October4 , 2022

20 Signs That The Relationship Can Be Saved


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Every relationship experiences its ups and downs. An absolutely perfect relationship is not a realistic idea for anyone. When you put two people together for any amount of time, eventually their differences will show up to the party and cause some bickering. It’s up to the couple to decide if these moments are worth overlooking or if they should be taken as a sign of the relationship’s end times.

It’s important to remember that even the greatest couples have had fights and disagreements. The ability to take those arguments and work on becoming a better duo is actually what makes a couple great in the first place. However, while communication can help overcome some differences, there are certain negatives in relationships that should definitely not be overlooked.

If your relationship is hitting a particularly low point and you have no idea where to turn, the best thing you can do is look at all the facts. Do the goods outweigh the bads? Are the mistakes forgivable? Have your plans for the future changed?

Relationships can be tough and puzzling, but there is always a way to make it less confusing. If your relationship is feeling a little lost and you need help, here are 20 signs your relationship can be saved and five it’s time to just let it go.

25It’s Worth Saving If You Still Get The Butterflies

You know that happy little funny feeling you get in the pit of your gut when someone special is near? Those are butterflies, and they actually can mean a lot for a relationship. When you are in love, your brain reacts in four different areas, according to researchers for The Telegraph.

One of these areas sends a churning sensation to your stomach – the butterflies.

If you are still getting butterflies from your partner, you are most likely still in love with them and that alone can make a relationship worth saving.

24It’s Worth Saving If The Communication Is Open

Communication is a huge part of any healthy relationship. Through communicating, two people can work out differences and come up with compromises that benefit both members of the relationship. If you and your partner are still able to openly communicate about the tough parts of the relationship, this is great. It means you guys are still willing to work on things.

When the communication lines are open, you can really talk about all the feelings, both good and bad.

23It’s Worth Saving If You Only Have Eyes For Them

Attraction can be a difficult thing to understand. It’s common for eyes to wander, and as long as it is only the eyes that are wandering, it shouldn’t be seen as necessarily a negative point. If the heart starts to wander, that’s another story, though.

If you only have eyes for your significant other, that means you have not given up on your fairytale.

You haven’t started thinking about life with other people. You are still committed to the relationship, so it is probably worth saving.

22It’s Worth Saving If You Are Comfortable Being Yourself

Finding someone you can be yourself around isn’t the easiest. Most people worry about showing their true self to people they want to impress. But if you are one of those lucky people who has found love with someone you are comfortable showing the real you to, you definitely should not let that go without a fight.

Having this rare connection is special. Being comfortable in a relationship is very important. It’s a big step to reach this point and takes a lot of commitment.

21It’s Time To Let It Go If You Feel Inferior In The Relationship

Making a relationship work is a team effort. It requires feedback and dedication from both parties. If your partner is making you feel inferior to them, this isn’t a relationship you should want to keep.

Being around someone who likes to put you down will ultimately take a lot out of you and change how you feel about yourself.

If someone is making you feel less than special, that person is not worth your time or effort. This is not a healthy or happy relationship.

20It’s Worth Saving If You Don’t Want To Be Without Them

A lot of people have a hard time committing their life to someone else. Commitment is a big deal because you are giving another person your heart and trusting they won’t break it. Usually, the first part at the end of a relationship is deciding you don’t want to be with that person anymore.

If you find that, despite the negatives you’re feeling, you still want to be with your partner, there is something still worth figuring out in the relationship.

19It’s Worth Saving If You Guys Still Have Fun

Having fun together should be somewhere at the top of your relationship priorities list. When two people do something fun, an unbreakable bond will form. That shared experience can be looked back on and can continue to bring happiness.

If you and your partner are still able to have fun together, your friendship and feelings for each other are probably still going strong.

After all, it’s hard to have fun with someone you don’t like. Fun can help bring the relationship back to a happy place.

18It’s Worth Saving If You’re Sensitive To One Another’s Needs

A good relationship is one where two people are in touch with each other’s wants and needs. Couples thrive when they work together to make both people in the relationship happy. If you both still care about the other person, it will be easier to save the relationship. Empathy is one the most important factors in a working commitment.

According to Elite Daily, “As long as there is still a strong connection between you and your partner, the relationship is not over.”

17It’s Worth Saving If You’re Both Willing To Make Changes

Change is inevitable. People and relationships will change over time as they grow and get older. What matters is how you both handle these changes. If it’s one person in the relationship that is always pushing the changes and the other left to accommodate, this is not exactly a good relationship.

Changes can be managed if both people are willing to accept the change and work on repairing whatever harm the change has done.

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you are open to talking about it.

16It’s Time To Let It Go If You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Were Happy

It should go without saying, happiness is an important part of life. There aren’t many feelings greater than going home to someone who makes you happy. If you find yourself not really able to remember the last time you felt happy, your relationship needs a good inspection.

A partner who doesn’t bring you happiness isn’t a partner worth keeping. Usually, the unhappiness being felt will cause a ripple effect of other problems in the relationship that are more difficult and harmful to both of you.

15It’s Worth Saving If You Feel Safe And Secure Together

One of the main things a woman looks for in a romantic partner is someone who can make her feel safe and secure. Absolutely no one wants to be with someone who makes them feel insecure or fear for the future.

We want to be in a committed relationship with someone we can count on to be there when we need them.

If you still feel you can count on your partner to take care and understand your needs, then the relationship can more than likely be saved.

14It’s Worth Saving If Being Single Doesn’t Sound Great

When a relationship is heading down the wrong path, everything else is going to start to sound like a better plan, especially being single. A lot of people have a hard time being alone in life, so finding benefits in being single is going to mean something.

When the idea of being single does not sound amazing to you, and you would rather stay committed to your partner, your relationship might need work, but can probably be saved.

13It’s Worth Saving If You’re Still Physically Attracted To Each Other

Physical attraction is another significant necessity in relationships. It is often the foundation of many relationships. We judge with our eyes first and our mind second. When a relationship starts to fall apart, you will probably begin to wonder what you saw in the person, to begin with.

Negative personality traits and experiences can easily make someone seem ugly.

But, if you are still physically attracted to each other, chances are you can probably save what was once there.

12It’s Worth Saving If The Thought Of Leaving Makes You Sad

When you think about separating from your partner, are you happy or sad? Does it make you smile thinking about a life without them? If it doesn’t and the idea sounds terrible, the troubled relationship can still be saved. You haven’t completely given up all hope.

If you aren’t wanting to leave your partner, then you are probably willing to fix whatever is happening that is causing harm to your relationship. Once you address this, it will be easy to save the whole thing.

11It’s Time To Let It Go If Your Trust Is Continuously Broken

All good relationships are built on trust. Lifehack sums it up perfectly, “They say that loving is letting the other party hurt you, but you’re trusting them not to do this, right?”

Well, if your significant other is constantly breaking your trust and doing things to hurt you, it’s time for you to let go.

They’ve already shown you countless times that you can’t trust them to not hurt you, so why would the pain stop if you keep holding on?

10It’s Worth Saving If The Idea Of Them Moving On Makes You Sad

Obviously, part of letting go of a relationship is dealing with your person finding someone new. If the idea of them moving on hurts and just really sucks, you aren’t completely ready to let the relationship go.

You still have strong feelings for them. As long as you’re sure it’s not just about possession and that it’s their commitment you want, this is a relationship that can be saved with communication. No one wants the person they love to move on.

9It’s Worth Saving If A Break Up Is Only Mentioned In Anger

A lot of hurtful things can be said during fights and out of anger. No one knows how to push buttons better than the person you are in a serious relationship with.

If you look back on all the times you or your partner brought up separating and it was during heated arguments, then it might not be a serious thought.

You need to rehash what was said during a fight and think about it with a level head. Chances are neither of you meant what was said.

8It’s Worth Saving If You Still Make Each Other Smile

No one makes you smile more than someone you love and who loves you. If somehow your partner still makes you smile when you are mad at them, there is something special between the two of you. They’ve become one of your favorite people in life and know how to make you happy.

If your partner brings out your biggest smiles and is your best friend, that is a good sign. It’s more than just a romantic connection. You’ve formed a lifelong bond.

7It’s Worth Saving If You Still Trust Your Partner

Despite all your partner’s downfalls and all the negativity brewing between the two of you, you still trust your partner. This is huge. It means you feel you can still count on the person not to hurt you.

“There cannot be closeness without trust and there cannot be a good trusting connection without open communication,” explains Power of Positivity.

With trust, most relationships can be healed and saved. You will be able to openly express your feelings and needs together.

6It’s Time To Let It Go If They Are Always Disrespecting You

According to Psychology Today, “Respect is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.” It can even be considered more important than trust because trust is often built off respect. A relationship without respect will only end badly.

Some forms of disrespect aren’t always noticed by the person being hurt, but remember insults, lying and cheating are all signs of disrespect. If you are not being respected fully in your relationship, it is time to let that go.

5It’s Worth Saving If You Guys Haven’t Forgotten The Good Place

All relationships have good moments and bad moments. It’s all a part of a natural cycle. The important thing is that you and your partner learn not to dwell on the bad times. If you guys can still remember the good times when you were happy, your relationship can be saved.

Once either party has forgotten the happy parts or those moments start to matter less, then the relationship is probably in real trouble.

Remembering those special moments can bring you guys closer together when times are rough.

4It’s Worth Saving If You Feel Happy When They Get Good News

Relationships create these special little bonds between two people. When they are happy, you are happy. When they are sad, you feel sad, too. It’s a strong connection and when you find something like that, it can be powerful.

Even when you and your partner are facing a lot of obstacles and are butting heads, you will probably feel happy for them when they get good news. This is a sign of undying affection and can mean your saddened relationship can be made happy again.

3It’s Worth Saving If There Is No One Else You’d Rather Waste Time With

People who are in a romantic relationship together most likely spend a ton of time together. They have probably grown to become each other’s best friends. Eventually, both of you are going to need a little break from each other.

Because no matter how much you love each other, you’ll probably start to get sick of them… just a little bit, though.

There is no one you’d rather have by your side when you are basically doing nothing but wasting time binge-watching Netflix. They are you person.

2It’s Worth Saving If You Still Love Each Other

True love is hard to come by. It’s magical, special and everything good in the world. Loving someone unconditionally takes time and commitment. It’s raw, rare and real.

When two people love each other honestly and wholeheartedly, anything is possible. A lot of terrible things are probably going to happen to try to break your relationship apart, but as long as the two of you are committed to this love, it can always be saved. True love will always win.

1It’s Time To Let It Go If You’re Always Expected To Sacrifice Your Personal Values

“Your personal values and your vision are the things that make you who you are fundamentally,” states Lifehack. If anyone is trying to take that away from you, you need to let that go faster than a hot potato.

If your partner doesn’t love who you truly are, that relationship is not worth the trouble it is going to be.

In the end, all we have in this life are our own hopes and values. You should never have to give up who you are to make someone else happy in a romantic relationship.