20 Things Guys Do that Make Girls Jealous


How would you feel to have a girl green-eyed with envy and madly competing for you? Jealousy might be a form of insecurity yet, it is also a sign of overflowing love towards the one you adore. Some might as well say it shows distrust and doubt in your relationship. However, girls wouldn’t be paranoid if a guy knows how to avoid things that would make his girl jealous.

Arab proverb once said “Love sees sharply; hatred sees even more sharp. But jealousy sees the sharpest — for it is love and hate at the same time.”

If she becomes jealous over you, the desire to have that which you’re protective about gradually escalates how much you value that person. Most girls can feel an extreme jealousy by several unnoticed reasons. She might try to hide her emotions but deep down the seed of jealousy takes root.

Thus, if you truly love your girl, these are the things you should be aware of to avoid her from getting jealous.

1. Socializing with Ex’s
The sure-fire way to make your girl ignite with jealousy is when you still interact with your ex. Keeping in touch, spending a lot of time, and talking about your ex all the time is just a sign that you haven’t moved on yet.

2. When you compliment other women
It’s not bad to appreciate things. However, praising other girls rather than her will begin to fume with jealous rage because she might mistake it as flirtation.

3. Ignoring her calls and texts
Girls would often feel neglected and jealous once you don’t respond to their texts and calls. They are notorious over thinkers, you can’t blame them to think about the possibilities that you are busy talking to some other girls that’s why you can’t reply to her.

4. When you’re out with her and get a text from another girl.
Considering that you’re in the middle of a date and you’re being literally attached to your phone. This doesn’t only show rudeness towards her but it can also make her feel jealous. The only thing she needs is your attention and neglecting her would make her feel mistreated.

5. Being too chivalrous to another girl
You might be the type of a guy who is chivalrous but girls would also normally think that chivalry goes hand-in-hand with physical attraction.

6. When you forgot you have plans
Setting a schedule with her yet you forgot it on the day would make her feel jealous. You’ll just make her think that she’s your last priority and that’s a terrible mistake.

7. Spending much time to a “guys’ night out”
Looking forward to a guy’s night out and being excited about spending time with your guy friends might make her think that you enjoy hanging out with your friends rather than with her.

8. Still wearing or using gifts from you EX
When everything is done between you and your ex, there’s no point of keeping things you had before. If you don’t want your girl to get mad and jealous, you should at least throw things that remind you of your ex.

9. Lying about being with other girls
Why would you lie to her, if you can tell her the truth? The more you lie, the more she’ll get angry and jealous because you made her think that you’re hiding something from her.


10. Being physically attracted to another girl
Well, it is not a doubt that most of the guys are physically attracted to girls because it is their nature. However, fantasizing other girls would make your girl jealous because this only shows that she’s not enough for you.

11. Mentioning another girl in front of her
Talking about how cool some girls are or sharing stories about the other girl in front of her would make her feel jealous. It’s like, why would you mention another girl to her if you don’t have any interest at all?

12. Being too touchy with other girls
Getting physically close to other girls isn’t normal if you have a girlfriend. It just shows how flirty you are and would absolutely make your girl feel jealous.

13. When you reply to a girls’ text message or chat
Exerting an effort replying to text messages or chat of girls who try to flirt on you is not a sign of “you just trying to be friendly.” You can’t blame your girl to think negative once she finds out that you’re replying messages from random girls.

14. Trying to be more helpful to a female colleague
Probably, you’re just trying to assist a colleague to accomplish some tasks. However, this act will be viewed quite differently by your girl. In some instances, she’ll interpret it as if you’re trying to make a move on that girl and will lead to jealousy at some point.

15. When you accept friend requests from random girls
Most of the girls often don’t want his man to make friends with some other girls. They are quite territorial and would immediately jump into a conclusion.

16. When you hit the like or react button on other girls picture on Facebook
This may sound a bit immature; however this is happening in reality. Girls do get jealous to her guy, every time she sees him liking and reacting on other girls’ picture, especially if he doesn’t even do that with her.

17. Hanging out with your gal friends
You’re probably the type of guy who gets along better with gals rather than with guys. This can be fun when you’re swinging single. However, if you have a girl or if you’re attached with someone else, things can get tricky. Who do you think wouldn’t get jealous if her man is hanging out with different women?

18. Enjoying your day without her
It’s not like you don’t have the right to enjoy your day without her. However, it still depends on the people you hang out with. She’ll feel jealous if you enjoy hanging out with your gal friends rather than spending time with her.

19. His enthusiasm about another couple
If you’re the type of guy who keeps on raving about how awesome another couple is or how happy and perfect they are. Your girl would probably think that you’re obsessing over how happy those couples are because you’re not happy with her.

20. Not taking her book, movie, and music suggestions
If you keep on rejecting suggestions of your girl, you’ll make her feel jealous about it. She probably recommended books, movies and music to you but you always keep on saying “I don’t have time for it.”

Every girl has a different trigger point when it comes to jealousy. It plays a very important part in a relationship. They say “prevention is better than cure” so if you don’t want to cause another trouble with your relationship, better avoid these things.

I hope this article will inspire you to spend more time making your girl happy rather than doing things that will make her jealous.


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