Self -Introduction


Wajahat Ali – Software Engineer & Professional Blogger


Let me Introduce My Self first !

My Name Is Syed Wajahat Ali Zaidi . I am  27 years old and I am a Software engineer .I have personally alot of visions and i use to work on it daily . I am Hard worker because i beleive ”

  • “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success. …”
  • “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. …”



I Follow these two quotes in my life daily and it works as miracle in my life really because its a fact .

As Mention i have so many Visions it includes website blogging as well therefore i do so many researches and whenever i find out new or very attractive topics i blog it in my website .

i write with my mind and pure soul because honestly you should follow what is based on truth and when you find out truth act on it because you will never get another chance once you lose it !

To be a blogger and freelancer was the dream of my life

I started my experience with a lot of skills in different platform of working and gain a lot of well experience as well as i started worked on freelancer and many other different platform where as i work as a blogger also or content writer therefore i started researches by my self and create my own blogging website where i myself can committed to creating and promoting your thoughts , your imagination , your future scope , career strength & etc  for all ages throughout the community to connect, network, educate and learn as well


Here !

The Vision of Hard work is to provided you with a truth based guide and tools for you to plan a clear vision for creating even greater enjoyment , accomplishment and fulfillment in your life 2018 & beyond .. !!

Kind regards,