September30 , 2022

21 Men Reveal On Reddit The Relationship Issue They’re Most Embarrassed Of



Being in a relationship can bring you the happiest moments of your life. But sometimes the relationship can be awkward and rocky. Maintaining a relationship can be tough work. Sometimes we make sacrifices for our partners that we may not necessarily agree with. To prevent fights we keep certain things hidden or tell little white lies (despite our better judgment). We are just trying to keep the peace because we love them so much.

These moments can produce some of the most embarrassing thoughts or actions ranging from mild to extreme. The mild being thoughts that may have caused some discomfort, the extreme being the ultimate relationship deal breakers.

Some people choose to share this information with their partners to work things out rationally. Others simply resort to the internet to vent (seriously guys). So if you have ever wondered what your man was thinking Reddit is the place to go (and let’s face it, a woman on a mission is the greatest detective). Reddit users are constantly spilling the details of any and all drama, especially users in relationships. So let’s find out what these guys from Reddit have to say about what has embarrassed them in their relationship.

21My Immigration Status Is Causing Problems In My Relationship

“My limbo state and lack of success is putting a lot of stress on the relationship and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not better for us to just part ways so that resentment doesn’t build up while I try to get my life in order here.” SiliusSodus

This Reddit user is from out of the country and met his girlfriend while at school. Now that he has graduated his visa depends on finding work within the country. The stress of finding a job within a short amount of time has put a strain on his relationship.

We totally understand considering how much foreign policy had been in the news recently but why does it have to ruin a perfectly good relationship?

20I Have A Fear Of Attracting Women With Boyfriends

“I know it’s irrational, but I wonder if on some level I’m afraid that I attract ‘unfaithful’ women.” 19375739263839w6

This guy on Reddit posted how one girl, whom he had never really thought of before, had come on to him at a party. Thankfully he declined her because it turns out that she was in a relationship! A little bit later he started talking, and flirting, with a girl in his class. She seemed to reciprocate the feelings but she too had a boyfriend. Now he’s concerned that all girls can be going behind his back.

We get it, we’ve definitely been there. There is always some level of concern that you are going to end up in a relationship with someone who leaves you. The key is to just trust your partner (unless they actually give you a reason not to).

19I’m Married, But Still Think About Other Women

“My best friend from high school who I am no longer in touch with is pregnant and I feel both sad and guilty that I feel sad.” Zbar89

Reddit user Zbar89 confesses that he is slightly jealous that his best friend from high school is pregnant. They never actually had a relationship but he did have a crush on her way back when. Now he is happily married but still can’t stop these feelings.

Jealousy can be a relationship ender. However, this guy seems like he is not into the girl from high school. Us girls know all about projecting our feelings onto other things and people. Especially when it’s that time of the month. It seems like this guy just doesn’t know what he is actually feeling and is using the pregnancy as a mask.

18I Screenshot Our Conversations

User SunglassesEmote responded to a thread about the embarrassing things they do in a relationship. His hilarious response was,

“I took a long screenshot of our first conversation just in case when we’re old I can gloat to our kids about how their mom hit on me.” SunglassesEmote

Now, this has to be the cutest response! The meeting place might be a little awkward to tell the kids but we must say we love the intention. This guy shows that his heart is in the right place and wants this relationship to work out. Don’t we wish that all of the guys we dated were as sweet as this? Or at least that they don’t have any truly bad embarrassing dating moments.

17I Wish My Girlfriend Would Workout More

“I and my girlfriend used to work out, but I’m starting to notice that she is letting herself go. I’ve tried to tell her how I feel and she understands, however she still doesn’t hit the gym.” secret_horse

Telling your significant other that you don’t approve of their lifestyle has to be the hardest thing to do. Reddit user secret_horse shares how he wants his girlfriend to workout more and has gotten her to agree to workout with him. Unfortunately, their schedules don’t align and they aren’t able to work out together very often and she won’t go by herself.

The best way to tackle lifestyle differences is to talk to your partner about it. As long as he has honorable intentions and only wants the best for her health and not for superficial reasons.

16I’m Not Sure If I Want Another Person’s Child In My Life

“I have already basically been raising another person’s child and now a brand new baby is coming into the mix. I love my girlfriend very much but I just don’t know if I’m ready for all this and the impact it will have on our relationship.” troubleinparadise294

Have you ever had to act as a parental figure to a kid that wasn’t yours? Well, this guy might have to do this for two kids. This user explains how his girlfriend has a kid with another man who isn’t really a part of their lives. He doesn’t mind acting as a father figure to her daughter but now she might have to take temporary custody of her nephew. Not only that, but there is a good chance that this will become permanent.

It’s a noble thing to accept someone else’s kids as your own but no one is asking you to. If you are in this situation and feel uncomfortable about it then you need to communicate this rather than get more invested in the children’s lives before a potential breakup.

15I’m Embarrassed To Bring Her Back To My Place

“I’m currently living in my sister’s basement. It’s not even like a luxurious basement apartment you can still see insulation (it is covered at least) and what not and I’m extremely embarrassed to even have her over.” PeteBeats

At a certain age, you’re expected to move out on your own and become financially independent. And it can get a little embarrassing when you have to admit that you haven’t completely done that yet. Especially for this guy who wants to bring his girlfriend back to his place. The only problem is, his place is his sister’s apartment.

We get that this could be embarrassing but it is nothing to hide from your significant other. At least he doesn’t still live with his parents.

14I’m Dependent On My Girlfriend

“I became really insecure when she would be around guy friends or choose to hang out with people other than me. I would also primary look forward to and plan everything around the time we spent together.” person7453

Chances are that you know someone who tends to be very clingy whenever they are in a relationship. But sometimes it goes a little bit further and people get dependent on their partner. It goes from wanting to spend more time with your partner to needing to be with them in order to feel satisfied.

This Reddit user admits that lately, he would get uncomfortable when his girlfriend spends any time away from him. He gets jealous when she hangs out with her other friends. And the thing he looks forward to, spending more time with her. His girlfriend has tried to explain to him that she feels like he is restricting her relationships with others.

13My Girlfriend’s Boss Doesn’t Trust Me

“My girlfriend’s boss who I’ve never met assumes I’m not a good fit for her and it’s stressing me out so much it’s affecting my sleep and work.” AsteroidBomb

Has your boss ever interfered with your personal life? Well in this guys case it’s his girlfriend’s boss.

Reddit user AsteroidBomb met his current girlfriend on a dating app. He kept his profile on another dating website to help other people on the site fix their profiles and meet potential significant others themselves. He even changed his status to in a relationship and only logs in when needed to help someone.

His girlfriend told her boss and now, without even knowing him, she has decided that he might be up to no good. And even worse, her words are getting to the girlfriend.

12My Girlfriend Found Out I Saw Someone Else

“I went behind my GF’s back with another girl and don’t know why. It’s just I had everything I wanted. And still did it.” Wolf161

One of the biggest dating faux pas is seeing someone else. And finding out your partner has done so has to be the worst feeling in the world. Nobody seems to be able to come up with a clear answer of what possessed them to, but there is usually some groveling involved afterward.

This Reddit user says his girlfriend is everything he ever wanted but he still found himself kissing another girl. He wants his girlfriend back but she won’t talk to him and we totally understand why. Taking back a guy like that can be a risky move and it’s hard to learn to trust them again.

11My Wife Doesn’t Want Kids, But I Do

“I asked my wife, directly, about how she felt about having kids. She said she doesn’t want kids, because she is perfectly happy with me and our cats, she doesn’t need anything else.” AsYourDoctor

When it comes to being in a long-term relationship the key is to being on the same terms when it comes to your future. You can love someone as much as you want but if they don’t want to settle down and have kids and you desperately do then it just probably won’t work out.

Reddit user AsYourDoctor thought that he and his wife used to be on the same page. She used to say that she would have kids later in life. Now she is saying that she doesn’t want kids at all and is perfectly happy with the life they live. The problem is, the user really wants to have a kid to nurture.

10I’m Going On Vacation With My Ex

“I’m still madly in love with her. My problem now is that we had paid and planned to go to Perth Australia for 2 weeks together to stay with her brother and partner.” NZborn

Taking a vacation with your significant other can be a very special time in your life. If it is your first vacation together then it marks an important milestone in your relationship. Not to mention spending some alone time together can be very relaxing and an exciting time. But what happens when you have a trip planned together and you suddenly break up.

This is what happened to user NZborn. He and his girlfriend broke up but they had travel plans to visit some of her family in another country. She couldn’t change the plane tickets and her family says he should still come as they are very fond of him. He wants to go because he still loves her but she seems to have moved on.

9My Kids Are What’s Keeping My Marriage Together

“I often times regret having children with this woman. I love my children deeply and it’s a big reason why I stick around.” sparky1134 

Nowadays it seems like people are getting divorced all the time. But this doesn’t change the fact that this can be a very serious and scary decision. You have to decide what is right for not only you but also your family.

This Reddit user met his wife about 6 years ago when they first started dating they kept breaking up and getting back together again. His wife suggested that they get married and even though he wasn’t sure about this decision he ultimately did it. Now they have 3 kids together and he still isn’t happy with the relationship. If it wasn’t for his kids he would leave her.

8I Read My Wife’s Messages

“My wife went to business trip today and I noticed she left her laptop open on the table. I know I shouldn’t do that but it’s done now, I read her messages.” Finnjaevel1

In a relationship, you need to be able to trust your partner and give them the privacy they deserve. Watching their every move, reading private journals, and looking at their laptops and phones is just a violation of that privacy. We all know it’s wrong but some people just can’t help themselves.

This Reddit User knew it was wrong but he checked his wife’s messages on her laptop when she left for a business trip. He found a message she had sent to a group of friends explaining a harmless crush she had on a neighbor. She had done nothing to act on it but he still can’t get over it.

7I’m Scared Of How Much Time We Spend Together

“I truly feel that lately I am ever only at work or at home with my partner and it’s making me feel a lot of resentment and pent-up energy and I really don’t know what to do.” sweetdinoboy

We all know that one couple that spends all of their time together. It’s cute and all but you start to bail on your friends way more than usual and before you know it you barely hang out with anyone else.

This is the case for Reddit user sweetdinoboy. He and his girlfriend live together and it was great at first but now he finds himself either working or at home hanging with his girlfriend. He wants some space alone but they also live with a roommate. And now he’s concerned because he spends every moment with her when he’s not at work.

6 I’m Uncomfortable With My Girlfriend Paying For Me

“She wants to fly first class and stay in 4-5 star hotels. I told her that I simply could not afford that and she offered to pay for me.” vacationwoes99

Traditionally men are expected to make more money than women in the relationship and be the main financial contributor. But now it’s 2018 and things are changing. Women have started to become more empowered and are starting to rule the boardrooms. Some men still get bothered by their significant other making more than them.

This is the issue vacationwoes99 is having. He and his girlfriend have decided to plan a vacation and he can afford his half if they take cheaper flights and hotels. She, however, wants to fly first class and stay in 5-star hotels. He can’t afford this and she said she would offer to pay the difference but he is uncomfortable with her paying for his trip.

5Her Close Family Dynamic Scares Me

“Recently her mom had a health issue and she is starting to want to move back home eventually to stay close to her family. I’ve always wanted to get out and away from where I grew up for many reasons.” iamegotistic

It’s no secret that different families have their own dynamic. Some are extremely close and others only see each other for holidays, if at all. And when you and your partner have different ideas about what a family should look like it can be hard starting one of your own.

This Reddit user has never had a very close family and he has always wanted to move away from them to a different city where he could start his own family. His girlfriend has an extremely close family and they are her best friends. She wants to move back to live near her family and although this is a little bit into the future he doesn’t know if that’s what he wants. He knows her family is important to her but he’s not used to this.

4I Said Some Not So Nice Things To My Girlfriend

“We were out for my birthday and I got carried away and suddenly turned into a bad person.” elapid

Partying a little much can bring out the worst in people. People can become mean and say whatever is on their mind when they get carried away. If you don’t watch yourself you can seriously ruin some relationships.

This guy went out with his girlfriend on his birthday. He usually doesn’t have a problem with late nights but this time he went a little overboard and said some harsh words. He said that he didn’t mean them but she said she needs some space.

3 I Want My Wife To Return To Work

“My wife just does not seem interested in going back to work, but I don’t know how to bring that up with her after so long.” throwaway18821882

Some women choose to continue their career after having children but become a full-time mom is still a popular choice. This choice should be completely up to the women and not to their partners.

This Reddit user says that after he and his wife had their daughter his wife quit her job to stay at home. She has done some part-time work since having the baby but not a lot. He is beginning to resent the fact that he has to carry the family financially. Not only that but she has begun to feel down that she isn’t moving anywhere with her career. He wants to bring this up to her but doesn’t know how to do it without her getting upset.

2My Girlfriend Can Be Less Than Kind To Me

“I just keep getting worn down by being almost constantly taking her jokes too far. I don’t know what to do.”  diet_dr_kelp

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is right and wrong when it comes to ‘playful’ jokes. People can accidentally take them too far and end up hurting someone they love. Some people have different boundaries when it comes to what is acceptable and what’s hurtful.

Reddit user diet_dr_kelp has been feeling a little embarrassed because his girlfriend calls him names. Her jokes started off by calling him boring but have escalated lately. He is starting to get really offended by this and has tried to bring it up to her. She said she would stop but she has continued to call him names since they talked.

1My Girlfriend Says I Say “The Wrong Things”

“I try to comfort her and say it’s a part of her past and I’ll be supportive and help you out in any way. She appreciates it but she told me that she’s not sure this is going to work because when she told me her personal backstory I ‘said the wrong thing’.” JumpyReplacement

When you are in a relationship you often have to deal with other people’s insecurities and issues. For some situations, there is not much you can do other than offer them support and try to help them with their everyday tasks.

This is what user JumpyReplacement has been dealing with his girlfriend. She came clean about some issues she was dealing with and he wants to continue to love and support her. He has tried to offer her mental support and has done little things for her ever since. She told him that she appreciates his efforts but she’s not sure if it will work out because she believes that his response wasn’t correct.