20 Relationship Red Flags That Just Yell ‘Thank U, Next’

It’s time we stop ignoring these relationship red flags and start figuring out what to do about our love lives. We’re so over pretending everything is going great when it just isn’t!

It seems like he’s just not putting in as much effort as he used to, and neither are we. He’s in his own world and couldn’t care less about what’s going on. There seems to be something on his mind and we just can’t figure out what it is. Instead, we’re left to deal with issues that we just can’t figure out.

Rather than pretending that everything is going amazing, we have to enter back into reality to see what’s really going on. Things are going to fall apart unless we start dealing with the issues at hand.

While some of these red flags can be worked on, some are a total deal breaker. If we notice these 20 relationship red flags that have piled up, it’s time to say thank u, next.

There is absolutely no getting around some negatives in a relationship. When everything has fallen to pieces, there is no point in trying to glue the relationship back together.

Get ready to let the relationship go, as there is no chance that things will get better if any of these red flags just keep coming up.

20Being Together Feels More Like A Chore Than A Desire

You know everything is going downhill when you no longer have the desire to spend time together. Instead, it feels like being together is more of a chore. The moment when it feels like you’re being forced to spend time with your lover is the exact moment when you should seriously consider calling it quits on the whole relationship.

No relationship should reach a stage where neither partner wants to spend time together. Being in a relationship should never feel forced. If you’re struggling to make room in your schedule for your man, you should totally be reconsidering where your relationship stands.

19His Ex Still Manages To Find Her Way Into The Picture

There is absolutely no reason why his ex should be finding her way into your relationship. If he still hasn’t resolved issues with her by this point, he never will. If he’s trying to claim that they’re just friends, that isn’t going to slide. Basically, it’s time for her to fully disappear or you’ll have to.

We’re not about to wait on our man to figure out old issues with an ex. That is all in the past and shouldn’t be getting brought up anymore. If she keeps trying to enter the picture, she is so not over your man and is likely trying to win him back.

18The Same Old Issues Just Can’t Get Resolved

It feels like we’re constantly having to deal with the same old issues. We just can’t seem to figure them out and they’re taking control of our relationship. We’re just so over this and are at our wit’s end.

However the truth of the matter is that if your lover is just not willing to work on these issues with you, there is no point. If the same conflict keeps on being brought up, that simply means that you and your man just haven’t been able to move past it. We can’t keep pretending that everything is going great when it isn’t. It’s time for us to finally resolve that one problem, or just let our relationship go.

17He’s Being Super Private About What’s On His Phone

We’re getting a little worried over what’s on his phone. It seems like whenever we get even remotely close to it, he swipes it away. He’s 100% hiding something from us and we just don’t know how much longer we can take it. If he isn’t hiding something, why is he being so possessive of his phone all of a sudden?

This issue totally isn’t about trust. Instead, our man is acting super weird and we know something is up. We’re getting the vibe that he might be talking to someone new, however, have no clue since he’s being so cold over the situation. Unless he’s willing to show us what he’s hiding, it’s time for us to move on.

16Friends And Family Are Voicing Their Opinions

You definitely know that your relationship has reached a rocky level when family and friends are starting to get involved. They’re not about to let us be taken advantage of since they only want what’s best for us.

If you’re being a little defensive over your friends letting you know their concerns, don’t be. We doubt that they’re trying to anger you, and they probably just want to help you out. It seems like you can’t see the major red flags in front of you and need some help seeing the bigger picture. Hear what they have to say and confide in them as well. Sometimes we all need a little help getting those major issues resolved.

15He’s Starting To Lose His Charm

He was basically Prince Charming at the beginning of the relationship, but it seems like he’s just losing everything that once made him special in our eyes. Whether he’s actually changing or not doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that we’re beginning to see him in a different light.

The butterflies are completely gone and we’re just so over him. It seems like he isn’t the person who we initially fell in love with. We’re not captivated by him any longer and are beginning to notice other people. The truth is that we shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone if we’re not in love with them any longer.

14Being Together Has Simply Lost Its Spark

While you’re still spending time together, it just doesn’t feel as special anymore. Before you would be willing to move your whole schedule around this person, but now you couldn’t care less. While we totally understand that things change, we’re just not feeling as happy with this person as we once used to.

If you’re looking at him and you don’t feel any emotion anymore, it’s time to make some serious changes. This simply means that this person just isn’t the one for you. We all change and emotions aren’t guaranteed forever. Rather than pretending that you’re still in love with this person, it’s time to figure out the truth.

13He Isn’t Willing To Go Out On A Proper Date

If he just isn’t willing to go on a proper date anymore, we’re so over it. While all relationships eventually reach a more casual stage where Netflix and takeout are the go-tos, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t go out every once in a while.

Instead, he’s gotten totally comfortable in the relationship and feels like he doesn’t have to put in the effort anymore. We’re so not willing to just let our relationship become boring. We expect our lover to still be willing to go out to dinner or do something fun. Instead, he’s not putting in any effort and would much rather keep things casual.

12He Couldn’t Care Less About The Future

If you’re super future-oriented like us, then this one is a huge no-no. We’re not about to let our lover live life in the present without thinking about what’s to come. We love to plan out our goals and dreams and aren’t about to be pulled down by our lover.

Instead, we want a man who is completely motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. If he thinks that living life in the present is going to slide, think again. We want to be with someone who has a ton of ambition, not someone who is completely lazy and isn’t willing to put in the work. If he’s not willing to change his ways, we’re so over him.

11Moods Swings Are An Every Day Occurrence

It’s almost sad how we’ve basically become used to his endless mood swings. It seems like the smallest things are beginning to push him over the edge. While we totally understand that he has a ton of things going on, we’re just not down with this constant attitude.

If he thinks he can keep acting like this toward us, he can think again. We’re not about to put up with his attitude since we know we deserve better. It seems like he doesn’t care how his words impact us. This so isn’t cool and we’re not going to put up with this any longer. Instead, it’s time to say thank u, next to our bad news boo.

10He’s Starting To Become Manipulative

While we always knew he had a manipulative side to him, we never thought he would use it on us. We actually liked how he was always able to get his way with others, but it’s a surprise that he’s starting to play these tricks on us. We totally don’t deserve this and wish we never found ourselves in this situation in the first place.

We need a man who is willing to be upfront with how he feels rather than one who plays games. If he thinks he can slyly get his way with us, he better think again. We don’t deserve being taken advantage of, and would much rather go back to how things were.

9He Keeps Putting Others Down

This just has to be his most unattractive quality. While he isn’t exactly putting us down, it seems like he’s being overly negative to everyone else in his life. It seems like he’s been going through a bad time and is deciding to take out his negativity on the people in his life. However, he better get ready to lose some important people as no one wants to deal with constant negativity.

We’re not willing to put up with his bad behavior as absolutely no one deserves to be treated like this. He’s taking out his emotions on others and it’s not okay. This is a major sign that it’s time to leave him if he’s going to keep up this negative energy and push you (and everyone else) down.

8Most Of The Conversation Is Complaining To Each Other

There is absolutely nothing worse than finding yourself in a relationship that doesn’t feel genuine anymore. Instead, you’re using each other to always have someone there for you. Rather than working on building something stronger, you waste all of your time complaining to each other.

While we understand that life can get a little difficult sometimes, neither you nor your partner deserves to constantly deal with this negativity. We recommend that you stop complaining to each other 24/7 and start discussing things that actually make you happy. If you can’t actually be positive and enjoy the good things in life together, that’s another telltale sign things are headed south.

7He’s Becoming A Little Too Reliant

While you’re obviously always going to be there for him if he needs you, you’re not about to be taken advantage of. If he thinks that it’s totally fine to stop trying and just start depending on you for everything, he’s wrong. We need a man who has everything in order and isn’t depending on anyone for help.

It seems like he’s just given up trying and simply couldn’t care less what’s going on. We’re not about to deal with his lazy attitude. If he thinks that we’re going to do absolutely everything for him, he couldn’t be more wrong. It’s time for him to get it together or we’re on to the next.

6Negativity Has Filled The Whole Relationship

The whole relationship is filled with negativity. If you and your partner have completely given up with your relationship, there is no way things are going to get better. It seems like both people are just waiting for things to completely fall apart rather than doing anything to change things.

If you’re constantly stuck in a negative mindset, things are guaranteed to fall apart. The mindset that you have will completely manifest into your entire relationship. No one deserves to have to deal with this, and we’re guessing that you’re so over it. Unless you and your man are willing to turn things around, nothing will change.

5His Passive Aggressive Behaviour Is Getting Out Of Control

While you could probably deal with his irritability here and there, it’s getting to be a little much. It seems like everything in life is really pushing him past his limits and he needs someone to release his anger on. However, if he thinks that you’re about to let his passive aggressive behaviour get a little crazy, he better think again.

We’re not about to let someone drop rude comments over past issues. If he has a problem with something, he better get ready to discuss it rather than acting out and having childlike behaviour. He’s so not going to be able to get away with this any longer. Unless he’s willing to change his ways, we’re already gone.

4The Urge To Question His Loyalty Is Increasing

If you’re getting the vibe that he’s just not being loyal, something is likely off. The second you even have to question whether he’s being faithful is the biggest red flag that you’re facing. It’s time to be up front with him and express your feelings before things go downhill.

If he’s not willing to be upfront over what’s going on, it’s time to leave him. We’re not going to wait around for him to declare his love for us. If he’s interested in someone else, then he better let us know. If this is a huge red flag that you’ve been worrying about, it’s time to sit your man down and have a talk with him over what’s really going on.

3His Desire For Power Is Growing Every Day

While you knew he always had a desire for power, it seems to be getting a little out of control. If he’s no longer willing to discuss huge decisions with you and is taking everything into his own hands, he might be getting a little power-hungry.

It’s time that he stops trying to take control of the relationship and starts listening to our opinion. We’re so over his behaviour and aren’t about to let it slide anymore. A genuine relationship is an agreement between two people, not someone being demanding and bossing the other partner around. Unless he’s willing to change his ways, we’re already onto the next.

2He’s Starting To Show His True Colours

We’re getting the feeling that you weren’t always able to see these qualities in him. That’s why it’s difficult for you to see his true colours finally show. You always ignored these seemingly small issues, and now they’re starting to overtake your whole relationship.

The truth of the matter is that you’re not going to be able to ignore the truth any longer. Your lover seems to be changing for the worst and is getting a little out of control. His true intentions are beginning to shine and you shouldn’t be willing to put up with this behaviour any longer. There is absolutely no way that you can change him, so it’s time to say thank u, next.

1He Still Hasn’t Introduced His Girlfriend To His Family

Last, but certainly not least. This totally has to be one of the most serious red flags of them all. If he still hasn’t introduced his girlfriend to his family, there is definitely something wrong. Even though he might try to argue that he’s protecting his girlfriend from his family, that just isn’t the case.

Instead, there are some major issues that he is just not coming clean about. There is a huge chance that he simply doesn’t see the relationship serious enough to introduce his girlfriend to his family. If he still hasn’t introduced her even to his friends, it’s time to let him go ASAP. We’re not about to deal with all of this drama when it just isn’t worth it.

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