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Don’t Fall In Love With A Sagittarius

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they are the type you meet when you’re young only to regret when you’re older. If you mess it up they are the ones that haunt you with what if. They are the lost love songs that suddenly start making sense. The what if that kill you late at night. The mistake you wish you could undo but you also learned so much from them.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they’ll teach you about putting others first. Their needs come second to everyone else around them. They care maybe a little too much for everyone. And if they can make someone else’s life better they will do everything in their power to make that happen.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they teach you about quality over quantity. They might not have many friends but the ones they do have are really stand up people. You’ll look at them and realize why they are the way they are.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they will love you so hard you don’t even know where it comes from or when it ends. If they trust you enough to give you their heart, they will give you all of it holding nothing back. They will be the type that walks into a room and your entire day will change just seeing them.

You’ll look at yourself in the mirror and just wonder what you ever did right to deserve them. But you’ll count your blessings that someone like them exists.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they overthink everything. They will notice the smallest details and body language and tone changes. If ever anything goes wrong they will blame themselves. They always blame themselves for things even when the fault isn’t theirs to keep.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because you’ll compliment them and they have trouble with that. They don’t think they are anything that special. But all you see when you look at them is someone close to perfection. They will never own that title with pride because all they see when they look at themselves are the things they can improve on.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they are painfully guarded and strong. They don’t like showing vulnerability and weakness. They seem like the strongest people you’ll ever meet but under that is someone who is so afraid to get hurt.

They’ve learned a lot about life the hard way and they’ve always had to be the strong one. In playing the role they didn’t ask to, they learned to be their own best friend, they learned to love themselves first. They learned to be other people’s strength and when they felt like falling apart they carried others.

Don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they might be nice to you but if ever you cross them they don’t forget and they don’t forgive you that easy.


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