Are You A Relationship Girl Or Not Based On Your Sign

There are some women who dream of being in love and are basically the definition of hopeless romantics… and then there are those who would rather do anything than commit. You probably know which one you are, at least deep down, but you might try to pretend to be something that you’re not because you think it makes things easier. Of course, that only creates a great big mess in the end, so it’s definitely best to embrace your true nature and personality. What’s one way to figure out if you should be searching for a serious relationship or if you should be playing the field? You can look to your zodiac sign. Your sign can tell you so many awesome and useful things. Read to find out whether or not you’re a relationship girl. Knowing this truth about yourself just might make your love life a whole lot easier… and everyone wants that.

12Aquarius: Yes

If this is your sign, then you’re in luck because you are absolutely a relationship girl. In fact, you absolutely love having someone in your corner and to share your life with. You are a fiercely loyal person once you find someone that you care about, so as long as they treat you right, you will be there forever. Since nothing excites you more than meeting a smart guy that you can actually have a real conversation with, as long as you can talk to your partner about anything and everything, you will be all good. Some people might think that you don’t express yourself well or act like you like them when you actually do. That’s just because you’re not going to wear your heart on your sleeve. At first, you will be careful and cautious about who you give your heart to. Once you get to know them and know that they are trustworthy, you will be all in.

11Pisces: No

Although you are a super sweet, caring person who loves talking about how you feel and helping others, you’re not actually one for relationships. Okay, scratch that: you’re not one for long-term relationships. You are cool with dating someone for a short period of time and it’s not like you need to date around — you can date them exclusively. But you don’t really want to be with anyone for an extended period of time. The truth is that you don’t like being by yourself, so the single life isn’t something that appeals to you. That’s why you’ve always got a new boyfriend and are constantly telling your best friends about the great new guy in your life. They know that it’s only a matter of time before you dump this person and move onto the next… because with you, there is always someone who has caught your eye.

10Aries: It Depends

On the one hand, you fall hard when you fall for someone. On the other, you are quick to be in a crappy mood, you have a serious competitive nature, and most importantly, you really like being intimate with someone. Since you are so comfortable with yourself and your body, that could spell trouble for any guy who wants to be in a serious relationship with you. It’s not totally impossible and whether you will agree to commit will depend on how you are feeling about the person in particular and the situation in general. Yup, you are one complicated person, but that’s what makes you who you are. If you do agree to be with someone, you will be all in, but only if it makes total sense to you. You’re not going to leap into a new relationship just because you have feelings for someone. You would rather think carefully about what’s going on.

9Taurus: Yes

You are totally cool with being in a a relationship girl if your zodiac sign is Taurus. After all, your ruling planet is Venus and that stands for love (along with some other awesome things like beauty, attraction, and creativity). When you date a guy, you want to be loyal to him and you expect the same. You are not a big fan of shorter flings or short-term relationships. And you’re definitely not a casual dater. Nope. You want to be in love and you want it to last. There is only one catch: when you commit to someone, you want them to be as traditional as you are, and you really care about their morals and values. You are all about tradition and love being close to your family so you expect the same thing from your boyfriend. As long as you feel like you two are totally in sync, you will be super loyal to them.

8Gemini: No

You’re not against the idea of falling in love and you believe in it. Your problem is that it’s tough for you to find a guy that you really and truly care about and want to commit to long-term. Until you find that person, you’re going to date around… and you’re going to date a lot. Sometimes you meet a great new guy and really have feelings for them… and then a few days later, those feelings totally fade. It’s just what happens. You can’t explain it. You really enjoy flirting and the art of the chase, so that’s another problem when it comes to committing to just one guy. Your ideal match is someone who is all about both physical intimacy and intelligent conversations. When you find that guy, it will be all good. But until then, you’re the opposite of a relationship girl. It’s going to take an incredibly special guy to catch your eye and make you give up your flirtatious ways.

7Cancer: Yes

Yes, you are into relationships… but there is a catch. Because you are such a loyal girlfriend, you can find yourself in a really crappy, toxic, and negative situation where you should honestly run far away. But even if you have a boyfriend or husband who is a total jerk and who is verbally abusive, you’re not going to leave. If you are in a relationship or in a marriage, you take that commitment super seriously and you feel like because you are together and committed to each other, you can’t possibly move on. That’s not actually the case at all. It’s a serious problem as you can probably figure out. You need to forget about loyalty and start focusing on what you need from a relationship and on how you are being treated. Until you can do that, you’re not likely to be happy with anyone that you date.

6Leo: Yes

You are a super fun girlfriend if you’re a Leo. You are all about physical intimacy and good talks. As long as you have both of those things with a guy, you will be super happy to be with him. Of course, since you are Leo the lion and are known to be a competitive person who always needs to be in charge, that means that you will be in control of any relationship that you are in. You will have to find a guy who is cool with a strong and secure woman, but of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way and you would never dream of being with someone who didn’t celebrate the awesome qualities that make you who you are. As long as you feel like you are in control, you will be glad to be in a relationship. Of course, that can present some issues, so as long as you can loosen the reigns sometimes, it should be all good.

5Virgo: Yes

You are definitely cool with relationships and dream of having an amazing partner. That being said, though, there a few things that need to happen first. You’re not one to sleep around or have a lot of different partners. You want to have a relationship where you feel like this person is your equal. You want to feel super safe and secure with them and like you can trust them no matter what. Once you feel that way, you can open up and be vulnerable and have a real relationship. But until that happens, you are going to be super cautious about who you give your heart to. It’s just in your nature if you’re a Virgo. People might think that you’re way too quiet and not that nice when they meet you for the first time, but that’s just because you have to get to know someone before you are comfortable being yourself.

4Libra: Yes

Out of all the zodiac signs, it’s safe to say that you are into relationships and love the most. You don’t want to be on your own. For you, that’s just the worst thing ever. You consider the search for love and for your soulmate to be a super important part of your life. You don’t like how awful you feel when you’re single so you would rather avoid that. Once you find someone that you can commit to, it’s super crucial that it’s a very happy, calm relationship. You really can’t deal with anything else. You are definitely a loyal girlfriend. While your friends and family will probably tell you that you put too much of an emphasis on finding a partner and that you should enjoy being on your own more than you do, you don’t listen to them. That’s just not who you are. You love being in love and having a partner and that’s all there is to it.

3Scorpio: Maybe

You definitely believe that love exists and you want to find your own special someone… but a lot of things often hold you back. Just like Virgo signs, you need to feel totally confident and comfortable with someone and you need to feel like they are going to take care of you and be loyal. Until you feel that way about someone, you can’t commit. You just can’t. Once you do find that person, though, and they check off all of your boxes, you will be thrilled to be in an amazing relationship. So it’s not like you’re afraid of commitment or of being vulnerable or anything like that. You just want to make sure that it’s the right situation, and honestly, that’s something to be proud of. Too many people feel that they have to have a relationship and they stay for the wrong reasons. That’s not you and that is seriously awesome.

2Sagittarius: Yes

You are definitely a relationship girl — you just have to make sure that you really love the person that you are with. If you don’t, you would walk away super fast because you’re not afraid to go on dates with different guys and have some fun and see how you feel about them. For you, it’s all about fun, so if you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re going to move on. You don’t want to be loyal to a guy that you don’t care about or have fun with. As long as your boyfriend is up for anything and is into having adventures, you will be proud to be with him. That does mean that you’re only attracted to a certain kind of person, though, so you should keep that in mind. You won’t date just anyone and a shy, quiet, nerdy person might not excite you, although they would be a great boyfriend for one of the other zodiac signs.

1Capricorn: Yes But…

Yes, you are cool with being someone’s girlfriend. And yet you are a pretty difficult person to date. Sorry but it’s the honest truth. You absolutely refuse to compromise, which can be a problem since that’s what you have to do in a relationship. It’s a super important part of being with someone and sharing your life with them. It can’t be all about you all the time. It has been said that you even will act like something is wrong or like there’s an issue in your relationship when there isn’t… and then you will fix it and act like it’s all good. That’s definitely going to give your boyfriend a bit of a headache. As long as you feel comfortable being vulnerable and like you’re with the right guy, you should become someone who is easier to love. But until that happens, you are in for some super rocky times in your love life.

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