Daily Horoscope for each Zodiac Sign: Thursday October 1,2020

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On Thursdayit will be good to show your emotions more openly, but of course without hurting others if your feelings are related to annoyance or anger. Today you have to be generous and loving, understanding and gentle.

Despite the greater emotionality you will be exposed to today, stay practical and firm on the ground. Today, many people will annoy you with their behavior and this will be your test of how tolerant you can be towards others.

Unexpected change or important news can be expected by young women up to the age of 35. Today you will have the opportunity to achieve important success for your family or to accomplish most of your daily tasks.

Avoid negative emotions related to the lack of responsibility or willingness to work with other family members. This day brings unexpected financial news, luck.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo or SagittariusThursday will fill you with the desire to do many things before indulging in a well-deserved rest over the next weekend. Meeting or talking to a zodiac sign, a cancer, a scorpion, or a Pisces will provoke you to think seriously about the information received. This day brings important news and interesting communication with people from near and far.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, today you can prepare for the trip for the next two days or postpone it. This day she announces changes in travel plans because of new circumstances. Today it will be important for you to complete your professional duties and leave nothing for next week.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or AquariusThursday will be a difficult day for you, as it will require you to act with reason and with less emotion. You will have more home and household commitments and responsibilities. Extra workload can occur alongside events involving a child or young people.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, today you will be interested in communicating with a young man from whom you will learn interesting or useful information, knowledge in a particular field. Your friendships today will be an important part of your daily life. Upcoming conversations and discussions on important topics will occur with people in your circle of friends. Today you can spend on a person who does not live in your home.


Despite the great confusion of this day, you will still be able to understand what you really need in order to emerge and resolve an issue of no small importance. The important thing will be to follow your words.

In fact, even if you perfectly understand what is happening around you, you may not be able, in a short time, to put in place everything you need. It will depend very much on your state of mind.


You will make decisions dictated by your mood, rather than by a real need, and many people will notice, without the need for you to comment on them. This denotes great knowledge and great intimacy.

Do not underestimate this relationship, whatever its intensity or degree, because it has all the potential to grow and develop in the right way. What you should do is to humor him.


You have reached a point where everything may seem superfluous to you, but someone still needs a good example from you, your words of comfort and your explanations.

You’re brilliant sometimes, so it’s normal to have a whole sequel, which pushes you to give more and more of what you can, of what you believe you are capable of. In short, it would be a shame not to spread your thoughts sometimes!


Sometimes you need to discover new things, new activities, even new people, so that you have continuous stimuli, otherwise you flatten out and become boring in the eyes of others.

Well, on this day you will be given different opportunities, especially from a social point of view, but you will not always respond enthusiastically, because you probably do not want to carry on certain relationships.


You are completely subjugated by certain types of people, you admire them, even if they would not be the perfect example for you. It’s a fleeting moment, so you shouldn’t get too stuck or pissed off.

Looking back, in the future, you may regret what you are doing now, so try to scale yourself down, so that you don’t fall from too high, down to the lowest level!


You have been very clear with some people, but you have not always had the opportunity to make decisions consistent with this kind of attitude. You should explain yourself better, instead of running away from them.

In particular, there may be a moment of tension on this day, which you will only overcome by being honest with who you are dealing with and your feelings. It’s less difficult than you think.


Try to put aside all your resentment towards a person who is now a thing of the past. On this day he may reappear in your thoughts or even in the flesh, but you should no longer let these events touch you.

Rather, it would be better to try to reassure those close to you and who love you deeply, so that you do not think that they are not enough for you or that they will never reach your heart.


Rather often lately, you have been hiding and not fully exposed your thoughts, either for some sort of defense or for a slight hypocrisy. You want to be honest, but in the end you never say what you really think.

This attitude will have to disappear from today, if you do not want those around you to leave. No one can stand such situations for long, especially if you repeat them. Even if you don’t do it with a negative intent, it has a negative effect on those who respect you!


There is something in this day that could really shake you out of your sleep, but you are not yet 100% prepared for what awaits you. You are nervous, even before you begin this new adventure.

You will see that, after the first difficulties, everything will become more spontaneous and natural and you will no longer resist the future that demands you. All in all, it will be a very interesting day, from different points of view.


You still have a dot, a fixed thought that accompanies you. It doesn’t bother you, but sometimes it comes out to remind you that at that moment you were not able to go all the way.

You have two possibilities: to prove to yourself that you can do it now, or to bury that thought for good. The choice is yours, but make it today, so as not to ruin a relationship!


There will be less light inside of you on this day, due to an argument or an issue you have deliberately left unresolved. Clarify yourselves, clear yourselves, and move on, before it becomes evening.

Everything has its time, but this precise moment is a test for you, so you cannot fail. Don’t put it off and don’t hide behind a finger. You have all the necessary skills, but above all, you have feelings!


You have passions that it is right for you to develop them, but it is not always right to put yourself above everything and everyone, to give free rein to your unnecessary needs. Try to find a middle ground, at least for today.

From tomorrow you may all have clearer ideas and you will certainly not need to be who you are not, to achieve some happiness. You will also have learned something new, such as how to be compassionate.

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