July2 , 2022

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You have to face some clashes with more maturity, especially with people who are trying to be honest with you and feel, in response, made fun of you.

It’s OK to want to downplay some issues, but not always.

You have to take some speeches a lot more seriously, not all of them, but some yes, don’t just give answers to get out clean, but answer in the right way, honestly, saying what you really think.


Admit your mistakes even if you are still not sure that you have actually made a mistake.

When you have clarified everything, even with yourself, you can take your revenge if necessary.

Until then you can resist wanting to have to be right.

One of your worst faults is just thinking of owning the universal vision of everything and being too arrogant to put it into practice.

Those in front of you often do not even bother to reiterate, not because they have no reason, but because they do not think it’s worth it!


A rather restrictive day from the emotional point of view, in the sense that you will not have the time or the opportunity to enjoy certain moments or to experience certain sensations.

It will not be your fault or the fault of others, but you will simply not have time.

You can recover it partially in the evening, but it will not be the same thing.

You will only be able to resume your most intimate discourses and to feel, in whole or in part, those emotions of which you have had to be deprived.


You have chosen different projects to carry on, but that of today will not be so impossible or so incredible.

You only have to try to put into practice all that you have learned and that will surely be fundamental for the success of your projects.

You can think very carefully about the future to be preferred, but in any case there will not be anything that you can’t do according to simple measures, which you already know, you must only do it and never slow down, at least today. The New Moon in Libra is bringing some emotional energies. If we can stay grounded and balance our inner self, we will be able to ride this storm!