20 Signs He ACTUALLY Wants To End The Relationship

Relationships have their ups and downs, but when things are more “down” than “up,” it’s a pretty good indication that at least one of the people in the relationship wants out. But how can a girl tell if her guy wants to end the relationship, especially if he’s not open about his feelings?

Situations like this are tricky. Some guys stick around even when they’re obviously unhappy. Perhaps they’re not keen to initiate a break up or hope that things will get better over time. Maybe they want to wait until their girlfriend calls it quits so they don’t have to look like the “bad guy.” Whatever the reasoning behind the lack of straightforward communication may be, if a guy doesn’t come out and say that he wants to break up, a girl is left feeling confused and concerned.

Before she goes completely nuts wondering what her guy’s intentions are, here are some signs that indicate he wants to end the relationship. It may take some time and plenty of patience, but with a little work, lots of attention, and a woman’s intuition, she can figure things out so the relationship can end without any more mystery.

20He’s Never Around

Why would a guy bother to keep a girlfriend if he’s never around to spend time with her? If he’s not interested in being in her presence, it makes little sense to be in the relationship. If he’s constantly MIA, then what’s the point of partnering up?

When a girl can’t seem to see her guy for more than a few minutes, she should know he’s probably thinking about calling it quits. He’s too busy to give her the time of day, spends all his time out of her sight, and may not even bother to check in every so often. If the guy is never around, she’d better brace herself for a breakup.

19He Seems Perpetually Bored

When a guy is into his girl, he finds her amusing, interesting, and impressive. A moment with her is never wasted, and he’s never bored in her presence. But when a guy rolls his eyes the moment she opens her mouth or struggles to stay focused when they are having a conversation, it’s pretty clear that he thinks she’s as dull as a doornail.

If he’s too zoned out to pay attention to her, it’s a sure sign that he wants out of this uneventful relationship. She may see things from a different perspective, but he feels like he’s sleeping when she’s speaking.

18He’s Been Sneaky On His Cell Phone

There was a time when he’d let her check out whatever he was up to on his phone. In fact, she even had his password and could pick up his phone even when he wasn’t standing right there. But these days, the sneakiness has become evident, as he slips into another room whenever he receives a call or text. She thinks something’s up…and she’s probably right.

Her gut feeling tells her that he’s up to no good, and if she’s right, it only means he’s doing something out of line. He’s likely no longer invested in the relationship, and she can bet that those texts are from a new love interest. In comes the dial tone…

17He No Longer Compliments Her

He used to think she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid his eyes on. But now, she doesn’t even get a second look, even when she’s all dolled up for a date. No longer does he compliment her on her pretty hair, fabulous figure, or sparkling smile. He doesn’t even give her a “Congrats!” when she gets a promotion or a “Job well done!” when she gets an A+ on her grad school exam.

She doesn’t want to beg for attention, but it’s the only way he’ll notice her. She deserves a guy who gives her the look of love and realizes what a gem she is. If he no longer compliments her…on anything…she can guess he’s looking for a way out.

16He’s Always Hanging Out With His Friends

It’s perfectly normal for a guy to want to go out with his buddies to the bar for a few drinks and “dude” time with his “bros.” But when guys’ night becomes an everyday occurrence, she can assume that he’s looking for a way to get out of the relationship. Guys want to have fun with their friends, but when a guy also has a girlfriend, he makes ample time for her, even if it means missing a night or more with the boys.

At first, he was more than happy to ditch the fellas for his honey, but now she’s home alone while he’s out doing who-knows-what. She’d better get used to the idea of being alone, because he’s not about to change his ways at this point.

15He Criticizes Her About Everything

According to him, she can’t do anything right. From the way she talks to the way she dresses to what she cooks for dinner, he’s more than eager to criticize her every step. She knows that he’s being peculiar and picky, but why she puts up with it is another story.

Unless he’s “Mr. Perfect,” this outrageous criticism is completely uncalled for. In fact, even if he were, indeed, Mr. Perfect, he’d know better than to put down his princess. He’s already checked out of this relationship; he’s just hoping she’ll get sick of all his constant criticism and end it herself.

14He “Conveniently” Forgets Plans And Special Occasions

She must have reminded him a dozen times, but when the big night came, he completely spaced out. So now, she must attend the special shindig all alone, while he’s off doing his thing, not giving a thought about the woman he let down. And let’s not leave out birthdays, anniversaries, etc. He never fails to forget these special dates, so she never gets a card or a gift. Not even a mention of the milestone or occasion. He doesn’t even bother to jot down these things on his calendar, because he really doesn’t care anymore.

The relationship is over from his perspective, so why should he waste time thinking about the things that are important to her?

13He Falls Asleep On The Couch Every Night

Just when she rolls over to “spoon” with her sweetie, she realizes that she’s the only one in the bed. Surrounded by a bunch of pillows and the comforter, she has the entire bed to herself because he has chosen to sleep on the couch once again. She can’t remember the last time they laid down together and went to sleep because he’s always busy on his computer when she calls him to the bedroom.

She falls asleep and he stays in the living room. This is a recipe for a breakup, and then she’ll know for certain that the bed is all hers.

12He Thinks She’s Stepping Out

Sometimes when a guy wants out or he’s stepping out, he’ll start to say his girl is doing it instead of owning up to his own behavior. It’s a way for him to put the focus on her, even if she’s been 100% true to him the entire time. She will know right away that he’s up to no good, because she knows that he knows that she’d never do such a thing.

But he might be a two-timer, and this is just the way for her to see what a snake he really is. Instead of breaking up and parting ways, he wants to make a big commotion and turn the tables on her. She may be upset, but breaking up is for the best in this situation.

11He Makes Fun Of Her In Front Of Their Friends

A guy should never make fun of his girl, unless they are mutually joking around and both parties are only being playful. But when a guy is going at his girl – in front of their friends, no less – it is a sign that the relationship is struggling. He’s being immature and mean, perhaps to persuade her to be the one to break things off. She may not want to, but his actions show that he’s not a good partner, and not interested in making the relationship work.

If he thinks it’s cool to show off by shaming his girlfriend, then he’s not the kind of guy she deserves anyway. Now the joke’s on him.

10He Flirts With Her Friends

Innocent flirtatious behavior is natural and can be kinda cute if done with deliberateness and in a fun-loving manner. But if a guy flirts with his girl’s friends and is serious about his suave approach, she can bet that he doesn’t give a darn about her feelings. He may even try to put the moves on one of her friends if he doesn’t care about the relationship anymore.

Of course, any decent friend of hers would never fall for this louse, but the uncomfortable situation is enough to put her over the edge. This guy obviously has no clue about how to behave in a serious relationship, and he may want out. Flirting with her friends is a major deal-breaker.

9He No Longer Takes Care Of His Grooming

When they first started dating, he was all about looking sharp, smelling fresh, and keeping his grooming under control. Nowadays, he wears whatever doesn’t stink, hasn’t washed his hair for a week, and is growing a beard that looks like a bird’s nest. While feeling at ease around a partner is a good sign, there is such a thing as being too comfortable.

There’s no reason to give up clipping one’s toenails. And brushing one’s teeth is a twice-daily habit that doesn’t get ditched once a person is in a relationship. When a guy just gives up on his grooming, she can guess he has given up on the relationship as well.

8He Stays Late At Work

Her guy hates his job, but lately he’d rather stay late at the office than spend time with her. He doesn’t even have any work to finish up, but he hangs around until the last person leaves, so by the time he gets home he doesn’t have to deal with his girlfriend. She has already finished dinner and it’s too late for them to do anything but go to bed.

The next morning, he’s up early and back to the office. He even puts in extra hours on the weekends. While working hard is impressive and admirable, there’s got to be some sort of balance. She may want to consider the fact that he’s avoiding her and using work as a cover for his inability to clearly explain his feelings.

7He No Longer Talks About Their Future Together

It wasn’t long ago that they were talking about moving in together, marriage, and having babies. And he was right on board with her discussing these exciting plans and preparing for a life together. The relationship was going well and both parties were madly in love. But over time, his interest in future plans came to a standstill, while she was still smiling from ear to ear about the wonderful times to come.

He no longer pictures her walking down the aisle or imagines the family they would one day create. He has checked out, and she better wise up before saying “Yes” to the dress…or anything else that has to do with him for that matter.

6He Thinks They Should “Take A Break”

Once she hears the words, “I think we should take a break,” she may as well consider the relationship over. If he needs a break from her, who’s to say how long he’ll need or if it’ll ever end? Taking a break is more like a breakup, so she should refuse his suggestion and just cut ties completely. He might just not want to break it off for good, so he can leave his options open.

Unless there is a specific reason for this break, she should consider the relationship over and move on. It’s best to pull off the bandage in one swift step rather than doing it bit by bit as that causes more pain.

5He No Longer Wants To Be Close

If a guy no longer wants to be physically close to his girl, it’s a good sign he’s no longer interested in being in a relationship with her. Naturally, over time, their closeness may not be quite as loving as it was at the start, but if he has given up on it for good, she can be sure he’s given up on her altogether.

Unless there is something else at play – perhaps he’s depressed or stressed out – then his lack of wanting to hold hands and kiss may mean he’s headed for the door. If he can’t openly discuss the matter, then maybe he’s not mature enough for her anyway.

4He Makes Up Lies About Her

There is nothing right about a guy making up lies about his lady. It is immature, stupid, and potentially dangerous. She should not put up with such behavior, even for a second. Why he would do such a thing is questionable, but she should not wait around for the answer. If he’s creating stories to make her look bad, then he obviously doesn’t want to be in the relationship.

What good would it serve him? He needs to get a grip and realize his actions have consequences. The first of which will be evident when his girl drops him like a hot potato.

3He Gives Her The “Silent Treatment”

When a guy would rather give his girl the silent treatment than have a mature adult conversation, she can guess that he’s not really interested in patching things up. He’d prefer to mope around and stay zip-lipped while she gets angrier and more worked up about the situation.

Now she’s supposed to sit around and wait for him to finally decide to let out his first peep. Is this his way of controlling the relationship? Seems like he’s checking out and wants to annoy her enough to push her over the edge so she’ll be the one to kick him to the curb.

2He Alienates Her Family

If a girl is tight with her family, her guy can get on her nerves by alienating them from their relationship. He gets aggravated when they’re at the house or when he’s invited to do things with them. He’s not particularly cordial to any of her family members and doesn’t give her parents the respect they deserve.

This is no way for any guy to behave, especially towards the people that his girlfriend cares about the most. Perhaps his behavior is his way of showing her he’s no longer interested in being in a relationship with her. She should make it clear that blood is thicker than water.

1He Always Snaps Back At Her

No matter what she says, he always has a snappy, snide response. She could ask him what the weather is or what’s on TV, and instead of answering like a normal person, he goes on the attack for no reason at all. Well, at least to her there seems to be no reason, but he’s got one…he wants to break up.

So, he has a 24/7 short fuse and loses his temper at the drop of a hat. Rather than talking about possibly calling it quits, he continues to snap at everything she says. She’ll get sick of it soon enough, and once he gives that final snap that “breaks the camel’s back,” she’ll be outta there for good.

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