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Horóscopo de Ariessio para Noviembre 2018: Love


On July 3, the Sun – Venus conjunction will occur, also known as Venus Star Point. This time, the event will take place in House III of Aries, under the influence of Gemini.

For the sons and daughters of the ram, the Venus Star Point in House III of the sign points to internal questions about the management of personal communication; the new postponed experiences; and alignment between thought, action and purpose.

This trend will be reinforced with the activation of the North Node in House III of Aries (06/04), which invites the cultivation of positive internal dialogue, integrity, and assertive communication.

Likewise, the North Node in House III urges us to pay attention to the interaction of people from the nearby environment (neighbors and siblings), since they will entail important lessons.

Remember that talking about the North Node in House III means that the South Node will be at the opposite end of the axis (in the astrological chart), specifically in House IX.

The South Node in the IX House of Aries, as of 06/04, translates as accepting the responsibilities inherent in the chosen path, and working to build an authentic personal ethic.

Another astrological aspect of great relevance, during July 2020, is the beginning of the retrogradation of Mercury, from 06/18 to 07/12, in House IV of the ram, location where the annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer will take place on the 21st.

Retrograde Mercury in House IV of Aries will confront the subject with their emotional world, guiding them to assess existing patterns of emotional dependence (their own and those of third parties).

The retrogradation of the planet of communication also constitutes an opportunity to pay attention to the family (especially the elders), and to carry out small domestic repairs.

In the same way, the solar eclipse of 06/21, in House IV, aims to redefine everything that gives you security (home, family, comfort zone, country of origin, known ancestors), and change the perspective.

From a material perspective, the solar event may involve a remodeling of the house; and rental, purchase or sale of family property (can also be associated with ancient secrets that come to light).

With the different transits on House IV of Aries, together with the presence of the asteroid Juno in House VII, a space is opened for couples of the sign to exchange ideas about the responsibilities that the formation of a family entails.

Horóscopo de Ariessio para Noviembre 2018: Money


Finances will remain stable for the natives of Aries, during July 2020. The presence of Uranus in the House II of the sign, drives the study of new management systems, and unconventional investment options.

At the professional level, the activation of the North Node in House III of the ram (06/04), invites you to value your knowledge (without underestimating the point of view of others), and to practice assertive communication in the work environment.

Likewise, the North Node in House III of Aries promotes the exhibition of ideas associated with personal projects (there is greater clarity and coherence regarding the purpose of life and how to achieve it).

Note: on 06/25, it will begin a direct journey in House III, representing a bridge to access information about the true desires of the soul.

Another astrological aspect to consider during this time of year is the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, over House IX of Aries, which will take place on 06/05.

The lunar event points to an unexpected change in plans related to travel, studies, international business, publications, and obtaining important permits and documents.

You will need to gather patience to face the contingency, which will also place the magnifying glass on the need to broaden your perspectives, starting from the questioning of beliefs.

For the students of the sign, the lunar eclipse in the IX House of Aries can mean a change in the emotional perspective, which links them to the academic area of ​​choice.

On the other hand, on 06/02, the asteroid Pallas will re-enter the X House of the ram, as part of its annual retrogradation process, which implies a verification of pending assignments and new commitments, to avoid overlapping events and delivery times.

Let us not forget that Pluto and Jupiter fulfill the process of apparent backward movement, in the X House of Aries, translating into a conscientious reflection on the professional destiny of the subject (some natives may choose to explore fields of work that, until now, were alien or uncomfortable to them).

Horóscopo de Ariessio para Noviembre 2018: Health


On July 22, Neptune will begin retrograde into House XII of Aries, increasing susceptibility to the side effects of alcohol, medications, and controlled substances.

With this transit, it is not convenient to avoid reality (avoid escapism). Nor should you assume your perception as something unalterable (the unconscious can set traps).

If you plan to undertake a risky or particularly significant action, it is prudent to seek advice from members of the family group, who have more experience (Vesta in House IV, on 06/03).

On the other hand, the entry of Mars in Aries (06/27) will confer greater vitality and enthusiasm to the sons and daughters of the ram (remember that the warrior planet is the ruler of the sign).

Although this astrological position is capable of exacerbating the competitive spirit of the native, it should be channeled mainly into individual sports activities (challenge yourself), instead of collective ones.

Keep in mind that Saturn continues to retrograde in House XI of Aries, which can lead to friction with friends, colleagues, or other contenders, banishing the climate of healthy competition.



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