Date Night: 15 Things He’s Fed Up Of Doing (+ 5 He Wants To Do Instead)

Date night should seriously be one of the best nights for a couple. It is a time when they are free to enjoy each other’s company, hopefully away from all the stresses of reality. This time together will help them remember why they put up with each other’s smelly feet or bad morning breath.

A lot of guys aren’t too picky about what they do for date night, as long as they are with their girl. However, there are several different date ideas that are totally played out. Guys everywhere are crying inside when she says, “let’s go shopping tonight while we have a sitter” or “let’s check out that new Nicholas Sparks movie.” They’ll go along, but they are probably fed up of doing these things for date night.

We want our guys to be happy during date night, right? Happiness can lead to fun, and fun can lead to a healthy relationship. If he is asked how he feels about a date activity, he is likely to just nod in agreement. But make no mistake there are probably things he wants to do instead during date night.

We put together a list of things for date night that he is more than likely so fed up with and even included some things he’s going to want to do instead. You’re welcome.

20He’s Fed Up With Those Boring Dinner Dates

Dinner dates aren’t all that bad, but they can easily become played out they become all you and your partner do on date night. Choosing to go out to dinner on your date is an easy choice – who doesn’t love eating? But it’s the obvious choice, and not really exciting at all.

You choose a restaurant, you order the food, you eat the food, someone pays for the food and that’s it. Sure, there is room for some really great conversation, but as far as fun goes, this type of date is lacking in that department. Most guys are probably fed up with the typical dinner date.

19He’s Fed Up With Uncomfortable Movie Dates

Can we really even count going to a movie as a date? I mean, yes, you are sitting next to your date and can hold hands or cuddle up in the dark, but there isn’t really any room for connecting via conversation.

Choosing to attend a movie as the main event of date night is very Junior High. In addition to the lack of communication during the date, a lot of guys will probably let the girl choose the movie to make her happy. And then he’s stuck watching the same old sappy chic flick or badly written romcom every time. Honestly, he’s desperate to just do anything else with you.

18He’s Fed Up With Family-Get-Together Dates

Family-get-togethers lead to one thing for a lot of people – stress. Going to a family reunion, a grandparent’s birthday celebration, or hanging out with the kids at a park does not make for a good date. Any good guy is going to agree to go along with you as your date to these events, but he’s probably really tired of this being what counts as a date.

It’s okay to attend these important family events together, but make sure you aren’t only hanging out in these types of situations. Go out with the family and then take your guy out somewhere fun afterwards.

17He Would Rather Go To An Outdoor Festival Together

Fresh air and sunshine do some good for everyone. Instead of being cooped up for a date, most guys would much rather hit the streets and attend some sort of festival. This could be anything from a music festival or carnival to something as simple as a Farmer’s Market.

If you aren’t sure how to find an event, chances are there is some sort of festival or fair going on in your town monthly. Instead of watching Netflix at home, take your guy out to explore and try something new and fun together; he’ll more than likely appreciate this new date idea.

16He’s Fed Up With Going To The Club On Date Night

Most people consider going out to the club an activity for single people trying to find someone to date. It’s not really a good date idea if you are already in a relationship. It’s not only loud and crowded, but there are also so many outside influences around you that could really put a damper on your date. No guy wants to deal with other guys eyeing their girl while on a date with her.

Say you just really like dancing and you want to go out dancing with your man on date night. This is understandable and a lot of people feel exactly this way. There are alternative dancing date ideas, though, instead of hitting up the club all night.

15He’s Fed Up With Trying To Do Anything On Wheels

Unless he is some professional ice skater, most guys are totally fed up with trying to ice skate, roller skate or do anything on wheels in front of you. So many things can go wrong during a skating date. Most importantly, he just really doesn’t want to embarrass himself when he falls flat on his behind right in front of you.

Movies make skating dates seem so magical. But they definitely aren’t. Skating is hard work and guys are tired of being put through this type of date. It’s a cute idea, but you can probably think of something more fun and less painful to do together.

14He’s Fed Up With Visiting Museums For Dates

Museums make for really great educational trips; they aren’t so great for romantic dates. When you go to a museum, you probably aren’t thinking about making your date feel special or paying attention to them. We go to museums to learn about something new or revisit a topic we love.

It’s understandable to want to share this moment with someone you care about. It’s great that you are sharing your likes and interests with your partner. But if you guys are always visiting a museum when you have alone time together, he’s probably getting tired of the experience.

13He Would Rather Take A Casual Outdoor Stroll

Picture this – it’s quiet, the sun is setting, the air is fresh, there is a cute squirrel playing nearby and you and your guy are holding hands while walking along a trail. Taking a quiet walk together is one of the best dates a couple can have. You are able to really connect and talk without any outside forces interrupting the moment.

Taking a walk on the beach at sunset is like the classic romantic movie moment, and even guys eat the stuff right up. No beach? No problem. Walks together can really happen anywhere, and usually at any time. If you need more convincing? Walks together are totally free!

12He’s Fed Up With Awkward Group Dates

Group dates are a lot of fun, but they are not a lot of fun for everyone involved in the date. There is usually someone who might feel left out or awkward in group situations. Group dates usually involve a ton of activity and zero time alone with your date.

Don’t let every date you two go on end up being a group date. Guys love hanging out with friends as much as girls do, but he’s probably fed up with sharing you with these friends during what is supposed to be your special time together.

11He’s Fed Up With Spending Time Shopping On A Date

Shopping together does not count as a date. I repeat … shopping is not a date. Most women love shopping, this is true. You know what else is true? Many guys do not care for shopping. It is not an activity they would choose to do with you.

He doesn’t want to disappoint you, so he’ll probably agree to this date. But he’s probably not enjoying himself as much as you are. He loves being able to spoil you, but going shopping together can easily make any guy feel like a chauffeur rather than your date.

10He’s Fed Up With Going To Someone’s Birthday Party During A Date

This one falls in line with group dates or family-get-togethers. If you are going on a date together, most guys want to be in a stress-free situation where they can have you all to themselves. Going to a birthday party together is nice, if you both know everyone there. Bringing him as your date to an event where he doesn’t know anyone at all can have him looking for the quickest exit.

We understand there are these events that you have to go to and bringing your guy as a date makes them better for you, too. Just know he’s probably fed up with birthday party dates and wants to do something else.

9He Would Rather Bond By Attending A Sporting Event Together

Sporting events can actually be a lot of fun, even if you don’t follow the sport or have any favorite team. It’s a moment of excitement and anticipation that you share with thousands of other people. Guys would really like to go out to a sporting event with you during one of your dates together.

Next time, instead of asking him to sit through yet another chick flick during your date, treat your guy with tickets to a sporting event. It’s always a good idea to mix up date ideas from time to time to keep the relationship healthy and fresh.

8He’s Fed Up With Fast Food Counting As A Date

If you must go out to eat during date night, don’t let fast food be the meal of choice. Don’t get us wrong, fast food can sometimes hit that craving spot, but it’s not romantic or personal at all. It is also unhealthy for you, but we won’t get into that.

Dinner dates aren’t exciting; fast food dinner dates are even worse. At least if you guys go out to a nice restaurant, there is an ambience in the air that will draw you closer. You can really try to enjoy each other’s company. The same can’t be said for a fast food date. He wants to feel he can treat you on date night.

7He’s Fed Up With Anything That Involves Fitness During The Date

Exercise and fitness can totally be a lot of hard work. It’s always fun to have a great workout partner in your significant other but making dates out of workouts is something he’s grown to be fed up with. Not only does he have to worry about impressing you and not coming off weak, he also has to make sure he’s not coming off as a show-off or someone who has to always win.

The sweat and aroma coming off both of you during fitness dates is also a huge issue. Leave the workouts for gym time and use your dates to get close to each other without stinking.

6He’s Fed Up With Walking Through Art Galleries

Art galleries and museums go hand in hand with dates he’s grown tired of attending. Art galleries can sometimes be magical, but if it’s become your go-to date plan together, he’s fed up with it. This type of activity is really only exciting the first time around.

Walking around and studying art or sculptures together can easily become boring for a lot of people. If art isn’t a passion of his, it’s probably a good idea for the two of you to decide on something else to do together during your next date.

5He Would Rather Go Simple With An Ice Cream Date

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream dates are simple and sweet, literally. There isn’t any pressure of ordering the wrong thing, like there could be at a new fancy restaurant, and it definitely isn’t as expensive as other date options.

Instead of stressing each other out on where to go for date night, he would love to just take it back to a childhood favorite and go get some ice cream with you. After getting the ice cream, the two of you could take a walk together while eating the sweet treat or sit down at the parlor and enjoy each other’s company.

4He’s Fed Up With Thinking Tea Parties Are A Good Date Idea

Many girls grow up having little tea parties with their friends or their stuffed animals. What can we say? It’s cute… when you’re little, that is. Guys don’t typically choose to throw tea parties, so they aren’t really down for going out for tea on date night.

He might entertain the idea once or twice, but after that, he’ll get fed up with this activity. Instead of planning the entire date around drinking tea, you guys could grab your tea on the way to the real date activity. Tea time is best reserved for your girlfriends, rather than your boy and your date with him.

3He’s Fed Up With Attending Religious Events On A Date

Religion can be a touchy subject for many people. There are various different degrees to which someone is involved in their church or their faith. Most of the time, going to a religious function is good for couples who share the same beliefs. But these can also be crowded events that leave little to no room for time alone.

Dates should be special for both you and your guy. They ideally should be both fun and a bit romantic. While he might love attending church with you, he is tired of this being labeled an idea for date night.

2He’s Fed Up With Pesky Insects During Picnic Dates

Has anyone ever actually had a successful picnic? Sure, they sound wonderful and look really cute in pictures and movies. But there are so many different things that can go wrong during the date. Your guy is probably pretty fed up with getting bitten by ants while on a date with you.

Picnics aren’t very original when it comes to choosing something to do on a date, either. Like so many different date ideas, it can be cute to try out once with your partner, but more than once will drive him just a tad crazy. This popular saying comes to mind when I think about picnics: “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

1He Would Rather Hit Up An Amusement Park For An All-Day Date

Going to an amusement park on a date could seem like a bad idea, but there is so much room for greatness in an amusement park date. You spend a lot of quality time together whether you are waiting in line, waiting for food, holding hands on the ride or sharing fears and excitement together. Really, the opportunities for connection are endless here.

According to Female First, “The adrenaline rush you feel when you step off [one of] the [rides] for the first time is similar to the feeling you get when you fall in love.” When your heart gets pumping, amazing things can start happening.



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