21 Craziest Celebrity Love Triangles We Still Can’t Believe Happened

Celebrities have it all – so why do they suck so much at finding true love? When you live an unconventional life then your relationships are likely going to be complicated too. Hollywood couples are good at pretending everything is perfect between them but behind closed doors things can get quite messy.

Falling in love and maintaining relationships is hard. It’s even harder when you know the world’s press want to hear every juicy detail regarding your personal life. Falling for another celeb might make these stars feel safe but sadly, these couples sold each other out and went public with their messy love lives.

Relationship and fame expert Mina Hochberg told Cosmopolitan, “If you’re famous, you’re sort of lifted into this other stratosphere, so those people do feel safe with each other: I’m not going to reveal things about you because I don’t want you to reveal things about me. However, that doesn’t always work.” She explained, “People get angry and hurt, and they talk to People magazine or something.”

These following love triangles between stars were made very public and shocked fans all over the world. There’s so much drama involved that we’re still recovering from the fact these hookups actually happened.

21Nick Jonas Couldn’t Decide Between Miley Cyrus And Selena Gomez

Everyone remembers that one guy you would fight over because he was just such a dreamboat. For both Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, that dreamboat was Nick Jonas and he bounced between the two, dating them both until he made a decision. During an episode of Carpool Karaoke, Nick said he’s dated “seemingly everyone” before another one of his famous ex-girlfriends, Demi Lovato, chipped in and confirmed he dated “Miley, then Selena, then back with Miley, then back with Selena.”

Selena told W Magazine, “We both liked (Nick Jonas) when we were 16. It was just a ‘Oh, my God, we like the same boy!'” She added, “We are now completely settled in our own lives.” Now Nick is a thing of the past, as Selena moved on with Justin Bieber and Miley moved on with Liam Hemsworth.

20Naya Rivera Walked In On Ariana Grande And Big Sean

Imagine having a row with your fiance then the next minute you find him cuddled up with Ariana Grande on the sofa? That’s exactly what happened to Naya Rivera before she split with Big Sean in 2014. Naya told US Weekly, “We’d been fighting for five straight days while he was traveling, and then on the one day that he was back in L.A., he said he didn’t want to see me.” She added, “Well, a*****e, I’ve got a key to your house. I walk in, go downstairs, and guess what little girl is sitting cross-legged on the couch listening to music? It rhymes with ‘Smariana Schmande.'”

To make things worse, Naya found out they had split through Big Sean’s publicist who issued a statement that the wedding was off. Naya recalls, “Not only were we no longer getting married, but apparently, we weren’t even together anymore.” Big Sean then started dating Ariana but it was not meant to be, and they split after eight months.

19Angelina Jolie Stole Both Brad Pitt And Billy Bob Thornton

Rocker Melissa Etheridge slammed Angelina Jolie branding her as a “nasty” for stealing both her men from their wives. Melissa is a close-friend to Brad Pitt and she performed at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston. She revealed, “I was around when Angelina was not doing nice things with Billy Bob to Laura Dern.” Famously, Angelina had moved in on Billy Bob when he was married to the Little Big Lies actress and the split came as a complete shock. She added, “I helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob – I like broke into their home to get their stuff out because it was so nasty.”

Then when that marriage ended in divorce, she moved on to steal Brad from Jen. Melissa said, “I went through that on a personal level, and then to know the side of Jennifer and Brad.” We’re guessing if Melissa ever met Angelina at a showbiz party she would have quite a lot to say.

18Rihanna Unfollowed J-Lo Over This Photo With Drake

Nobody is more savage on social media than a scorned woman and as soon as Rihanna spotted his photo of Drake cuddling up to Jennifer Lopez she unfollowed both of them. An insider told E! News, Drake and J-Lo enjoyed an intimate dinner together in West Hollywood and then left early. Later that evening, this photo appeared on J-Lo’s Instagram with no caption.

If this was a thirsty game aimed at angering Rihanna, who famously wouldn’t commit to Drake, then it worked. Both female pop singers go way back and Rihanna even gifted J-Lo a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes with a handwritten note. J-Lo had also told E! News before the drama, “I’m a huge Rihanna fan. I feel like she’s such a girl’s girl, which I love, because I’m a girl’s girl and she seems very sweet.”

17Was Rachel Roy The “Becky With The Good Hair?”

One woman who felt the serious wrath of the “BeyHive” was Rachel Roy when she posted an Instagram that alluded to the fact she was “Becky with the good hair.” On Beyonce’s track Sorry she sings, “He only want me when I’m not on there / He better call Becky with the good hair.” Only hours after the track was available to fans, Rachel Roy posted on Instagram a selfie with the caption: “Good hair, don’t care” and the hashtag “nodramaqueens.”

It was also believed that Jay-Z’s close relationship with Rachel caused the notorious elevator fight at the Met Ball involving Beyonce’s sister, Solange. In a confessional track released on his latest album 4:44, Jay-Z raps, “If my children knew, I don’t even know what I would do. If they ain’t look at me the same. I would prob’ly die with all the shame. ‘You did what with who?’ What good is (an affair) when you have a soulmate? You risked that for Blue?” Now they have introduced newborn twins to the world it’s clear Beyonce has forgiven her husband.

16Katy Perry Dating John Mayer After Taylor Swift Started A Long-Term Feud

If we rewind back to 2009, when Taylor Swift tweeted, “Katy Perry knows how to throw a birthday party! I would even go as far as to say it was party-licious. Best EVER. Happy bday, pretty girl!” Taylor also invited Katy on stage as a special guest during her tour and the pair sang Hot n Cold together. In short – they were once quite close and nobody could have foreseen that these two pop powerhouses were about to become bitter enemies.

That same year, Taylor was dumped by singer-songwriter John Mayer when he was 32 and she was just 19. In typical Taylor style, she wrote the track Dear John about her broken heart. Then within a matter of weeks (could have even been days!) Katy started dating John and the famous feud was born. Katy and John split but Katy vs. Taylor is still very much a thing that’s still continuing today.

15Chyna Revealed Text Messages That Proved Tyga Was Playing Kylie Jenner

Now Kylie Jenner has moved on to be with her baby daddy Travis Scott and they have a newborn daughter, Stormi Webster, she can leave all the Blac Chyna and Tyga drama in the past. Even though Chyna is still the mother of Kylie’s niece, Dream Kardashian, because this is one complicated family – they both won’t be at war together over the rapper.

The feud between them really heated up when Chyna shared screenshots of her allegedly conversations with Tyga that read: “I want to be with you. I want to be positive. I want to be a family again. I want to start this friendship. Relationship.” Another message read, “Can I come (see you). Just us three” meaning himself, Chyna and their young son, King Cairo. Kylie blasted the texts as “fake” but none of this matters now as everyone appears to have moved on to much better things.

14Kanye West Stood Back And Watched Kim Kardashian Get Married When He Loved Her

Kanye West has never been quiet about his love for Kim Kardashian that stretches way back to around season two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In his track Theraflu, he raps about Kim walking down the aisle with Kris Humphries, admitting, “I had fell in love with Kim, around the time she had fell in love with him. Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do your thing. Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.” At the time Kris played for the Brooklyn Nets, a team that is partly owned by Kanye’s then-BFF Jay-Z.

Kanye’s ex Amber Rose also confirmed that she knew Kim and Kanye were texting each other in private. She told Star magazine, “She’s a homewrecker! She was sending pictures, and I was like, “Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person.'” Now Kim and Kanye are married and share three children together, it looks like maybe really they were meant to be.

13Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom Came To Blows Over Miranda Kerr

Two unlikely rivals – Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom – both went toe-to-toe during a party at an Ibiza nightclub over their love for Orlando’s ex, Miranda Kerr. The former Victoria’s Secret model clearly had a hold on both of the guys and it was revealed that Orlando, who has a young son with his ex, is not happy about the What Do You Mean? singer making his advances.

An eyewitness at the nightclub told the Daily Mirror, “Justin said something when he came in which was aimed at Orlando, who then jumped onto a sofa to try and get at Justin. It was amazing. Everyone stood up and started watching like it was a show and clapping.” Adding, “There were actually two moments when it turned violent, it wasn’t just the one punch thrown. Justin’s face was amazing.” Well, this proves that even the rich and the famous can get into a brawl over a girl.

12Joe Jonas Dated Best Friends Gigi Hadid And Taylor Swift

In one of the weirder love triangles we’ve heard of; Gigi Hadid started dating Joe Jonas even though her best friend, Taylor Swift, had her heart broken by him. According to one source, Joe was Taylor’s “real first love” which makes this even the more bizarre as to why she would have given her blessing to Gigi and Joe.

The source told Hollywood Life, “Taylor has come round to the idea of Gigi dating Joe now. It’s no secret that Joe broke Taylor’s heart when they broke off their relationship seven years ago. He was Taylor’s first real love, and they didn’t end on the best of terms.” Taylor wrote the song Forever and Always about Joe breaking up with her during a 27-second phone call. Gigi did eventually split from Joe and Taylor must have been right by her side to say, ‘I told you so.’

11Leonardo Di Caprio Flips Between Rihanna And Naomi Campbell

Leonardo Di Caprio’s dating history is every man’s dream – he’s hooked up models Bar Rafeli, Miranda Kerr, and Gisele Bundchen, as well as a summer fling with Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively. All those relationships are finished with but the two women he can’t give up on is his top girls: Rihanna and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Leo and Naomi first started dating in the mid-90s and they often enjoy holidays together on a private yacht in the sunshine. Then there’s Rihanna, who he threw a luxury birthday party for in 2016 and the pair enjoyed a romantic break in Paris together. Despite him jumping between the two when he pleases, RiRi and Naomi are also very good friends – so this is clearly an agreement that works well for all three.

10BFFs Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Both Dated Taylor Lautner

So it turns out that Taylor Swift is totally cool with her girlfriend’s dating the same guys she has. The Look What You Made Me Do singer told Vanity Fair, “We have girls in our group (of friends) who have dated the same people. It’s almost like the sisterhood has such a higher place on the list of priorities for us. It’s so much more important than some guy that it didn’t work out with.”

She added, “Now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other – and just because you have the same taste in men, we don’t hold that against each other.” Taylor and BFF Selena Gomez both hooked up with Twilight actor Taylor Lautner and although neither of their relationships worked out with the heartthrob, they will have at least have gossip to share.

9Joe Jonas Unfollowed His Friend Zayn Malik Over Gigi Hadid

Joe Jonas was not happy with the news that his close friend, former One Direction band member Zayn Malik, was dating his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. Joe unfollowed the couple on Instagram and deleted all pictures on his account of him and Zayn together.

Before it was announced that Zayn and Gigi were an official item, an insider told People magazine, “Joe and Gigi’s relationship recently ended.Nothing serious happened… it wasn’t a dramatic breakup. It was just hard to make it work with their schedules. They will definitely remain friends.” Now it looks like they won’t be friends at all since Joe has cut them both out of his life. Zayn and Gigi are still going strong so it looks like they are the winners of this one.

8Aaron Carter Ditched “Boring” Hilary Duff For Wild Child Lindsay Lohan

Let’s rewind back to 2004 when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were at war over Aaron Carter. Aaron met Hilary on the set of Lizzie Maguire but he became “bored” of the sweet actress and hopped over to the Mean Girls wild child Lindsay Lohan. He explained to Complex, “I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday. I was dating her for like a year and a half and then I just got a little bored so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay.”

In an interview with Allure magazine, Hilary said about the complicated love triangle, “It made us both look bad and put up a big weirdness.” Then to add more fuel to the fire, Lindsay staged a sketch on Saturday Night Live mocking her rival. Hilary said, “I do not think it’s an honor to be made fun of on Saturday Night Live.”

7Gwen Stefani Lost Her Husband To The Her Look-A-Like Nanny

Everyone knows that three is a crowd and after thirteen years of marriage, Gwen Stefani divorced her husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. According to US Weekly, the No Doubt singer found text messages on the family iPad between Gavin and their nanny, Mindy Mann. The text messages left her “completely devastated, mortified, livid, and embarrassed.”

The couple has three children together and even weirder was that the nanny looked a lot like a younger version of Gwen. During an emotional statement on The Tommy Show the Don’t Speak singer said, “I wish it didn’t happen. I wish this, that all this wasn’t happening.” She  added, “At the same time, I feel like it was part of my life journey.” Now Gwen is loved up with her fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton and she’s never looked back since.

6Jennifer Aniston And Courtney Cox Shared The Same Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were inseparable as buddies on the set of Friends and they are so relaxed with each other they even dated the same guy. The Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz is one lucky guy who managed to bag both of the stunning actresses just a few years apart. Things didn’t work out and Jennifer married Brad Pitt four years later and Courtney married actor David Arquette.

Now the two BFFs have both divorced their partners so there will be even more time to spend with each other in the future. Talking about her divorce on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Courtney said, “I feel lucky. I don’t feel burdened by it. I mean, people can be pretty mean, though, now that there’s all this social media. The comments…if I ever want to feel really bad about myself, I just click on one of those Daily Mail comment sections.”

5Kristen Wiig And BFF Drew Barrymore Dated The Same Guy

Funny ladies Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Wiig go back a long way and even dating the same guy has not broken their bond. Before Drew married her husband, Will Kopelman, she was in a serious relationship with The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for more than five years. Then when they split, he started dating Kirsten who he likely met through his ex.

Drew told Allure magazine, “It all seems so wacky and incestuous, but that’s kind of how life works. It seems fitting that they would find each other. I was like, ‘Right, of course, that makes perfect sense.'” Clearly, Fabrizio has a thing for women who are both laidback and have a great sense of humor. Drew had moved on and married actor Will Kopelman but it sadly was not meant to be and they split after four years.

4Nina Dobrev Showed Up The Wedding Of Her Ex-Boyfriend And Her Close Friend

If the tabloids were to be believed, there was some serious bad blood between The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and Twilight actress Nikki Reed. The alleged feud took place when Nikki started dating Ian Somerhalder – who is the ex-boyfriend of Nikki and co-star on the show. However, it turns out that this super close threesome has been close friends the whole time.

Nina posted the above selfie to her Instagram with the caption, “Can’t believe how time flies. Farewell dinner with team Somereed! So good catching up with these goofballs.” She even got an invite to her ex’s wedding in 2015. The power of Instagram always debunks the tabloids as Nina told her fans, “Here’s to putting an end to all those fake stories of on set jealousy, betrayal, made-up-friendships lost and women hating women.”

3Marilyn Manson Wasn’t Faithful To His Bombshell Wife

When Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese first started dating it was looked like they had both met their perfect match. Then after two years of marriage, Dita filed for divorce due to his “relationship with another girl.” 39-year-old Manson had fallen for 18-year-old Evan Rachel Wood after she told him she would die for him. He revealed to People magazine, “It might sound strange but this made me want to live.”

Evan told Rolling Stone magazine that her relationship with the heavy rocker was so she could “find herself.” The Westworld actress explained, “I looked at my mother one day and said, ‘Mom, I’m gonna have a crazy journey and find myself, and if people aren’t OK with that, I’m sorry, but I can’t live my life for other people.'” She could have tried thinking about how this would affect the wife of her new lover for a start.

2Claire Danes Stole Mary-Louise Parker’s Husband When She Was Heavily Pregnant

One of the most shocking and heartbreaking affairs in showbiz involved Mary-Louise Parker’s husband Billy Crudup who was stolen from her when she was just one month away from giving birth to their son. Homeland actress Claire Danes snatched Mary-Louise’s husband and she confessed that she wasn’t aware of the “consequences” of moving in on a married man. Claire told Howard Stern on his radio show, “I was just in love with him and needed to explore that and. I was 24. I didn’t quite know what those consequences would be.”

In Mary-Louise’s memoir, the Weeds actress wrote how she was kicked out of a cab because she was in an emotional state and the driver explained he no longer wanted her in the cab. She screamed back, “No one does. I am alone. Look, see? I am pregnant and alone. It hurts to even breathe.”

1Meg Ryan Was Torn Between Dennis Quaid And Russell Crowed

Meg Ryan had an affair with Russell Crowe behind the back of her then-husband, Dennis Quaid. The whole twisted love story was a mess at the time but Meg continues to make matters worse by bringing up the past in interviews. Meg, who started her affair with Russell after they both starred in Proof Of Life, told Insight magazine, “Dennis was not faithful to me for a very long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that after I was divorced.”

Dennis then fired back, “It was eight years ago, and I find it unbelievable that Meg continues publicly to rehash and rewrite the story of our relationship. Also, I find it regrettable that our son, Jack, has to be reminded in a public way of the turmoil and pain that every child feels in a divorce. I, myself, moved on years ago and am fortunate to have a happy, beautiful family.” That sure told her.

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