September30 , 2022

20 Relationship Requests That Sound Innocent, But Are Huge Red Flags



Relationships can be tricky to navigate and thanks to they way we go about dating these days, things only getting tougher and tougher to figure out. While online dating apps have maybe made it easier to open up an initial convo, they have also made it very difficult to judge what someone is looking for. Sure, some people go right ahead and stick their dating intentions in their profile tagline, but we’ve all met a love interest or two who have enjoyed playing games with our feelings, regardless of what their “intentions” were, right?

Today, we are here to help shed a little light on some MAJOR relationship red flags. While these simple requests may sound innocent enough, they could actually mean something totally different than they sound. Of course, every relationship is as different and unique as the two people in it, but it never hurts to have as much information as possible!

20. A Partner Asking You To Be Responsible For Their Own Happiness

This one is a no-brainer. If someone can’t make themselves happy on their own, what chance do we have at doing it for them? A lot of people seem to think that their partner’s job is to make them happy, and while we are sure most people would like to keep their partners happy, that is just not a responsibility that’s fair to place on anyone.

19. A Partner Who Is Constantly Fishing For Compliments

Everyone likes getting complimented, especially when in a relationship. However, not only is someone constantly asking for compliments super annoying, but it could also mean there is a lack of trust and a ton of insecurities floating around in the relationship. This is definitely something we should watch out for!

18. Being Asked To Hang With A Partner’s Friends, When They’re Not Willing To Do The Same

Now, this one can be a bit tricky. What if we really happen to like hanging out with our partner’s friends? Well, there is nothing wrong with that at all! However, it’s important to note whether or not the same kind of efforts are being put in when it comes to our own friends.

17. A Partner Who Refuses To Commit To Plans And Acts Like It’s Normal

This one is a huge red flag! There is nothing worse than someone who pretends like they want to do something, but always winds up flaking. Sure, some people are bad at planning, but don’t accept someone acting as though constantly dropped plans is a normal thing. If two people want to see each other, than they will. Period.

16. Expecting You To Spend All Of Your Time With Them

Nobody wants to invite a stage 5 clinger into their lives, so this is an important red flag to note. If someone is demanding every second of our time, that’s not a very good sign. At the beginning of a relationship, it is totally normal to want to be together all the time, but if we find our partner getting upset whenever we need to do something by ourselves, it’s time to take a step back.

15. Your Partner Expecting You To Accept All Of The Lies They Tell You

We are not going to sit here and pretend like all types of lies are equal, but when it comes to dating, liars are always a huge risk. If our partner has been busted in a lie on more than one occasion and they offer no apologies, but instead act as though we’re overreacting, it’s time to run!

14. A Partner Who Expects A Relationship Without A Label

Let us explain this one a little. Labels aren’t for everyone and that is totally ok. However, if one half of the relationship wants to know where things are going, and the other avoids having that talk like the plague, well that should probably be answer enough. We are all entitled to want what we want, but so are our partners …

13. A Partner Asking For Your Phone Code

Maybe there are things to find on our phone and mayne there isn’t, but someone asking us to hand over the code is a big red flag. Regardless of what may be on there, if someone wants to look at our phone badly enough to demande the code, there is simply no trust in the relationship at all.

12. Expecting Your Relationship To Be The #1 Priority At All Times

A loving relationship takes time and commitment for sure, but it is totally unrealistic for someone to expect us to put the relationship above all else throughout every minute of the day. As grown ups, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Career, friends, family, all of these things also take time and commitment, and it’s not fair to be asked to give up any of them.

11. A Partner Who Acts Bothered When Normal Relationship Things Come Up

Sometimes, people like the idea of a relationship a lot more than they actually enjoy being in one. If we are going to be committing to someone, it’s important to make sure they are actually ready to do the same. Things like meeting the in-laws and watching movies we hate but our partners love, are all part of the game. If they bother you, don’t agree to a relationship.

10. Expecting You To Have The Same Feelings As Them In Every Situation

This is a really unfair expectation to put on a partner. Everyone has the right to feel their own emotions. Getting upset with someone for having different views or reactions isn’t going to help build a judgement-free environment for the relationship. If someone’s views don’t match our own the way we would like them to, then the relationship is probably a dud anyway.

9. A Partner Who Expects You To Deal With Their Jealousy

A little jealousy never hurt anyone. In fact, sometimes a little jealousy can be flattering. However, if someone’s jealousy is out of control more times than it’s in check, that should be a huge red flag. If we have done our part by ensuring our partener there is nothing for them to be jealous about, it’s not right for them to apply that kind of pressure.

8. A Partner Who Asks To Change The Subject When An Important Topic Is Being Discussed

Avoiding important conversations is never a great sign. This doesn’t just apply to the topic of commitment either. If we are trying to discuss something that is important to us, but our partner consistently brushes it off, there’s a good chance we are never going to get what we are looking for out of the relationship.

7. A Partner Who Expects You To Not Ask About Finances

Ok, we are not saying our partners should be sharing their monthly bank statements with us, but there shouldn’t be a wall of secrecy surrounding the topic of finances. This one becomes important when we actually start to feel ready for a commitment. If the potential love interest in question absolutely refuses to talk about finances, that should tell us something’s up.

6. A Partner Who Asks You NOT To Fall In Love With Them, But Sticks Around

Is there anything worse than someone wasting our time? If our partner is constantly telling us not to fall for them, but they stick around and act as though they want to be with us, that’s called “leading someone on”. In most cases, this partner is usually just trying to keep an easy way out for themselves. It’s rude and a HUGE waste of time.

5. Asking You To Change Your Look

Wanting to be with a person is not as overly complicated as some may make it seem. A relationship should not come along with a list of conditions. If a partner wants us to change our look simply to fit their own idea of what they are looking for, well, that’s just not our problem.

4. An SO Who Asks You To NEVER Change Your Look

This one works both ways. When it comes to the way we want to look, that decision should be ours completely. If we want to get a new haircut or change up our glasses, we should feel confident to do so without getting our partner’s permission first. Expecting someone to never change is a disaster waiting to happen …

3. A Partner Who Asks For Your Undivided Attention, Even While Out With Friends

A partner who expects our undivided attention at all times is not only annoying for us, but for our friends as well. If we are bringing a partner around for a night out, we should be allowed to relax and enjoy time with everyone who happens to be there, not just them …

2. An SO Who Asks You To Not Use Protection

This is probably the biggest red flag on the list. This one has become really relevant with all of the online dating apps people are using these days. Protection is important. We know it and so do they. If a partner tries to talk us out of using protection, then they simply do not care for us, or themselves for that matter.

1. A Partner Who Expects You To Laugh Every Time They Pick On You

Getting picked on by a partner is just part of the game. When it’s harmless teasing, it should be fun for both parties. However, if we have voiced our dislike for a certain joke and our partner insists on still using it, thats a red flag. It’s important to find someone who’s sense of humor matches our own!