This is certainly not a time to make big purchases or significant investments, but rather a time to exercise your financial intelligence and make responsible and somewhat cautious decisions.

Jupiter Retrograde is also a time of personal and spiritual growth, highlighting areas in your life that you need to make improvements in over to be the best version of yourself.

This process can be incredibly challenging and uncomfortable, but if you embrace the opportunity you can expand your potential for the future. Understand that this isn’t a time to focus on the changes and corrections around you, but rather a time to look inward for personal changes and growth.


You may have a little misunderstanding with a person you really like and would not want to misunderstand your intentions, absolutely honest anddisinterested.

It is obvious that talking about it could worsen the situation; so if possible, you will have to act and prove otherwise.

Appearance is very important for you, but you rarely consider how those around you might perceive your actions and attitude.

So try putting yourself in their shoes.


In this day you may have to do something you do not particularly like, like shopping with your girlfriend or watching a football match with your boyfriend, things like that, but this will also serve as a test for the relationship.

Finding an agreement or stating certain limits is essential to ensure that everything flows according to plan and that each person is able to find their own size and independence.

Work exactly on this.


Your conscience in this day could suggest something special, that is to be more sincere with some people, trying to put in place of the situations that you have created yourself and that could perhaps bring a bit of havoc in the future.

Do well to try to better adjust your relationships, especially those personal and sentimental, because it is precisely finding a balance that you will allow you to be happy with others and also with yourself.


Don’t refrain your reactions on this day if you are presented the opportunity of making things clear with someone in particular, who may have done you wrong in the past, intentionally or not, and therefore it is good to face openly.

Now you should have the right maturity to understand that it is not good to hold a grudge, especially if for no reason, but you can never find out if you have a reason or not if you do not clarify.

Everything leads to an explanation that is good that you know.


On this day it will be better to go straight to your expectations and involve the right people to deal with it all.

You already know about who to guide you, so do not worry, ask and you will be granted.

Sometimes it is much simpler than what you think to get what you need, especially if you have created a dense network of friendships or people who value you and who cannot help but comply.

In this kind of thing, you have always been very lucky!


Try to focus everything on your intelligence and your intuitive abilities, because on this day you will not have much time to prepare yourself for certain events or certain sudden situations.

The only way to get out of it will be to count on yourself!

You have many qualities that you can exploit, so instead of weeping at you or letting yourself be seized by anxiety, you should set in motion the rationality you are endowed with and move forward in your goal.


You have questioned a person or a situation and this has brought you some criticism, but above all has put you against some people who just cannot accept another point of view if not their own.

You will have to collide with them in the day.

It will be better to arm yourself with patience and above all, it will be better to choose third persons who can support you in this battle or in discussions that could last for hours.

In short, you will need strength and also a lot of help, because you cannot go on like this.


If you do not want to be without some people around you, you will have to show off on this day, just like the others do.

Do not fail to express your opinions, otherwise, you may regret it.

If on the contrary you do not want to create havoc and do not want to deal with people without altruism and intellectual abilities equal to yours, you will only passively accept what they have to say and what they will do.


Get in the frontline of this day to defend some of your ideas that you consider important and that are about to be harmed or questioned.

You cannot leave room for doubt at this moment of your life or your career.

If you want to look like reliable people, you must behave as such, you must be consistent and therefore if there is something wrong, you can certainly not passively accept it and without fighting to change it and bring it back on your behalf.


In the day you will feel like you do not have choices, alternatives, but only because you will be panicking.

You are facing a rather complicated period and keeping calm is never easy, especially if there are strong feelings at stake.

What you will have to work on will be only the perennial contrast that you make living within you between rationality and feelings.

You have to go beyond certain small things and you will immediately understand what is the right thing to do during this period.


You have concluded some very important business for you, but perhaps what you expect to achieve is not exactly the pinnacle of your career and objectively it will not bring you so much glory, not even on an economic level!

However, you can always expand your prospects.

With the abilities you have, you can go far beyond normal, you can, in fact, go beyond certain preconceptions, overcome them and open the way for a new adventure, profitable and even satisfying.


If you want to have more respect, then you will have to demand it today.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we must impose ourselves to try to reach a good degree of esteem and attention.

Maybe you do not sow terror, but some reproaches you can afford it.

If they realize that you are serious and that you are altering because they do not respect your ideas or your coordinates, it is possible that they will bend to your will, understanding that it is the right way to go.


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