20 Hidden Messages That His Body Language Is Trying To Tell Us

He’s giving us such mixed signals that we’re getting tired trying to figure out what he’s thinking. It’s time to stop spending all of our time trying to figure out our crush (or boyfriend) by attempting to read his mind, and instead look at what his body is trying to tell us. It’s safe to say that the answers to all of our questions are literally right in front of us!

Unless he’s a master manipulator and knows every trick in the book, we’re sure to figure out how he’s feeling based on what his body is trying to tell us. All of the answers are hidden in the way his body reacts to us.

A quick raise of the eyebrow, shift of the hand, or dilation in the pupils is enough to tell us whether he’s interested or couldn’t care less. Even if he doesn’t fully know the answer himself, his genuine emotions are hidden in the way his body moves.

That’s why we here at TheTalko analyzed the key body language signals that have much more to say than our man himself!

Get ready to finally have all of those questions about how he’s actually feeling answered once and for all. The truth is that his body language is much more genuine than the words coming out of his mouth.

They say actions speak louder than words, and that’s totally the case with these 20 hidden messages!

20He Raises His Eyebrows In Interest During The Conversation

If you catch him raising his eyebrows throughout the conversation, then he is genuinely interested. This shows that his facial expressions are truthfully mimicking his emotions. If he didn’t care for the conversation, then his face wouldn’t move even a tiny bit.

However, his emotions are being illustrated through his facial expressions. Not only are his eyebrows being raised out of genuine emotion, but he’s also kinda doing it on purpose. He wants you to know that he’s paying attention by actively moving his eyebrows throughout key points in the conversation. We’re sure that you’ll be able to pick this one up the next time you chat with your love interest!

19He Always Finds An Excuse To Get Closer

It’s safe to say that you know he is incredibly interested if he keeps on finding an excuse to get closer to you. He’s attracted and is naturally drawn to your presence. He’s looking for any way to be right next to you in the hopes that you’ll be able to feel the chemistry.

If you notice that he’ll take absolutely any opportunity to get close to you, then you know that he’s interested. He’s so drawn to you that it’s in his nature to find a way to be in your presence. He might look for a chance to hug you, or maybe sit right next to you. Whatever it may be, he’s willing to get creative and find a way to get closer to you!

18He Smiles ‘Ear To Ear’ Out Of Excitement

If you catch him constantly smiling around you, then he definitely adores you. You’ll notice that you can basically see all of his teeth when he’s smiling if it’s genuine. This shows that he doesn’t feel the need to force out a smile, and rather is actually happy to be around you.

While he might want to play it cool around you and pretend that he doesn’t really care, his smile will tell the truth. If he’s completely into you and is thrilled to be spending time together, you’ll probably notice a few dimples and folds in his eyes. That signals that he isn’t faking it and is expressing genuine positive emotion towards you!

17His Pupils Grow Every Time He Sees His Crush

They say that when you see something you love, your pupils grow. That’s why if you notice that your lover’s pupils grow every time he sees you, it’s probably because he’s interested. While he might want to play it cool and act like he doesn’t care that he’s into you, his body is telling a whole different story.

His eyes signal that he’s into you and couldn’t be happier than he gets to be right next to you. You’ll notice the dark part in the centre of his eyes slowly expand as he looks at you. This means that his body is experiencing a rush of positive emotions! While it could be something else making him excited, we’re positive that his growing pupils are directed at you.

16His Voice Lowers When He’s Trying To Sound Cool

He’s totally into you if you notice his tone of voice lower whenever you find yourself near one another. That’s because he’s trying to give off a cool vibe by speaking with a “manlier” tone. It’s safe to say that he’s totally into you and is trying to give off the impression that he couldn’t care less.

If you’re getting the vibe that not only is his voice changing when he’s around you, but also his personality, that’s because he’s totally crushing on you! While he might want you to think that he couldn’t care less that he’s talking to you, it’s actually the complete opposite. He’s positive that playing hard to get will be the key to win you over. We’re positive that you’ll be able to see right through this act!

15His Arms Are Usually Crossed Against His Chest Out Of Fear

If you notice that he keeps crossing his arms against his chest, that’s because he’s feeling uneasy in the conversation. He’s probably super nervous to be talking to you and is trying to protect himself. This is his defense mechanism to make it look like he’s in control of the situation, even though he’s worried about the outcome.

It’s critical that you’re able to read this sign. If you notice that he keeps crossing his arms against his chest that’s because he really cares about the conversation but wants to give the impression that he doesn’t what so ever. When his defense mechanism kicks in, that’s when you know that it’s probably best to ease up on him.

14He Won’t Make Eye Contact When Keeping Something Hidden

You’ll notice whether your man is telling the truth or not based on his body language. One of the most common signs that he’s keeping something under wraps is that he won’t look you in the eyes when telling a lie. The truth is that he respects you too much and can’t make eye contact when he has completely messed up.

Also, a part of him doesn’t want you to see through these lies. That’s why he’ll make sure to not look you in the eyes in fear of you being able to see right through him. Little does he know that not making eye contact is a dead give away that he’s totally lying. Don’t let him get away with this and instead call him out on it!

13He Leans In Closer To Talk

The body is naturally attracted towards whatever spikes it’s interesting. That’s why it’ll come as no surprise when you notice your lover lean in closer. It’s not necessarily that he’s trying to get close to you, but rather that he can’t help but lean in because he’s interested.

If you’re on a date, this is one of the best ways to figure out if he’s feeling you or couldn’t care less. If he’s not interested, then he’ll make sure to keep his distance. The last thing that he wants is to be close to someone who he just isn’t feeling. If he’s going out of his way to lean in, that’s because he is completely captivated by you and wants to know more!

12His Hands Are Fidgeting Because He’s Nervous

While the rest of his body might be playing it cool, he’s actually freaking out. The easiest way that you’ll be able to tell this is by looking at his hands. If he constantly feels the need to be moving one part of his body, that’s because he’s anxious in the situation.

If you’re just getting to know each other then this is completely normal! He’s simply nervous and is unable to sit still in the situation. His mind is racing over whether you like him or not. If you’ve been together for a while and he’s still fidgeting, then there is something else going on. He’s definitely feeling uneasy about something and it might just be your relationship! Keep an eye on his hands to see whether he’s calm or nervous.

11He’s Always Touching His Hair To Appear Better

This sign definitely has to be one of our favourites on the list! If you notice that your lover keeps on fixing his hair, that’s because he’s trying to appear more attractive. He’s worried about what you might think of him and is going out of his way to make sure that you view him in a positive light.

Don’t be surprised if you notice him fixing his hair at any chance he gets. You’ll actually notice that he’ll always be running his hands through his hair whenever he thinks that you aren’t watching! This is a surefire way to tell whether he’s interested in you or not. If he’s given up on his appearance, then he couldn’t care less on what you think of him.

10His Posture Is Hunched Out Of Embarrassment

To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to appear confident and like you can take on anything the world throws at you. That’s why we all try to have great posture when we’re interested in someone, to make sure that we appear more confident. If you notice that your crush or boyfriend keeps on hunching over, it’s probably out of embarrassment.

He knows that he did something completely wrong and is too embarrassed to even bother having good posture. He can’t appear confident when he’s the furthest thing from it. This is a perfect indication that he did something wrong and is trying to keep it hidden. Even if he’s trying to convince himself that everything is okay, his body language says otherwise.

9He Keeps His Distance As He’s Uninterested

If he’s not interested, then he’s going to make it known. He doesn’t have time to pretend to be into someone when he’s just not. Instead, he’s more focused on doing his own thing and focusing on what makes him happy.

If you notice that you keep on trying to get close to him but he seems to be going in the opposite direction, he’s simply not interested. The last thing that you want to do is to push him towards you when he couldn’t care less. Don’t try to run after a guy who’s not feeling it. You deserve someone whose emotions (and body language) are all about you!

8He’s Constantly Smiling To Appear More Open

It’s guaranteed that if he keeps smiling at you, then he’s interested. He wants you to know that he’s open to a relationship and ready for anything up ahead. That’s why he’s constantly smiling as he wants to appear warmer.

If he was constantly frowning, then you’d be convinced that he simply isn’t interested. Instead, his grin from cheek to cheek shows that he’s open to you and whatever comes next. This is also his body’s way of showing that he’s interested. While he might want to keep his happiness hidden so as to not come off as too eager, it’s difficult to do when his face shows everything!

7He Stands Up Straight To Appear Confident

If he’s standing up straight with his shoulders back, that’s because he wants to appear more confident. He definitely knows that slouching with bad posture is not going to attract anyone. Instead, making sure that he’s standing straight is a great way to know that he’s interested.

He wants you to think the best of him, even if it’s simply an illusion. He’s looking for any way to attract you to him, even if it’s through his posture. While you might argue that basically everyone makes sure to have great posture, think again. The body naturally makes sure to strand perfectly straight to appear more confident and attract potential partners!

6He Keeps His Hands Near His Pockets Out Of Nervousness

He is more than nervous if he’s constantly keeping his hands in his pockets. If your lover shows this sign, then it means that he is naturally looking for a way to hide a part of himself so that he doesn’t risk being judged. You’ll notice that not only is he hiding his hands, but he’s actually keeping to himself throughout the conversation.

He’s convinced that if he shares too much, that he can easily be ridiculed. Since he probably values what you think of him, he’s making sure to keep to himself to make sure that you don’t have anything to judge. Try to offer him a warmer attitude so that he feels comfortable enough to open up!

5He Is Never Distracted Around A Special Someone

If he’s interested in you, then all of his attention will be directed at you. He doesn’t feel the need to focus on anything else, other than the person that he is interested in. If you notice that whenever you’re together that the only thing that he can focus on is you, it’s probably because that’s all that he cares about.

He’s not about to let anything else get in the way of his time with you. Since this is all that he’s been looking forward to, he’s going to make sure to give you all of his attention. The last thing that he wants is to lose the opportunity to be with you just because he wasn’t appreciating all of these opportunities enough!

4He Looks In The Opposite Direction As A Defense Mechanism

If he’s nervous, he’ll make sure not to make any eye contact. The last thing he’s about to do is put himself in a situation where he feels uncomfortable. That’s why when he starts to get nervous, he’s going to make sure to look somewhere else so that he doesn’t feel judged.

You’ll probably notice that whenever he gets uncomfortable he will look in the opposite direction. He’s convinced that if he doesn’t look at you, that you probably won’t be looking at him. This is a defense mechanism, even though it doesn’t exactly make sense. He’s actually making himself so much more vulnerable as he’s showing you that he’s nervous. That’s why it’s critical to treat him with care and make sure that he’s okay.

3Constant Nodding Suggests That He Couldn’t Care Less

While you might be convinced that constantly nodding at you signals that he’s interested, it’s actually the complete opposite. He couldn’t care less about what you’re talking about and is simply nodding to show that he’s in the conversation. Instead, he’s in his own little world and couldn’t care less about what you’re saying.

While you might think that you found your Prince Charming who constantly agrees with you, that’s not the case. Actually, he’s simply not willing to part take in the conversation. He is much more interested in his own thoughts than communicating his opinions. He’d rather agree with everything that you’re saying in order to get out of the conversation and then go do his own thing.

2He Keeps Awkwardly Staring Out Of Fear

While he’s totally interested, he’s also totally nervous. If you’re constantly catching him staring at you without actually saying anything, that’s because he is completely scared. He has no clue what to say and is instead frozen in amazement of you.

You’ll probably catch him always staring your way if he’s interested. He simply doesn’t know what to say and is just keeping his distance. While you’re probably getting the vibe that he’s not interested, that is likely completely opposite from what’s going on. Try to help him out, showing that you’re interested by going up to him to chat. This might be exactly what he needs!

1He’s Constantly Fixing His Attire To Look More Put Together

He’s trying to look on point. If you’ve noticed that he has upgraded his style ever since you’ve gotten to know each other, it’s probably because he’s interested in you. He wants to look more put together and is making sure to improve his appearance.

He knows that the key to winning you over is to appear his best. That’s why he’s more than ready to bring out all of the tricks to get you to fall for him. You’ll probably catch him constantly fixing his clothes to look a little bit more put together. While this might be for someone else, there is a huge chance that it’s for you. However, keep in mind that he might be focusing on his outside appearance in fear of you not accepting who he truly is.



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