A Confident Woman Does These 15 Things No Matter What In A Relationship

The self-assured women do things differently than her insecure sisters. There is just something in the way she approaches a relationship that sets her apart from the rest. She carries herself in a way that commands attention and she somehow always gets the respect that she deserves. Her relationships are totally fulfilling and her man never has a wandering eye.

When it comes to the ways of the heart, confident women seem to know a secret. They have that certain spark and charm that makes them totally irresistible to men. What do they know that other women don’t? What makes their life so special? It’s simple really. They all have healthy self-esteem. So, what does it take to be in total control of your love life?

We can all learn from these bold ladies and change our perspective on relationships. It’s time to raise our standards and not take anything less than we know we deserve. With just a little bit of reflection and a whole lot of moxie, every woman can overcome her insecurities to find a man worthy of her affections. A happy relationship is out there waiting, it just takes a little bit of gumption to discover your self-worth. We can all grow from learning 15 things a confident woman does no matter what in a relationship.

15She Knows Her Own Worth

The single most important thing that a confident woman does in a relationship is to know her own worth. A healthy self-esteem goes a long way and a lady who values herself is going to demand respect from a partner. If a man respects a woman, it eliminates many problems that often arise in bad relationships. He’ll speak kindly and act trustworthy. You’ll notice that he communicates often and shows affection.

The self-assured woman requires her man to step up and won’t put up with any mess that an immature guy attempts to bring to the table. She doesn’t have time to play games and isn’t afraid to let someone know when they’re mistreating her. It’s time to be the queen that you know you are. Trust me, the right man will treat you like royalty.

14She Doesn’t Over-Think The Relationship

Let’s face it — when it comes to relationships men can often be like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. They’re not the best at communicating and it can be all too easy for a woman to find herself over-thinking things. The confident woman doesn’t waste her time sitting around and analyzing her partner.

A lady who is secure in herself knows she is worthy of love and doesn’t question if a guy is really into her. They don’t need a man to tell them what they’re worth, so they don’t get anxious when their significant other gives mixed signals. So, quit questioning every move he makes and just assume that he loves you. Before long, your doubts will subside and you’ll have a much happier relationship.

13She Knows When To Say No

There is a fine art to knowing when to say no. A confident woman sets healthy boundaries and doesn’t allow herself be taken advantage of. She puts her own emotional needs first and no amount of guilt or pressure from a partner can make her do something that she’s not interested in doing. A high self-esteem means that you don’t put a man’s needs before your own.

If a guy seems to lose interest, a strong woman doesn’t go out of her way to do something just to keep him around. She knows that she doesn’t have to put up with being disrespected or treated poorly. Don’t be afraid to slam the brakes on a relationship if a guy is asking too much of you. If he can’t handle hearing the word “no” then he’s not the man for you.

12She Holds On to Her Identity

The confident woman doesn’t lose her identity when she’s in a relationship. Nothing in the world could make her change who she is, no matter how amazing a guy might be. This means that she holds on to her passions and carves out time for her personal hobbies. She maintains friendships and makes time to go out with her girls, now and again.

Not only that, but she absolutely doesn’t pretend to like something just because her partner is into it. An independent woman can’t be molded into what her significant other may want them to be. The key is to be so sure in who you are that you don’t waver from your convictions or allow anyone to influence how you think and feel.

11She’s Never Afraid To Express Herself

A woman who is secure in herself isn’t afraid to tell people how she feels. If someone does her wrong, she’ll totally call them out. A confident partner doesn’t hide her feelings when she’s in a relationship and knows exactly how to express herself. She is straightforward and doesn’t play passive-aggressive mind games.

All too often, insecure women hide their true feelings and end up pouting. Either that or their repressed feelings finally bubble over the surface and she explodes. It’s better to just be open with your thoughts and emotions. If a man can’t handle how you feel, then he’s not worth staying with. A real man is willing to listen and validate your feelings. So, don’t hold back. Chances are, he’ll be more open to you as well.

10She Knows What She Wants

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows exactly what she wants. A strong woman goes into a relationship with high expectations. She knows what makes her tick and demands that her significant other fulfills her needs. Time is precious and a confident woman isn’t going to waste her time with a man who isn’t right for her.

For the most part, self-assured ladies have learned from past relationships and don’t plan on making the same mistake twice. That means that they hold themselves and lovers to high standards. It’s best to figure out exactly what works for you and don’t take anything less. Your relationships will be more meaningful and you will avoid a lot of bad dates if you go into the whole thing with unwavering conviction.

9She Doesn’t Ever Settle

On the same note, a self-reliant woman doesn’t ever settle. Once she’s established what she requires in a relationship, she has no problem leaving if he doesn’t live up to her standards. The confident woman is quick to express how she feels and if he doesn’t respond, she’ll call things off. It’s one thing to give a person a second chance and it another thing altogether to continue to be mistreated.

If a woman finds herself lowering her expectations to be with someone, it’s probably time to move on. She may often feel neglected or end up overlooking behaviors that she knows in her heart are just wrong. An independent lady knows when to bow out and totally doesn’t allow herself to be stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

8She Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

Self-assured women don’t hold grudges when they’re in a relationship. If a man is willing to talk things out or admit when they’re wrong, it’s best to let past mistakes go. If a woman holds onto anger and negativity, it’s a huge drain of energy, and can completely take all the joy out of a relationship. Healthy people don’t keep score. Resentments can linger under the surface and come out in nasty ways.

If the problem just can’t be overcome, an independent woman will cut loose and move on. If she’s not ready to give up on the relationship, she’ll spearhead and suss out the solution from her partner. The right person will be open to discussing the issue until all bad feelings are resolved. If they’ve done something unforgivable, they aren’t good boyfriend material anyway.

7She Is Willing To Say Sorry When It’s Deserved

It takes a big woman to be able to admit when she’s wrong. Confident ladies take responsibility when they make a mistake and aren’t afraid to say sorry. It’s all too easy to place the blame or become defensive when things go sideways in a relationship. The self-reliant woman has nothing to prove and is willing to apologize when she’s in the wrong.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that a lady should say sorry just to smooth things over. If a guy messed up, they should be the one to apologize. A strong woman knows when it’s her turn to make things right and when it’s not. The key is to learn from mistakes and have a heart that is willing to ask for forgiveness when it’s deserved.

6She’s In Touch With Her Sensual Side

When it comes to the ways of the heart, a confident woman is totally in touch with her sensual side. Once a girl feels safe and secure, she can let her hair down and be seductive when she needs to be. A man can’t resist a woman who flashes a bold come-hither smile. She accepts her flaws and has no shame in flaunting her stuff.

The self-assured lady can use her feminine wiles to make her man stop and take notice. She’s not shy and knows exactly how to please her man. On top of that, she knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Open communication is key when it comes to romance and when chemistry takes over, a woman with confidence is totally ready to play when the mood is right.

5She Never Begs For Attention

A woman with healthy self-esteem doesn’t beg for attention from her man. She goes into the relationship knowing that she’s adored. The confident woman doesn’t look to others for validation so she commands attention without even having to ask for it. She feels secure in herself and doesn’t smother her boyfriend.

On the other hand, she doesn’t stick around if she feels neglected. It’s better to leave than act desperate and a strong woman doesn’t have to stick around if she doesn’t feel cherished. It’s a delicate balance and only a lady who truly knows herself will hold out until she gets what she needs from a relationship. If a girl has to ask for reassurance, it’s totally time to move on and not waste any more time.

4She Makes Time For Her Own Friends

A woman who is secure in herself will continue to make time for her own friends, even if she’s in a serious relationship. It can be easy to neglect the other important people in life when true love blooms but it’s crucial to maintain friendships. The confident lady doesn’t lose herself in her boyfriend and forget her girlfriends. She makes time to go out on the town with her squad.

On top of that, she should feel comfortable enough with her man to bring him around her friends and vice versa. If a man won’t introduce his girlfriend to his crew, then there might be a problem. Relationships are all about balance and when other friendships continue to be fostered, everyone will be happier in the end.

3She Depends On Herself

There is nothing sassier than a woman who can totally take care of herself. She’s in a relationship because she genuinely loves a man, not because she needs him. Self-assurance means that a lady depends on herself to feel complete. She has self-love and doesn’t need a guy to validate her. Nothing can make her doubt her instincts and she listens to her intuition.

Insecure people look to others far too often and care what other people think. To have confidence means that shes hold down her own things, especially it comes to money, friendships, or her career. She has personal goals that don’t involve her partner and she works hard to achieve them on her own. In a perfect world, her significant other would totally support her personal endeavors.

2She Fully Trusts Her Man

Once a man has proved himself to be trustworthy, a strong woman will fully trust him. This means that she gives him the benefit of the doubt and believes what he says. She doesn’t go through his phone when he’s asleep or stalks him when he goes out with his friends. The confident woman doesn’t feel threatened or get jealous of her significant other’s time away from her.

She feels secure enough in herself and the relationship to have faith in her partner. She looks for the best in him and will settle for nothing less. It can be all too easy for a lady to be paranoid when she feels insecure and accuse her man of wrongdoing. A healthy relationship is one where both parties have total confidence in the other.

1But She’s Not Afraid To Break Up If She’s Not Happy

The culmination of this entire list comes down to one crucial thing that confident women do in relationships, they aren’t afraid to break up with a guy if they aren’t happy. If they don’t feel treasured, valued, or respected, they simply won’t stay in an unhealthy relationship. Additionally, they don’t blame themselves if a relationship fails. The self-assured woman will pick up the pieces and move on.

She won’t look back and take the lessons learned with her into the next relationship. It’s all about loving yourself and requiring your partner to love you in a way that you deserve. Hopefully, there is a man out there willing to put the work into maintaining a flourishing connection with you. Don’t take anything less. You’re totally worth it!

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