June26 , 2022

55 rules about love to follow


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1. When he/she arrives, cherish him/her.

2. You will get what you accept.

3. Love is a mirror, it will show us who we are if we allow it.

4. We are the only ones who can make ourselves happy, it is not the responsibility of the other person.

5. Don’t say words with the intention of hurting.

6. Accept and forgive easily.

7. Don’t be afraid to disagree, this is totally normal and healthy.

8. Never be too busy for each other.

9. Do not hold a grudge.

10. Accept honest criticism, it’s good for your growth.

11. Recognize when you are wrong.

12. Support yourself when the going gets tough.

13. Live in the moment, be present.

14. Leave the past where it is.

15. Leave no room for drama.

16. Don’t try to control your partner.

17. Allow a little jealousy.

18. Do not use comparisons.

19. Celebrate the differences.

20. Communicate openly and honestly.

21. Listen very carefully.

22. Don’t judge.

23. Do not manipulate to get results.

24. Learn and grow.

25. Don’t try to change yourself.

26. Don’t condemn each other’s family and friends.

27. Admire its flaws and imperfections.

28. Trust your intuition, but don’t be paranoid.

29. Do not compromise your morals and your values.

30. Aim for balance instead of power.

31. It takes space to breathe and grow.

32. Accept everyone’s uniqueness, never compare.

33. Have fun, laugh, and play a lot.

34. Be each other’s best friend.

35. Do not play games of the mind.

36. Don’t casually throw away love.

37. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts.

38. Compliment your partner often.

39. Discover each other.

40. Pay attention and understand what is not said.

41. Do at least one romantic, thoughtful thing every day.

42. Have picnics and sleep under the stars.

43. Show small gestures of love, don’t just talk.

44. Walk together, cook together, wash together, read together.

45. Do not be afraid, love requires compromise.

46. ​​Be loyal and faithful.

47. Trust your partner.

48. Be grateful.

49. Accept the change.

50. Don’t sleep by staying on an argument.

51. Learn to let go.

52. Find out what excites you both and explore it.

53. Do not neglect intimate relationships.

54. Give and receive without measure.

55. Never gamble with what you cannot afford to lose.