August13 , 2022




There are women who constantly attract the wrong type of men.

Let’s clear one thing already – these are the men who have a problem.

But however, there must be something that pushes them to run in your arms, right?

It can’t be just a coincidence.

Let’s think about it. What could be the reasons why so many poisonous men are attracted to you?

Here are some of the possibilities:

1. Your self-confidence is low

They notice that you don’t like yourself as they should and therefore feel that they can do the same.

It is easy to become the victim of someone and enter a toxic vicious circle when you do not love yourself enough.

Toxic men are afraid of women with high self-esteem because they know they have high and solid standards for men.

It is for this reason that they are attracted to women who lack confidence.

2. You are too kind

Toxic men will benefit. They know you will not be the one to complain or give them back what they deserve.

Being too kind, too polite, and too understanding is your way of telling them, “You can continue to behave like an asshole.” And trust me, they will.

3. You are too empathetic

It is often said that opposites attract each other. From a certain point of view, it may seem * but in the case before us here, it is quite the opposite.

A poisonous guy will find in an empathetic girl the best victim because she will patiently listen to each of her problems.

If you have an empathetic soul, you will sympathize and feel an urgent need to help it.

Most of them lie and play like real professional actors, just to get a little compassion, and turn the situation around in the way that suits them. But, you will end up paying the price.

4. You are known to “fix” people

You have passionate images in your mind that love can move mountains and change everything.

You believe that your love and your help can really have a positive effect on him and that he will eventually change.

But guess what – it will never happen! Toxic and damaged people have problems that must be solved by professionals and not by their partner.

5. You were disappointed with love

Perhaps you have suffered once too much. It is difficult to heal a broken heart.

Toxic men sense these things and are attracted to them because they know they will be more successful in taking advantage of someone whose vision of love is biased.

You fall in love with them because they are deceitful and know very well that they can trap you because of your fragility.

6. You have trouble setting limits

You are not strong enough to impose limits from the start.

Maybe it’s because you don’t want to hurt it and/or because you’re the type of person who avoids conflict.

Again, it is your insecurities that make you vulnerable. You must be able to say enough is enough and defend yourself against toxic people.

7. They see you as their only hope for change

Toxic men are attracted to such and such a woman because they see in them an opportunity to improve.

In some cases, they realize that they have to change their toxic habits and that is why they choose women with a healthy lifestyle.

But unfortunately, it’s not as encouraging as it sounds because toxic men always end up going back to their deviant behaviors.