25 Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy Every Day

Looking for ways to make your boyfriend happy?

Well, that’s a really sweet gesture.

After all, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is the ability for both partners to look for new ways to keep each other happy all the time.

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Wanting to make your boyfriend happy is very sweet of you.

And you’ll know just how to do that right here.

But always remember the one thing that makes love so special.

It’s mutual. And it should never be one sided.

Don’t ever go out of your way to make someone happy, unless they’re doing the same for you.

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How to make your boyfriend happy every day

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend happy everyday in little ways that can help him realize how special and wonderful you are, use these 25 ways.

#1 What first attracted him to you? Enhance that. If it’s your hair, your smile or your perfect body, look for ways to let him see more of it so he remembers just how awesome you are.

#2 Help him with his life. Guys behave manly, but sometimes, they’re all a mess in their personal lives. Motivate him and help him achieve his goals by talking about his dreams.

#3 Indulge in romantic gestures. There’s nothing that can feel more special than a sweet gesture out of the blue. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

#4 Don’t make him feel insecure. Guys hate feeling insecure. And instead of acknowledging it or accepting that they feel insecure, they’ll act cranky or start avoiding you. It’s a guy thing. Avoid making a guy feel insecure and he’ll love you more. [Read: How to deal with insecurity in a relationship]

#5 Don’t let him take you for granted. Insecurity and taking someone for granted are exact opposites. If he feels too secure, he’ll start to take you for granted. Avoid being too accommodating for him or he’ll get bored of you.

#6 Ask for his help. Ask for his help at the right times. By asking for his help the right way, he’ll feel better about himself and appreciate you more. [Read: How to ask your man for help by being the perfect damsel]

#7 Hug him tight for no reason. Guys melt like butter when it comes to sweet affectionate moments. He may not always initiate it, but if you run up to him and hug him tightly out of the blue, he’ll love the way you feel in his arms.

#8 Indulge in PDA. Most guys don’t care about public display of affection. But they love it when their sexy girlfriend clings to their arm or kisses them on the cheek in public. [Read: Public display of affection rules you need to follow]

#9 Let him know about other guys you meet. You may meet a lot of guys now and then. But whenever it’s possible, let him know about the guys you meet. If he ever bumps into another guy with you, he’ll feel more confident and secure if he already knows about that guy.

#10 Always give him first preference. Don’t ignore him when there are other guys around. This is one of the biggest things you need to remember if you want to keep your boyfriend happy. Make him feel like your man and he’ll appreciate you more.

#11 Let him know you trust him. Have faith in your boyfriend and let him know you trust him. When a man knows his woman trusts him, he gets more attached to her and takes more initiatives to keep her happy.

#12 Be willing to experiment in bed. Guys love a girl who can be a freak in bed. But if you’re not ready for something, you really don’t have to bother with it. If he loves you, he’ll understand that you’re not ready. And there are so many things to try anyways! [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

#13 Tease your boyfriend. Don’t always give in too easily. You’ll be boring. Make him work for you and any sexual favors. It’ll make him respect you more and take you seriously, which matters a lot in love.

#14 Give him his space. If you want to make your boyfriend happy, learn to give him his space. Men need some time off everyday just to be by themselves. [Read: The right way to give space in a relationship]

#15 Be his shoulder to lean on. Hold his chin up for him when he’s down. Instead of talking about his mistake, help him overcome it.

#16 Don’t prolong a fight. Fights and arguments in relationships can tire both of you and leave both of you feeling hurt and miserable. Try to sort out any differences as soon as possible.

#17 Look good for him. Guys are immediately attracted to a girl who looks good. Your boyfriend is no different. Dress well and look sexy when you’re with him and you’ll make his day.

#18 Wear sexy lingerie in bed. If both of you share an intimate relationship with each other, learn to dress well and look like a sex goddess in bed. His awkward grin will never disappear! [Read: How to dress for sex]

#19 Get along with his friends and family. Girls spend a lot of time with their girlfriends, but guys share a deeper bond with their own friends. Try to get along with the friends he likes and make them like you back for the warm and friendly person you are.

#20 Be a guy when you have to. As girly as your guy may want you to be, he would love a girl who can tie her hair up and behave like a guy when she has to. [Read: How to think like a man and impress your guy]

#21 Compliment him. Guys love a compliment. Be genuine and tell him about what you like about him, sexually, physically and mentally. He’ll always remember it.

#22 Make him feel special. Remember his important days and tasks, and remind him about it beforehand. Do something nice for him out of the blue like cooking him a fancy dinner or buying a good looking tee shirt for no reason at all.

#23 Don’t put him down in front of others. Guys have huge egos, but they’re extremely fragile too. If you constantly put him down in front of others or insult him, the first thing he’ll do is run into the arms of another girl who treats him better.

#24 Give a good blowjob. Guys like their girlfriends to be talented and bold in bed. You can be coy everywhere else, but in bed, show off your moves and let him know how dirty and sexy you can really be. [Read: Blowjob confessions of a good girl]

#25 Be a fun girl. Have a cheerful approach to life and look for ways to have a laugh. Be spontaneous and cheerful around your boyfriend and it’ll definitely make your boyfriend happy.

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Use these 25 tips on how to make your boyfriend happy and you’ll have him grinning from ear to ear every time he sees you. And the best part, it’ll also show him how wonderful and special you really are!


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