25 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For

A successful relationship needs many things.

But all said and done, what matters most is knowing that you’re wanted and desired in the relationship.

If you don’t feel appreciated or loved in a relationship, would you ever feel happy to stay in it?

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How to make your guy feel appreciated

If you want to have a long lasting and successful relationship, one of the key aspects you need to keep in mind is to make him feel special in the relationship.

Make your boyfriend feel loved in the relationship, and he’ll feel wanted and desired in the relationship.

And when he feels desired by you, his love for you will grow, and he’ll be more eager to please you and win your affection back too.

Don’t be nice to your boyfriend with the sole intention of getting him to reciprocate your gestures and affection back at you.

Do it selflessly because you want to. After all, that’s the way true love works. Give something unconditionally because you want to, and if your partner truly loves you back, they’ll reciprocate with more love and affection than you gave them!

25 ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for

Here are 25 ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for in a relationship that you could use. They’re easy and really effective, and a great way to let your sweetheart know just how much he means to you!

#1 White lie now and then. Sugarcoat the truth and say something sweeter to him now and then. Tell your boyfriend that your friends think you’re lucky to have a boyfriend who’s as sweet and nice as him. It’ll make him feel good because, really, everyone likes to hear a word or two of appreciation, don’t they? [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget!]

#2 Admire him. If you like something about him, be it his appearance or the way he treats you, don’t just take it for granted. Tell him about it. It’ll make him feel proud, and he’ll feel more loved because you noticed it!

#3 Be honest with him. Don’t lie to your boyfriend unless you really have no choice. Honesty is a sign of trust, and it makes your boyfriend feel like you trust him and respect him enough to confide in him about anything. [Read: How to get over trust issues in a relationship]

#4 Help him accomplish his goals. Your boyfriend helps you out of a sticky situation, doesn’t he? Return the favor and be his support and helping hand when he needs help or needs a word of advice and inspiration. He’d feel really cared for knowing that you’re by his side, and willing to support him through his difficult time.

#5 Bad habits. Does your boyfriend dislike or hate any of your bad habits, be it smoking, procrastination, or your laziness? If he tells you about it, try your best to get rid of those habits that annoy him. After all, it’s bad for you, and you can do it for his sake, and let him know that you’re doing it for him. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend]

#6 Don’t make him feel small. If you want to make your boyfriend feel appreciated, don’t ever make him feel small over something he can’t directly control like the money he makes or something else that he’s sensitive about. It would hurt him, and it would make him feel more alone and distant from you.

#7 Respect his space. You’re dating him, but that doesn’t mean he belongs to you and shouldn’t have a life of his own. Give him space to have his own fun, spend time with his own friends and lead his own life too. And giving him the space he wants will also make him miss you and fall more in love with you. [Read: 16 ways to make him want you more than ever]

#8 Be playful. Playfulness and childish behavior may seem silly, but it’s one of those big things that keep a relationship fresh and exciting. Pull his leg, tease him and fool around with each other. The more fun you have in love, the happier and more appreciated your boyfriend will feel.

#9 Give him a nickname. Give your boyfriend a pet name that strokes his ego. It could be about the size of his manhood or about some physical trait or some positive behavior of his. Each time you call him by this pet name that makes him feel good about himself, he’ll feel happier to be in love with a wonderful girl like you. [Read: Ideas to pick the perfect unique pet name for your guy]

#10 Understand him better. Try to get to know the things that piss him off or make him happy. Connect with him emotionally, and he’ll feel like you know him better than anyone else in the world. [Read: 50 relationship questions to improve your compatibility]

#11 Sacrifices. Make little sacrifices for him if making those sacrifices won’t hurt you in any manner. Your display of unconditional love will only make him realize just how much you love him and care about him. [Read: A cute story of a boy’s unconditional love]

#12 Introductions. When you introduce him to your friends, introduce him to them like he means the world to you. Show him off in front of others and he’ll feel more appreciated than you can imagine!

#13 Express yourself. Express your love for him verbally and physically. Let him hear and know just how happy you are to be dating a wonderful guy like him, and just how lucky you feel to be wrapped in his arms.

#14 Sex appeal. Guys are pretty shallow when it comes to falling for a girl at first sight. But that doesn’t mean you don’t find anything attractive about him, does it? Tell him how sexy he is, and how attractive he looks when he wears something that looks great on him. [Read: How men fall in love – The 7 stages for guys]

#15 Love yourself. Don’t make yourself invisible and pretend like you’re a nobody without him. Don’t downplay yourself and make yourself feel like you’re the last of his priorities. Love yourself and be proud of how awesome you are. Do that, and he’ll respect you and feel lucky to date a girl as awesome as you.

#16 Naughty you! Dress up and look sexy. Wear naughty clothes and role play with him. Tease him, try a new outfit or a wig, and dress up like a nurse, a sailor or an air hostess and seduce him in bed. The naughtier you are, the lower his jaws will drop when he sees you doing the sexy act! [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl]

#17 Tease him. Send him a sexy text or two, snap a sexy photo wearing your new lingerie and send it to him *using an app that self destructs the photo in about 5 seconds*. The more naughtier and sexier you are, the harder it’ll be for him to keep his hands and eyes off of you! [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a dirty conversation]

#18 Little things in love. Surprise him with little acts of thoughtfulness and love, like bringing him home takeaway food when you eat out at a restaurant, or stopping at a place he likes to pick something special for him now and then when he least expects it. It’s the little things that always make us feel most loved and appreciated in a relationship.

#19 Brag about him. Speak highly of him and his achievements when you talk about him with your friends, your family or even his own family. He may feel embarrassed by your words, but deep inside, all his heart would be screaming is ‘I love you!’

#20 Enjoy sex. *Or dry humping if you’re still a virgin* Don’t be a prude. For a guy, making love is a sign of intimacy. So if you want a guy to feel special, try something from his fantasy in bed every now and then and blow his mind away.

#21 Participate in his life. Show interest in his hobbies and make him feel involved in your likes and hobbies. The more you involve yourself in his life and let him see that you’re willing to change your likes and dislikes for him, the more he’ll feel appreciated and be willing to change himself for you.

#22 Initiate sex. Don’t always be the one to lie still in bed when he climbs on top of you. Initiate sex and make him feel like you find him irresistible and oh-so-hot! Get on top of him, take control and ride him like you can’t keep your hands off him. [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it!]

#23 Don’t make him feel insecure. Insecurity is good in a new relationship to make him desire you badly. But as the weeks turn to months, avoid making him feel insecure by dating other guys or flirting outrageously with someone else when he’s around. The more you make him feel insecure, the more he may love you, but deep inside, he’d hate the way you make him feel so weak and pained all the time.

#24 Don’t nag him. Guys just hate that! Don’t nitpick everything he does and constantly pick faults in him and the way he behaves. He is who he is, after all. Take it easy and be a little more accommodating and forgiving in picking his flaws. If it’s something you really think he should change, talk to him about it in an understanding manner. Yelling at him or insulting him about it definitely won’t help.

#25 Ask him for advice. Asking a guy for advice is one of the best ways to make him feel appreciated in the relationship. It’ll make his chest swell up with pride, especially when he’s knowledgeable about it. And it’ll make him feel really good about himself to see that you look towards him for help and advice in your life.

Want to know how to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for in your relationship? Just use these 25 tips and they’ll definitely work the magic in your relationship!


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