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No woman wants to be seen as too tacky or in need. The last thing she wants is to beg you to love her and give her attention, because let’s be realistic, it would be hopeless.

This is why she will keep quiet about certain little things that she would like you to do for her.

These are all things that don’t take a lot of effort but will help make your girlfriend happy.

But you don’t read minds and can’t know what your girlfriend wants if she doesn’t say it out loud, right?

Well, that’s why we’re here to show you 4 things that every girlfriend secretly wants her boyfriend to do but will never ask.

1. Cuddling without it leading to s**x

Women love s**x as much as men, there is no doubt about it. But sometimes there are more intimate things that a couple can do outside of s**x.

Sometimes we just want to cuddle without it leading to anything else and without feeling compelled to return the favor.

Believe me, your girlfriend would like you to spontaneously kiss her with passion.

She likes to fall asleep in your arms and she likes how protected she feels when you hold her in your arms until she falls asleep.

She will appreciate that you hold her hand or gently stroke her hair.

She likes to see you show her any kind of affection because for us it is a sign that you care about us and that you see us as more than a s**xual object.

But she will probably never ask you directly to do these things because she is waiting for you to do them yourself.

2. Be surprised

Not all women expect you to buy expensive gifts or take them on a date.

They don’t need to surprise you with a candlelit dinner or bubble bath every other night.

They don’t need big gestures out of an old-fashioned * comedy.

But every woman likes little surprises, especially if it’s something special for both of you. We like to know that you are thinking of us even if it is not our anniversary.

We like to know that you listened when you were told that we liked these shoes months ago or that you thought about buying a book from our favorite author.

Remember that what counts is the effort.

Your girlfriend will be delighted if you bring her breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning or if you take her to see her favorite group in concert.

3. That you talk about your feelings

It is a fact that women are known to be much more expressive about their feelings than men.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like hearing our other half talk to us about their emotions.

No, she will not consider you less a man if you tell her “I love you”. It will not use your weaknesses and vulnerabilities against you.

Instead, she will be delighted to see that you have started to open up to her.

So please don’t be afraid to express your feelings to your girlfriend.

That doesn’t mean you have to tell her how much you love her every day or that you have to be too * – just make sure she always feels loved and wanted.

4. Let Her be included in your life

Your girlfriend knows you need space. She knows you had a life before her and she has no plans to spend every second of her free time with you.

But it’s good when she sees that you need to include it in your life. It’s good when she sees that you want to introduce her to your family or that you invite them out to your friends from time to time.

She wants to feel like a part of you and she wants to be accepted.

Of course, this is something your girlfriend will never ask you to do because the last thing she wants is for you to feel like she is choking on you.

She doesn’t want to feel like you’re forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do, but she will certainly feel emotionally neglected if you don’t make the effort to include it in your daily life.