15 Zodiac Combinations That Are Perfect For A Sugar Baby Relationship

Normally when we look at zodiac pairings, it’s for couples who are meant to be together or couples who are doomed, couples who will scorch the sheets or couples who will leave them icy cold, couples who are likely to cheat on one another and those who are more inclined to be faithful. This is definitely a first for us: what zodiac pairings make the ideal couples for sugar babies and sugar daddies!

Now, many people have issues with the idea of seeking a relationship based on so-called companionship when really it seems to be for financial gain and physical pleasure (regardless of already being attached to someone else). This article isn’t here to delve into the moral or ethic issues regarding two consenting adults in what many consider to be a form of semi socially-sanctioned prostitution – we’re here to inform you of what role the zodiac might play in setting two of those people up! We know which signs like to be adored and taken care of, and which are more generous and selfless – both in terms of finances and feelings – but which combos are best for a young woman seeking a wealthy benefactor to help her pay off those student loans? Take a look to find out!

15Taurus Sugar Daddy & Sagittarius Sugar Baby

Under normal compatibility circumstances, it’s unlikely that a Taurus and a Sagittarius would get together, but in the context of a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, this could be a surprisingly awesome pairing!

Taurus is a sign that loves the finer things in life, making them the kind of sugar daddy dreams are made of. They prefer to shower the objects of their affections with all manner of luxury and they’re reliable in providing what they’ve promised, which is obviously of the utmost importance for a cash-strapped sugar baby. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is prone to being a bit more childish and idealistic, which could make a Taurus sugar daddy feel younger and more alive than ever before. Sagittarius is a sign that is drawn to the idea of being a sugar baby because it offers more freedom and this member of the zodiac hates to be contained. This is a pairing that could find the advantages in this unorthodox scenario, but aren’t meant to be for the long haul.

14Libra Sugar Daddy & Gemini Sugar Baby

Communication is extremely important in order to establish a successful sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship (or any relationship, for that matter), and no two signs are better at communicating than these two.

Libra is a sign that is terrible at making decisions and always wants to please everyone, which can prevent them from opening up emotionally for fear of hurting others’ feelings. Gemini, on the other hand, is far more light-hearted and loose, and their youthful vigour can help Libra to share their emotions, body, and wallet. As a sugar daddy, Libra’s gracious nature will greatly benefit the Gemini sugar baby, especially since they tend to be pretty free with their funds (despite being closed off emotionally). Gemini’s innate curiosity, on the other hand, will allow her sugar daddy to explore more of what he’s missed out on. These two will work pretty brilliantly, because they’re always on the same page and are able to discuss everything moving forward.

13Aries Sugar Daddy & Taurus Sugar Baby

This pairing is one that is all about getting it on, and aside from money, what else is the most important aspect of a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship? Aries likes to take on leadership roles, which makes them the ideal sugar daddy who has likely had a few spins around this block before. Taurus as a sugar baby also makes perfect sense, because this sign is known to luxuriate in the finer things in life.

With an Aries as a sugar daddy, he would want to take his sugar baby out, rather than simply send her regular gifts of cash or clothes. Taurus is more than willing to step up to the plate for this, because she’s responsible and devoted, and won’t shrug off any events he needs her to attend with him as a bit of arm candy. Aries would definitely be calling the shots in this situation, however, because they’re known for being a more selfish sign, but if Taurus can get some material goods out of it, they’ll happily come along for the ride.

12Pisces Sugar Daddy & Capricorn Sugar Baby

This is a pairing that’s all about power, and flipping that power on its head. In a normal scenario, these two signs would benefit from a yin and yang style of relationship, filling in each other’s gaps and proving that opposites really do attract for a special lifetime bond. In a sugar baby-sugar daddy setup, however, this couple is all about ambition and power.

Pisces as a sugar daddy might seem unlikely at first, but given this sign’s propensity for compassion and thinking with their heart, it’s not so far out of the norm. This is a sign that loves to love, and sometimes falls in despite their better judgment. They are known as the givers of the zodiac, and what sugar baby doesn’t want some of that? Capricorns, as is well known, are incredibly ambitious, and so for this sugar baby to pair up with a Pisces means that she’s looking to get ahead and climb the social ladder, something that may be beyond her current means.

11Scorpio Sugar Daddy & Taurus Sugar Baby

Scorpio as a sign is known for being the jealous and secretive type, which is why it might surprise you that we would suggest them as an ideal sugar daddy, but hear us out. In a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, Scorpio will know immediately what the terms of the relationship are, and can lay down the rules as to what is acceptable and what isn’t, which certainly appeals to their controlling nature. This sign is also one driven by passion and s*x, which means a physical and transactional setup like this one is right up their alley!

To have a Taurus as a sugar baby in this situation also appeals to the sexual Scorpio, because these two will definitely burn up the sheets. Taurus, being reliable and responsible as well, is a good bet for a Scorpio to have, since they’re unlikely to flake and trigger the jealousy that comes from this sign. Scorpio will love that Taurus will appreciate all their grand gifts, and Taurus will love basking in the luxury.

10Sagittarius Sugar Daddy & Leo Sugar Baby

Just as Sagittarius’ youthful nature as a sugar baby could appeal to her much-older sugar daddy, so too does a Sagittarius’ young spirit in a sugar daddy cause him to go out looking for some sugar babies in the first place! With a Leo, this couple is a surprising one that is likely to stick it out, for the relationship is mutually beneficial in terms of passion and understanding.

The sense of humour so often possessed by Sagittarius will cause materialistic Leo to look at this relationship from more than a financial standpoint – which is of course the only reason a Leo would enter into this setup to begin with. While a Sagittarius sugar daddy won’t hesitate to fawn all over Leo, they also want to experience more of life with their sugar baby. Their love of travel and need for freedom perfectly complements Leo’s need to take regular holidays and live a life filled with fun. This pairing is likely to spend their days taking lavish vacations and enjoying the best the world – and each other – has to offer.

9Capricorn Sugar Daddy & Cancer Sugar Baby

The pairing of a Capricorn sugar daddy and a Cancer sugar baby is one that makes perfect sense for both signs, because s*x isn’t a focal point, but when it is, it really is. This relationship is like a meeting of the minds, and one where both parties can feel listened to and respected – something they may not have experienced before in other romantic entanglements.

A Capricorn sugar daddy is both the best and the worst to have, because while they certainly have the funds to dole out, they hate to live beyond what’s practical and can be tight-fisted. This is why Cancer works so well for them, because Cancer is a sign that does not need dollars to prove devotion. Instead, they might look to their Capricorn sugar daddy as a bit of a mentor and therapist, while also opening up his eyes to new experiences and emotions he might have tried to tamp down over the years. These two will enjoy an intimate and serious relationship for a long while that might challenge our ideas of what sugar babies and sugar daddies are.

8Aries Sugar Daddy & Gemini Sugar Baby

Putting these two signs together is just asking for some freaky stuff to happen, but when you’re in the context of a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, that’s just par for the course! These two will test each other’s limits in the best way, and will likely get into some crazy times together, thanks to Aries’ libido and Gemini’s curiosity.

This couple might be the definition of a gross old man and hot young woman pairing, because Aries will be the one calling the shots while getting a little short-tempered if things don’t go his way. Gemini, on the other hand, is far more relaxed, and likely got herself into this situation because of her sign’s insatiable curiosity. In a relationship where there is no power dynamic, these two could be perfect for one another or be like oil and water, and in this particular situation, they are likely to have some crazy times before Gemini changes her mind and cuts loose of the demanding Aries, because no amount of cash is worth that much!

7Sagittarius Sugar Daddy & Aquarius Sugar Baby

For this pairing to get together, it would be likely that Sagittarius would be at a crossroads in their life (which is probably often the case for a person to become a sugar daddy). Sagittarius has been doing the responsible thing and now he wants to cut a little loose and embrace the true aspects of his sign: freedom, generosity, and idealism. He wants to feel young again, and what better way to do that than getting with a younger woman?

Enter Aquarius, the sign that will happily go along for the ride without asking too much of put-upon Sagittarius? As a sugar baby, this sign will want to enjoy everything her sugar daddy has to show her, and she will never ask for two much. When it comes to cash, Aquarius prefers gifts in lieu of money, because she considers herself an independent woman. Conversation is big between these two, but everything is kept surface-level, since neither is very good at expressing their emotions.

6Pisces Sugar Daddy & Taurus Sugar Baby

When Pisces enters into a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship as the sugar daddy, it’s all about escape for him. This sentimental and sensual sign loves to daydream and often finds himself looking to take breaks for reality, and what better way that to be the wealthy benefactor of some pretty young thing? He’s lucky to have a willing sugar baby participant in Taurus, and one that won’t go behind his back or screw him over.

The sign of Taurus is a reliable one, but one that is just an sensual and in touch with their body as Pisces (even though Pisces can often get caught up in their head). Taurus will relish the chance to show a timid Pisces something new in this type of relationship, where indulging is the name of the game. Both of these signs will get some sort of satisfaction from the relationship, but it’s one that would start slowly and move into wooing and courtship. You can definitely expect a lot of gifts to be exchanged by these two!

5Virgo Sugar Daddy & Scorpio Sugar Baby

Virgo isn’t a sign that many would expect to enter into a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, considering the fact that this member if the zodiac is often considered to be a stick in the mud. However, it is in spite of that that this sign would choose to pursue such an arrangement, because part of them is actually quite naughty despite portraying themselves as upstanding and virginal.

As a sugar daddy, a Virgo man would be allowing himself to be more about play and less about work, giving him an opportunity to turn off his busy mind. With a Scorpio as a sugar baby, he has someone who will help turn off his head by turning him on everywhere else, as this is a sign that is walking s*x. Scorpio would allow Virgo to get out of his head and actually experience something that he wouldn’t normally do. This sign is also a manipulative one, and might find a pliable source in Virgo, using their body to get what they’re looking for.

4Libra Sugar Daddy & Aquarius Sugar Baby

When you’re with a Libra, you know that you’re with a bit of a people-pleaser, which is perfect if you’re the sugar baby in this scenario! A Libra sugar daddy means a man that is willing to go to the ends of the earth to ensure that his sugar baby is happy, and while an Aquarius sugar baby isn’t the type to take advantage of that, they’ll definitely enjoy some of the perks without having to do any work.

An Aquarius sugar baby for a Libra sugar daddy will be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl type, the kind who encourages him to live his life and makes him feel young again through her fun-loving nature, sense of humour, and refusal to fit in. She’ll test him on what he’s used to, since he’s always been the type to conform rather than stand out, but these two will have a strange bond that is less romantic and more friendship based, with unwavering loyalty (at least on Libra’s part).

3Capricorn Sugar Daddy & Scorpio Sugar Baby

If any pairing is able to go toe-to-toe with one another in a sugar baby-sugar daddy arrangement, it’s a Capricorn and a Scorpio. Together, these two are passionate and stubborn as hell, which means communication might be an issue, which is never a good thing. However, owing to Capricorn’s analytical nature and Scorpio’s suspicious streak, intimacy is out of the question for this couple, making their setup one that is purely transactional.

These two will understand each other better than almost any other sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, because they refuse to pull any punches. They both know exactly what the other is looking for, be it sexual release (Capricorn) or money and power (Scorpio), and so they respect each other enough to get it. While Scorpio is too tightly wound to loosen up a Capricorn, they’ll definitely give them a good time, and Capricorn will pay them back accordingly. A cold relationship, sure, but these two aren’t doing what they’re doing for the warm and fuzzies.

2Aquarius Sugar Daddy & Gemini Sugar Baby

If you were looking for a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship that could survive without every having to be physical with one another, this one is definitely it. For this pairing to work, they must both be intelligent, because it is a core value of both signs. These two are the type who will enjoy a mentor-student relationship as well, without necessarily resorting to the kinky side of things.

Aquarius tends to be aloof as a sugar daddy, which could rub other signs the wrong way, but not fickle Gemini. These two will be able to talk shop without their emotions getting in the way and making things murky, but they won’t be so cold as to only work between monetary exchanges. Instead, these two are likely to spend a lot of time together in places that require a good deal of conversation and witty banter, because it’s what they love most! This pairing has the potential to extend beyond sugar baby-sugar daddy territory, but never into real romance.

1Aries Sugar Daddy & Capricorn Sugar Baby

When you think of a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, it’s probably with these two signs in mind, even if you don’t realize it. Aries and Capricorn together are a fiery, powerful match, and one that will make a lucrative deal out of this particular arrangement.

These signs tend to be insanely attracted to one another, but both know that it would never work if romance and emotions were involved, so they try and get what they need from each other before leaving. Aries wants a sexually powerful relationship where they get to make all the rules, while Capricorn is in it to make connections and scale that social ladder. They enjoy the finer things in life even if they don’t treat themselves to them, but their ambition ensures that they will earn it – even if it means spending some time on their back. This pairing will certainly be short-lived, on account of their differences, but will give both signs a taste of that sugar baby-sugar daddy life.

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