27 Signs You Are Ready For a Relationship

All relationships start from within you. It takes a part of you to be able to connect with someone other than yourself. You need to be emotionally stable to form a relationship. So my question is, are you emotionally ready? Do you think if someone sweeps you off your feet right now, you are ready to get to know the other person?

Take a deep breath. Find your inner self and reassess it. Ask yourself if you have these signs or traits of someone who is ready to be in a relationship.

1. You are happy being single. You are able to enjoy life and make yourself happy on your own because you are strong enough to live by yourself.

2. You know how to put others first before you. Relationships are all about compromises and sacrifice. You know that the other person’s happiness is as much as important as your own and you’re willing to make their interests first before yours.

3. You are comfortable enough with the idea of being with someone else other than your friends and family. That’s means willing to share your time and space with them.

4. You want to be in a relationship, not because you need to. There’s a difference.

5. You are not looking for someone who will complete you because you are more than enough to complete yourself. You want to be in a relationship not because you want to receive love but because you want to share love with them.

6. You have forgiven your ex. You have accepted that it’s already in the past and you can move forward.

7. You are happy and not resentful towards happy couples and people in love.

8. You are not expecting a perfect relationship.

9. You are not looking or waiting. You know it will come.

10. You are confident with yourself because you know your worth and you are not willing to settle for less or conform to what the society expects you to be.

11. You don’t need a relationship in order to be happy because you know that being in a relationship means sharing your happiness with them and not seeking one from them.

12. You have accepted the fact that you might end up with someone you least expected and you’re okay with it because you have practiced the idea of accepting people for who they are.

13. You know what you want and do not want in a relationship.


14. You know there is no such thing as the ‘right’ moment to meet someone. You know it will just take you by surprise.

15. You are not afraid to put yourself out there and you are willing to take risks for it.

16. You are not afraid of being single. You know who you are, what you want and you don’t let fear and loneliness take over.

17. You know that communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship. You can open up to someone and be okay with it. You are also a good listener.

18. You are ready to enter someone’s life and letting someone into yours too.

19. You are willing to try and make it work. But if not, you know its okay to let go.

20. You don’t have a set of standards for a potential partner. You are more than contented with the idea of finding someone to love and share life with.

21. You are ready to get to know someone other than yourself.


22. Change is something that doesn’t scare you. Instead, you take it as a challenge to grow more.

23. You are tired of flirting and playing games. You want commitment in a relationship.

24. You have plans for the future and that you have already thought about sharing it with the other person.

25. You are financially independent. You are not planning to enter into a relationship mainly to have a partner who can buy the stuff you want and need.

26. You don’t need someone who will ‘save’ you. Leave the cliché to the movies. You can only give love if you love yourself. Give and take is what relationship is all about.

27. You want God to be the center of the relationship. Because with God everything is possible and will fall into places.

You should be someone who’s firm and capable of holding on your own before entering into a relationship. It is not easy to give love if you don’t love yourself first. So, be someone who can both love and give love.


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