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Are You Flirting With Him, According Your Zodiac Sign

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You’re constantly teasing him, so he assumes you hate him.


You just ‘flirt’ by liking his social media messages– and also he has no idea what that indicates.


You send mixed signals. He’s unsure what to consider you.

Cancer cells

You’re nice to everyone. So he presumes you’re just getting along.


You’ve been playing hard to obtain. You never text first or ask him to hang out, so he does not believe he has a chance with you.


He has no concept you have been uploading adorable Instagram tales for him and also just him.


You dance around your sensations. You never come right out and also state precisely just how you’re feeling.


You’ve mentioned various other guys to him– or have flirted with various other men around him. So he doesn’t believe you want him.


You only flirt online. You never flirt in person.


He knows you’re flirting. He just does not understand precisely what you want from him.


You’re not being obvious sufficient. You’re refined with all your teasing and also he never picks up on it.


You get worried and also escape whenever you see him. He thinks you want nothing to do with him.

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