October4 , 2022

15 Times Your Relationship Posts Are TMI


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Every girl goes through it: you swear that you will never become the kind of girlfriend who posts everything about their relationship. You don’t want to piss people off and make everyone around you jealous. Of course, that all goes out the window when you do fall in love. Suddenly you have this great guy in your life and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it. You just can’t help it. You kind of feel like you earned it since you survived your single girl days and have left them far behind (well, hopefully). You find yourself being that really annoying person who can’t stop talking about their boyfriend online. You don’t like this and you don’t want to be this person… but it’s like something takes over your body and you can’t stop it. Of course, these kinds of social media posts are literally the definition of TMI (aka too much information). The truth is that almost no one will read these posts and think that they are adorable and romantic. They will be super annoyed.

Here are 15 TMI relationship posts. Let’s be honest, you know that you have been guilty of at least one of these at one point or another.

15You And Your Boyfriend Are Just So Crazy In Love

Hey, you can’t help it if this is the honest truth. This might not be the worst kind of TMI that you could post on your social media platforms and yet it’s still crazy annoying to everyone who reads these posts. You write about how you and your boyfriend are insanely in love and that you just can’t believe that you finally found each other. You are just so happy, you have to talk about him all the time. The worst thing is that you not only talk about your new relationship with your friends and family when you actually hang out with them and see them in person, but now they have to read about this when they check out your Facebook profile or your Instagram feed. It’s really torture for them (even though they would never tell you that). Well, that’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is that you don’t even realize that getting all gushy and lovey-dovey on Facebook is TMI and really awful.

14How You And Your BF Spend Every Single Day

Sure, you think it’s super cute and amazing that you and your boyfriend have your little routines down. You sleep over at each other’s places all the time and, yes, it is adorable that he makes you kale and eggs because he knows that’s your favorite breakfast. You watch Netflix every Friday night like clockwork (with wine, of course) and you go out for brunch every Sunday morning. You have your schedule and you’re having fun spending time together… but the truth is that you can keep that to yourself. You don’t need to post on social media about what you and your boyfriend do together and how you spend your time. People are going to hate these posts because they are TMI. No one is as interested in you and your boyfriend as you are. And no, that’s not a harsh thing to say. That’s just the honest truth.

13Daily Couple Selfies

Just say no to the couple selfie. Just say no. Of course, you say yes ever single time because you think that your boyfriend is just the cutest and hottest guy out there and you think that anyone who gets to stare at his pretty face is super lucky. You also think that you two are the best looking couple that has ever existed in the history of the world, so that’s why you’re super into the whole couple selfie thing. Unfortunately, posting a daily couple selfie is pretty much the definition of TMI. No one wants to see this. Your friends who are in serious relationships are going to be annoyed and also pretty insecure since they probably don’t focus on couple selfies that much. Your friends who are single are going to be annoyed and definitely insecure since they don’t have a boyfriend to take pictures with. It’s just not a good idea.

12Everything He Says To You

Yes, you think your boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever (along with the smartest and coolest and every other positive adjective out there). But just because he whispers sweet nothings in your ear when you’re in bed or is always texting you the most adorable things doesn’t mean that you have to share this with the world. If you post everything that he says to you online, then you’re sharing way too much information and it’s seriously frustrating to other people. People are going to wonder if you have nothing else to think about or no friends or no career. They’re going to think that you should focus on your own life and your own goals and dreams instead of just talking about your boyfriend all the time. So basically, you’re going to achieve the opposite of what you want since no one is going to think that you’re being cute. Everyone is going to think that you should stop with the TMI already.

11His Over-The-Top Romantic Gestures

So your boyfriend got you five bouquets of red roses on Valentine’s Day? He makes you lunch every day that you can bring to work? He texts you good morning, good night, and even good afternoon (which no one ever does so he totally made that up)? Sure, your BF is perfect for you if you love these over-the-top romantic gestures, but guess what? Other people don’t care. They just don’t. The truth is that not every woman out there thinks that romance is even a good thing and lots of them are pretty cynical about the whole deal. So you are being really annoying when you post Instagram photos of your boyfriend’s romantic gestures or keep updating your Facebook status with the latest cute and romantic thing he has done or said. You don’t need to be sharing this much information with strangers and friends alike. You just don’t.

10The Fight You’re Currently Having

It’s not a big deal if you and your boyfriend fight sometimes. That literally happens to every couple. What is a big deal is if you post super TMI posts about your current argument. No one wants to read about this. Absolutely no one. You’re going to make people feel super awkward and weird about you… especially if you’re being overdramatic and immature and are totally in the wrong. The truth is that you might be in the wrong. You’re not perfect. If you want to make up with your boyfriend and fix your relationship, you’re not going to help things if you keep posting on your Facebook or Twitter. You’re only going to make the fight and tension worse since your boyfriend won’t love that you’re sharing your thoughts and feelings with everyone else. You’re also not doing a great job at communicating with your boyfriend since you’re basically ignoring him and tweeting or posting on Facebook instead. It’s just way too much to tell people.

9How Much You Want To Get Married

It’s okay if you want to get married. It’s normal since lots of women do. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a kid and would even stage fake weddings at the age of six years old (and you were probably super adorable). But if you’re trying to get your boyfriend to propose by passive aggressively posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook about it, that’s not a good way to go about it. If you’re being super subtle about it, he’s probably not going to take the hint. And if you explicitly say that you want him to propose and are basically being super obvious about it, he’s still not necessarily going to propose. It’s not like he was waiting for you to say something on social media and now he’s going to immediately get down on one knee and produce a ring. Not happening. This is a natural next step in a relationship and unless you are both on the same page, you need to keep this to yourself. You definitely shouldn’t post about it online.

8How Perfect Your Life Is

You can’t believe your good luck. You must be just the best person around because suddenly you have found yourself in a magical and amazing relationship and now you are totally and completely in love. You are basically patting yourself on the back for choosing such a perfect guy to be your boyfriend. Your relationship is not only exactly the way that you want it to be, but your life is perfect as well. It’s like you think that having a boyfriend is a success story or an accomplishment or something. You definitely are posting about this on social media and you keep talking about how perfect your life is. Guess what? That’s TMI. That’s super TMI. Your friends are going to want to slap you because no one likes someone who can’t seem to stop bragging, especially on social media. That’s just the worst.

7Your Jealousy About Another Relationship

It may sound strange but you can definitely be a green-eyed monster about someone else’s relationship… even when you’re in a relationship yourself. People would tell you that you’re being super silly and stupid since you should be happy with what you are. But you can’t help but hate that your sister is engaged already and you’ve been with your boyfriend for much longer than she has (as in, a whole lot longer). Or you can’t stand that your best friend is already living with her guy when you’ve been bugging your boyfriend to move in with you for months and months. You might realize that posting about your jealous feelings online is not the best idea… but you might be so pissed off and annoyed that you do it anyway. You just wish that your relationship could look like the one that you’re jealous of and so you have to keep sharing that.

6Passive Aggressive Venting

Sometimes you just want to vent about your boyfriend. You definitely love him and couldn’t be happier to have him in your life. But you would just love it if he would cook dinner sometimes. Or if he would do his own laundry instead of asking you to do it week after week. And you would definitely love for him to actually pick up his dirty socks from the bedroom floor. You are definitely posting a TMI kind of social media post if you talk about this stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You probably know deep down that you shouldn’t be talking about this so publicly. But knowing that and being able to stop yourself are two totally different things. You probably think it’s not a big deal because you see other people posting this kind of stuff, but you’re going to make yourself look really nasty and it’s going to seem like you complain about your boyfriend all the time. That’s not a good look. Plus you’re going to hurt your boyfriend’s feelings.

5How He Took Care Of You When You Were Sick

You got the worst cold ever last weekend and your boyfriend took care of you the entire time. He was basically your personal nurse. He made you homemade chicken soup (yes, really… he didn’t even buy it, he made it), he bought you tons of ginger ale, he found fun stuff for you to watch on Netflix, and he basically stayed by your side the entire time. You were super grateful to them. But of course, you can’t just let it go and move on. You have to talk about this all over your social media accounts. And you are definitely engaging in some serious TMI when you do that. Just because other people post about this kind of stuff doesn’t mean that you should too. You don’t need to tell everyone absolutely everything about yourself, your life, and your relationship. But don’t you know that by now?!

4How He Takes Care Of You All The Time

So your boyfriend is apparently perfect/magical/a superhero because he not only takes care of you when he comes down with the most epic cold or flu ever but he takes care of you on a regular basis as well. You’re definitely posting TMI posts when you update your Facebook status saying that you had a long, hard day at work and your boyfriend surprised you with your favorite take-out and magazines. Or you’re really tired so he did all the cooking and cleaning even when he hates doing that stuff. You may think that posting these things is no big deal because you’re just happy and you’re just sharing that happiness. But your friends are going to hate you for this. There’s no way around it. Your BF is a rare creature and most guys aren’t going to be as nice and thoughtful as him, so your friends won’t like that you’re bragging about him. They’re only going to be reminded of what they don’t have.

3Your Relationship Timeline

You don’t have to tell people that you decided that you and your boyfriend should move in together after a year and get married after two years. Actually, you shouldn’t tell people. Because it’s kind of strange to plan out your life and your relationship that much. Sure, every relationship moves according to its own time frame and nothing is good or bad. You need to keep things between you and your boyfriend. If you post on your Facebook status that he “followed your timeline” and agreed to move in together or something like that, it’s just so weird. It’s super awkward and it’s way too much information. Your family and friends are going to wonder what’s wrong with you that you planned things this much and that you tried to essentially whip your boyfriend into shape and make sure that he did what you wanted him to do. That’s just not how normal relationships operate and it’s weird that you would do this, let alone share it on social media.

2Calling Each Other Your Cute Couple Names

It’s great that you and your boyfriend have super special names for each other. You can go off and be mushy together on your own. But don’t talk about this on social media. It’s pretty awkward and weird and just not something that your Facebook friends or Instagram or Twitter followers want to see. You may think that you’re being adorable and that everyone cares about your relationship but the thing is that no one really cares. Sorry if that’s harsh but it’s the honest truth. Do you care when your BFF makes her pet name for her boyfriend public? No, you think that she should have kept that to herself. It’s kind of embarrassing. You can be romantic and lovey-dovey in your own time but make sure that you keep this offline and never talk about it on social media. You may not realize why but your friends and followers will appreciate your lack of TMI.

1Your Bathroom Habits

OMG. This is so much information it brings a whole new meaning to TMI. Maybe you and your boyfriend literally share everything and you pee in front of each other (or more… ugh, that’s even more TMI). But do you really want everyone that you know to know that about you? Do you want your second grade teacher and college roomie to see that because you have them on Facebook and you forgot about that when you posted such a creepy and awkward status update? It’s just gross to talk about your relationship bathroom habits. It’s just super gross. You also don’t have to talk about how he feels about your period or how he got you Advil for your cramps or that you guys are so comfortable in front of each other, you don’t mind farting. Good for you. You’re in a super mature, adult relationship and you two don’t hide anything from each other and there are literally no secrets. But you don’t need to post about it. Trust us.