up after any personal messes. Chores may be divided into taking turns and some chores will hers or his alone, depending upon preference. In other words, a strong woman is not going to play housemaid to anyone.

14Accepts Blame

We all have moments when we realize we were wrong about something. When a strong woman is in the wrong, she admits it. She may have come home from work in a bad mood and barked at her mate, blaming him for something he didn’t do. After a deep breath and refocusing herself, she goes to him and admits that she was in the wrong and, most importantly, she apologizes. It is what strong adults do, and she knows that she becomes more strong by admitting to and addressing her faults.

13Solve Problems

When a problem hits home, the strong woman faces it head on. If it is a bill she is having problems with, she will immediately jump into action, make phone calls, set up a payment plan, and find new ways to bring in the extra income to pay it off. She doesn’t hide from problems or let them build up until they are seemingly too big to handle. If she is having a problem with her man, she will sit him down and discuss it with him. She wants a solution now and she will not rest until she finds the answer to any problems that come up.

12Take Care Of Themselves

Instead of relying on someone else to help take care of them, they take care of themselves. Strong women are not high maintenance women. On the contrary, they require next to no maintenance in the emotional or looks department. Strong women like looking sharp and strive to look their best. They take care of their bodies, hair, and all around health. While they are at it, they also check to make sure that their partner is taking care of himself as well. If he needs a push in the right direction, she will give it to him to get him in shape and taking good care of himself, too.

11Avoid The Drama

As any strong woman will tell you, she has absolutely no time for drama. If her man wants to play head games with her or try and make her jealous, it is going to backfire on him. He will find that she is more than willing to boot him from her life if he threatens to play the field. She prefers the quiet over gossip, and she wants her life partner to be in sync with her life plans.

10They Have Their Own Friends

A strong woman does not rely on her boyfriend to supply her with friends because she already has her own set of friends. The women she hangs out with are strong like she is. They don’t sit around and whine or talk negative about their lives. They discuss their goals and work. They plan fun outings together and are more than capable of going out for a night on the town without cheating on their partners. In fact, men can trust strong women to be true to them because they aren’t out looking for a quick fix.

9Relationship Plans

Walking into a relationship without a basic plan in mind is just not something strong women do. Relationships have a purpose. If her long term goal is to find her life partner and get married, she will only choose a man who fits into her life plans. Relationships are serious business and she is prepared to put in some serious work to make the relationship succeed. There will be no straying from the plans and no detours. If the man she chooses decides he doesn’t want to be part of her plans, she will let him go and find someone who is ready for the commitment.

8See Possibilities

Instead of being Debbie Downers, strong women see all sorts of positive possibilities. Even when a relationship seems to be a bit edgy and the tensions are running high, the strong woman’s brain is always working overtime to try and find a way to make things better for both herself and her partner. She doesn’t see doom. She sees ways to make changes, opportunities to make things better, and she wants to work things out for the best.

7They Do It Themselves

“If you want something done, you do it yourself” is the motto of women of strength. Whether she is living on her own or with the man of her dreams, she knows that she can not rely on someone else to do the things that need to be done. If her tire is flat, she is not going to call up her boyfriend and get him to leave work to help her out. Instead, she will figure out how to change that darn tire herself, or she will call up someone and pay him to do it for her. She takes charge of her life and her surroundings.

6Demands Trust

She knows that she is trustworthy and expects her significant other to trust her when she is stuck late at work or goes out with her friends. She will not tolerate an insecure boyfriend checking her phone. In exchange, she will trust her mate. She is certain that she is the right woman for him and that he will not stray from her. Of course, if he does, he will lose her trust and probably will not be able to regain it any time soon.

5She Can Handle Alone Time

In fact, she likes her alone time quite a bit. Unlike people who are insecure, she is fine spending quiet time reading a book, doing research online, or even kicking back to watch a movie that she knows you wouldn’t like. A guy that dates a strong woman knows that she isn’t going to be calling him nonstop to see when he will get off from work. He also knows that there are times when she wants to be alone and he can get in a bit of free time for himself, too.

4They Set Goals

It is all about setting goals and reaching them. Strong women set goals for themselves as a way to better who they are. They love to push themselves to the limit and see just how far they can go. A strong woman also wants her partner to succeed. If he doesn’t already do so, she will help him set up goals for himself and she will inspire him and give him the emotional support he needs to reach his goals. In return, she expects him to support her goals, too. If he tries to get in her way or stop her, he is going to be in a world of emotional pain. She is not going to allow him to slow her down without a valid reason.

3Lay It On The Line

They are not afraid to put their feelings out there, especially with the person they love. They don’t conceal their feelings when they are hurt and they don’t put on an act to mask what is going on inside. They may take a few moments to gather their thoughts alone, but when they are ready, they will sit down and lay it all out. Whether they are feeling hurt, anxious, or proud, they feel that it is important to share how they feel with the person they love. They also know that bottled up feelings only lead to trouble.

2Direct Talk

Many guys love this one major trait of all strong women: they all say exactly what they mean. There are no passive aggressive head games or beating around the bushes. A woman who knows her stuff is going to speak her stuff. When asked a yes or no question, she answers it directly and almost never says “maybe” or “we’ll see.” She expects the same courtesy from her man, too. He needs to speak his mind directly. If something is bothering him, she is willing to hear him out and answer him without making him feel like she is just stringing him along.

1Let Go When It Is Right

Finally, when a relationship is over or beyond repair, the strong woman knows when to let go. There can come a point in any relationship where the two people would be better off if they moved on. She will recognize this point and will want to end the relationship.

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