July2 , 2022

Daily Horoscopes, Saturday September 26th, 2020 for each Sign


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Your daily horoscope is here, astrology lovers! Today, in astrology, the Sun and Jupiter conjoin in the sign of Scorpio, which only happens once a year.

So although many claimed that September 26th was the luckiest day of the year, there is a strong argument that this year, September 30th really is it. 

The Moon is in Pisces with Neptune. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. So, this is a time of flexibility for all signs of the zodiac. We will need it.

Astrologers often refer to the time of Scorpio as the coming out of the shadow self, but Pisces loves to be outside in the realm of fantasy, but there’s also a controlling side to Scorpio who can be moody and vengeful when things don’t go the way they would like. 

Pisces has a forgiving nature. They often find a way to overlook flaws and traits in others that might make even the kindest-hearted earth, air or water sign say, “bye-bye”.

But not Pisces, they are known for giving others second (and third, and fourth, and…well, you get the point) chances.

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to do something over again, today is your lucky day.

So, not only can today be a day that reveals your flaws, it’s also a day that you can mask them and start all over again.


You have been quite meticulous this period, but there are issues that you should address as soon as possible and that has to be completely revised.

Something has escaped your control.

 You have objective difficulties that you will have to overcome. Moments like this will help you grow and improve in every aspect. You will get a profit out of this.


If you do not want to suffer this day, then don’t. You can really get around the obstacle and find another way to reach your goals. Suffering is just a condition of the soul.

Once you understand that you can go even ahead of the hurdles that will impose your heart on, you will become tougher but with great potential on your shoulders.

You decide whether to become just like this or prefer suffering.


You have started1000 activities but failed to finish not even one of them.

Today you will need to re-dimension yourself and look for a way to carry on a project that you have quit without any reason.

Among all your purposes there is only one that really interests you.

The one you’ll have to focus all of your attention on and make the exclusive center of your thoughts. Of course, as long as you still want to carry it forward.


This is one of those days when anything you say could and will be used against you, so you should pay more attention to the words you pronounce.

Try to improve your sensitivity.

Those in front of you may not be accustomed to coldness and cynicism, so bring yourself to a higher level spiritually because you have the skills.


Lately, you have been rather inconsistent in your choices, especially in heart issues.

In this day, it will be essential, to be honest, and to speak frankly to all of those around you.

All you have to do is simple in reality, but it is much harder to implement it with great consistency in the future.

Anyway, you will succeed because you care about the people you are seeing.


You do not like impositions, especially in the effective area, so in today you will refuse any proposal that seems to disregard your inclination.

You are always very demanding but every now and then others can be so with you.

Many occasions are already blurred, but you are not interested in what really interests you and keeps your integrity at the moment.


If you improve your cheerfulness then you will be sure to achieve great results today, otherwise, you will not go beyond normality.

 Normally you do not mind, it makes you feel safe but the negative effect is that you always stay still. Without ever advancing.


There are moves you could take to make sure people around you do what they have set.

What you’re not sure about is trying to test others.

This step might cost you and you know it, so consider all possibilities carefully before making any decision that in any case will have to be taken by the evening.


Perhaps some situation has remained on your stomach and you haven’t been able to digest it.

This day will serve you precisely to this, to forgive or understand the reasons that until now have not been clear to you.

However, you have an extra reason to talk to people you care or who you respect, so do not let them run away and try to pay attention to every single word and every single moment.


Do not jeopardize any of your work projects because it would be a shame to let go of an opportunity that you were greeted and well deserved.

The future is at the door.

What you should be scared is not your ability or tiredness, but your family or someone who holds you too tied up and harnessed in a relationship that no longer belongs to you.


The only thing that matters is the present and what you can do in the future. You have the cards in order to be happy.

You will not have them if you continue to think about the past and how a thing could have been.

You will find other opportunities and projects to look forward to, but only if you look for them.


Perhaps you should be more compassionate about the people you say you love because today they will have unforeseeable commitments and they will not be close to you.

This might bother you but if you reflect carefully you will understand why it is better for them to take the space they are due to. You cannot always be put in the first place when you do not deserve it.