Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For December: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

To many, December is the most magical month of the year. Of course, the holidays have a little something to do with that. Between the idea of Santa, the decorating of the Christmas tree, the twinkling lights, and the mistletoe, December is full of beauty, joy, and giving. Oh, and let’s not forget that the month of December is really just an excuse to play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” Honestly, that song should be played all year, though. On top of that, people just seem to be all-round happier during the holiday season.

Following Christmas, we move on to New Year’s Eve, which not only offers an amazing excuse to wear a sparkly dress and kiss a rando at midnight, but it also allows us to reset and reflect. The closing of a year can be a somber moment, but it can also be a moment of determination, ambition, and hope as you can look forward to the next year.

All that said, you may be wondering what December specifically has in store for you. Well, it’s looking just as bright as that Christmas tree! With December beginning in Sagittarius season, you’ll feel cheerful, humorous, and willing to let the past go. As December transitions into Capricorn season at the end of the month, you’ll find yourself more focused on family, tradition, and building a life. Of course, Mercury in retrograde does throw a slight monkey wrench into the mix, but that only truly affects a few of the signs.

Below you’ll find your horoscopes for lifestyle, career, health, and romance in December, the most wonderful month of the year.

24Aquarius: Avoid Confrontation By Indulging In Work

Aquarius, the holidays can be an odd time for you. You’re an extremely social sign who loves getting into intellectual conversations. So, you can have some fun at social functions around this time, especially if you end up in a lively debate about the latest season of Game of Thrones. However, you may feel panic over these events if you’re on the outs with someone.

Aquarius, you’re not the greatest at expressing your feelings, so being approached by the bestie from whom you drifted or your aunt who you haven’t spoken to since the Thanksgiving argument is a nightmare situation for you. Luckily for you, your House of Career is dominate this month so it can be a good time to indulge in work.

Skipping a Christmas party to avoid that bestie you’re fight with isn’t necessarily healthy, but you are having a good career month so any career progress will be especially rewarding.

23Aquarius Love ‘Scope: You’ll Feel Especially Guarded This Month

Aquarius, there are so many opportunities to meet someone new this month, but you’ll have the best luck meeting someone new at a spiritual or religious function. Whether it’s going to your place of worship or attending a function hosted by religious organization, you’ll find yourself clicking extra with people at these events.

Overall, every Aquarius will be feeling cautious in December. If you’re single, you’ll be wearier about entering a relationship. This can be good, as it will protect you from diving into the wrong relationship just because it’s cuffing season. Likewise, the Aquarius in a relationship will be feeling standoffish as well. Aquarius, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. This standoffish attitude can be helpful in keeping you from engaging in pointless arguments, however it can also make you emotionally distant. Take the time to make sure you’re emotionally connecting to your partner this month.

22Pisces: You’ll Love Your Family Time, But Also Need A Break

Pisces, as a water sign, sometimes the holidays can be a bit much for you. This is not to say you don’t enjoy your time during the holidays. You’re very emotional and you love the emotional connections made with others during this time, but you also need time to yourself afterward. If after celebrating, you need some downtime and a day of binge-watching Netflix completely alone, don’t be ashamed. You just need to center your emotional self by reconnecting.

During December, your House of Career will be soaring, while your House of Family is… well, blank. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take time to be with family. It’s just that family issues – if any should arise – will be much less important to you than career issues.

21Pisces Love ‘Scope: Mercury In Retrograde Will Get You

Mark your calendar, Pisces! Your love life will be particularly affected by Mercury in retrograde from the 2nd to the 22nd. While you may be meeting some interesting people, you may find you’re having trouble connecting. There will be miscommunication and inability to really meet in the middle. However, don’t get too down on yourself. You’ll be meeting some influential people, so you could take this time to make some professional connections as opposed to romantic connections.

On top of that, the workplace and other professional environments will feel especially lucky in terms of chemistry. Again, perhaps think of furthering your professional connections, y’know instead of making a move on that work crush of yours.

For the Pisces in a relationship, it will be a romantic month affected slightly by Mercury in retrograde. After the 22nd though, consider taking a next step in your blossoming relationship.

20Aries: Self Improvement Can Result In A Promotion Of Some Sort

Aries, this month your career will be front and center, just as you like it. While it will require hard work to achieve your goals, you’re more poised than ever for some good news career-wise. On top of that, your interest in philosophy and spirituality will actually help you achieve your career goals. That’s right, your work to better yourself may result in a direct career achievement. Of course, you may feel a slight snag between December 2nd to the 22nd due to Mercury in retrograde. Don’t let this get you upset. Keep your head down and work hard, and it’ll all work out.

On the health front, you’re in for a healthy December. Though, if you’re dealing with a persistent cough or sore muscle, you should look into it now. Yes, you tend to put little illnesses off so you can continue working, but taking care of the illness could keep from you missing a big chunk of work down the road.

19Aries Love ‘Scope: Find Romance In The Workplace

The Aries in a relationship should be on the lookout for some disagreements about finances. You and your partner will likely have an argument over money in some way. Be aware that Mercury is in retrograde until the 22nd, so it may be better to wait until then to fully resolve this issue.

As for the single Aries, you can be on the lookout for love in the workplace and professional settings. But hey, that’s where you usually fall for someone anyway. I mean, you’re naturally drawn to people who show ambition, so you’re always developing a crush on the office all-star.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely be unable to tell if this suitor or crush is truly right for you until about the last week of the month. Don’t rush things, as all will be clear then.

18Taurus: Expect A Big Change And Some Big Thoughts

Taurus, get ready for a month of thinking BIG. With Mercury in retrograde, you will ponder the meaning of life and of death. This, of course, does not necessarily mean you will lose a loved one, but you’ll like experience something that makes you contemplate these issues on a larger scale.

Speaking of larger scales, you will be experiencing a materialization of something you have waited a long time for. What dream is coming true? Hard to say, but you should spend some time meditating and doing affirmations, so you can really center what things you want to materialize in your life.

Career-wise, you won’t be worried about your job in the beginning of the month. Though, each week that passes will put your career more and more at the center of your thoughts. Expect to end this year really thinking about your next career move.

17Taurus Love ‘Scope: You’ll Meet The Perfect Guy, But He May Not Be Perfect For You

Due to you dreams – in one way or another – coming true in December, you can expect to meet some very interesting suitors. You’ll run into a very artistic guy, a very attractive guy, a very wealthy guy, and other sorts of excellent suitors. Of course, don’t let their insane accomplishments or looks get the best of you. Only commit if he’s the one for you, not because he’s a millionaire. If he just so happens to be both, good for you!

For the Taurus in a relationship, you will feel especially on the same team in December. And yes, issues may arise but you will be happy to hear that any issues will likely work out in your favor during December.

16Gemini: It’s A Month All About Others And Community

Gemini, you’re generally a very social sign, as you’re chatty, curious, and friendly. You enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. With that said, it’s a good thing your House of Others will be very strong this month. And so, you’ll be feeling even more social. Fortunately, it’s the month to be social. With holiday parties with family and friends, this social energy won’t go to waste.

The House of Others is something to keep in mind, as going in on a project alone is not the thing to do at the moment. You should be willing to work with others and accept the help of others. If you’re looking to make some extra money this month, you may want to focus your energy on your partner. If you’re married, helping your spouse gain more money will be how to bring more money. For everything this month, you want to be thinking of how to help others as opposed to just yourself.

15Gemini Love ‘Scope: You Are On Fire During This Cold Month

Obviously, this is a very social month. I mean… Christmas… New Year’s Eve? Yeah, you’re going to be busy, Gemini. And so, if you’re a single Gemini, it’ll be a good time to meet a new potential partner. Though, the Gemini generally doesn’t ever have much trouble finding romantic partners. You tend to meet new people just walking down the street or getting your morning coffee.

Specifically, you’ll find romance in your professional connections. You’ll also find some connections while being physically active. This could make your yoga class a lucky place or going for a jog a lucky place. On top of that, your ruling planet is in the House of Love. So like we’ve been saying, it’s a good month for some loving.

If you’re in a relationship, use December to spice things up again.

14Cancer: You’re Spread Way Too Thin, Take Some You Time

Cancer, December will be a month full of challenges for you. You’ll feel like you’re being spread too thin, as both your relationships and your career will be asking a great deal from you. You’ll feel the need to make it to those holiday parties, but also to make a splash at work because the end of the year. To deal with this feeling, take time to yourself. A bubble bath, a Saturday night in, a Netflix binge session – whatever it is, just do something to center yourself.

Around the 21st, interests will shift and you’ll feel focus more on your career than your relationships. This will be a relief to you, as you’ll have more singular focus. Cancer, Mercury in retrograde will especially affect you this December. You’ll find yourself in many conflicts and you will need to compromise in order to reach a resolution.

13Cancer Love ‘Scope: It’s A Bumpy, But Fun Ride

Cancer, December has some good news and some bad news for your love life. Fortunately, you’ll be meeting and mingling with many people in many different situations. Being so spread out with career, family, and friend functions, you’ll nearly double your social reach this month.

Unfortunately, it’s not a favorable month for a true love connection. The planetary line up doesn’t favor a connection and Mercury in retrograde makes it even more difficult, as you’ll likely be dealing with some miscommunication. Though, you could always use this month to make professional connections instead of romantic ones.

For the Cancer in a relationship, Mercury in retrograde may be to blame for some potential bumps, however this extra passion could make your relationship extra steamy. If you’re arguing, just remember to make up the right way.

12Leo: You’re Busy Schedule Will Keep You Happy

Leo, you will be very busy in December, but you won’t feel like you’re all over the place. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re thriving with just how busy you are. You’re working hard with your job, making new friends, connecting with your family members, and flirting with cute strangers. And this is exactly how you like to live your life, Leo. You like being busy and fulfilled. You like doing everything and never having FOMO.

This busy schedule will help with your seasonal feelings. What we mean is that you can sometimes get a teeny bit depressed during the winter months. Leo, you were born in the summer under a fire sign. This means you get your energy through sunlight and heat. That said, December can be a difficult month for you, but being busy keeps your spirits high.

11Leo Love ‘Scope: There’s A Lot Of Decisions To Be Made By 2018

As always, Leo, your love life will be full of action and fun. I mean, when is your love life ever not full of action and fun? You’re a Leo!

Until the 21st, you can expect to be meeting many potential suitors during your outings. However interesting and charming these new men may be, don’t hop into a relationship too soon. Leo, you’re a sign that thrives in the spotlight, so just enjoy this time of meeting and mingling. Save a real commitment for after the holiday parties.

A Leo in a relationship that is on the cusp of being official – y’know, you’re kind of together but not Facebook official – can look forward to finding out the fate of this almost-relationship by the end of the year.

10Virgo: Relaxing In December Will Result In A Productive 2018

Virgo, you’re one of the hardest working signs out there. You are all about keeping your head down and working as hard as you can. This December you’ll be feeling a little out of sorts, as your energy will be elsewhere. You’ll see you most thrive when embracing family and domestic issues. That’s right, Virgo. It’s not a month for that work ethic of yours. Instead, have a glass of wine with a friend, your mom, or your boyfriend.

When it does come to career, you’re best to accept the pace at which things are coming. Pushing for more work, acclaim, or that promotion won’t prove fruitful in December. Save that hard work for the New Year and relax in December. Plus, recharging your batteries can led to a very productive 2018.

9Virgo Love ‘Scope: You’ll Feel More Flirty Than Ever But Make No Commitments

Virgo, your love life will be thriving. You tend to be a sign that doesn’t necessarily seek out romantic matches. But since your career is stalling a bit and your social life is on the rise, you’ll be faced with more romantic encounters than usual. Commitment doesn’t look too great in December, so don’t push it. Instead, make friendly connections that could turn into something more in 2018.

You’ll also find that you are really able to connect with children in December, which may help for all those Christmas parties with friends’ children or young cousins.

A Virgo in a relationship can look forward to resolving issues around the 13th and possibly entering another stage of commitment by the end of the month.

8Libra: Surrounding Yourself With Other Will Help You Connect To Yourself

Libra, you’re an extremely social air sign. You feel your best when you’re surrounded by people getting along and having a good time. That said, you’ll get a lot of positive energy in December by being surrounded with people getting along. By indulging in joyful social interactions, you’ll be able to charge your Libra batteries and enter 2018 better than ever. In fact, by spending time with your friends and family during the holidays, you’ll have a new found outlook on your career goals.

December will also find you divided between the House of Self and the House of Others. You’ll benefit by participating in group activities but also staying true to yourself. Because of this, you may have difficulty making decisions, as you’re concerned both with how your decisions will affect you and others. Try to find a delicate balance in this regard and your December will be perfect.

7Libra Love ‘Scope: Things Are Happy, But Don’t Push For More

Virgo, because of the focus on both House of Self and House of Others, you’ll find yourself able to begin romantic relationships. The key word there is begin. In these budding relationships, you’ll be able to attend to the needs and interests of others while also being true to yourself. While you’ll be successful in beginning special relationships, they won’t actually get off the ground until 2018. Embrace the fun, flirty part of the relationship, as pushing to a more serious and committed state isn’t recommended in December.

The Libra in a relationship will find a rocky start to their December. Movement from Mars around the 10th will help resolve these issues and get your relationship back to the happy place it belongs. However, don’t expect relationships to be anything more than just happy. Getting your relationship to the next step isn’t recommended for the Libra this month.

6Scorpio: Focus On Family And You May Just Receive Some Good Career News

Scorpio, the House of Family is dominant in December. Because of this, your holiday functions will prove to be extremely important. Be sure to be emotionally present for these events, as connecting to your loved ones will prove extra rewarding this month.

Though, it’s not just about relationships. December finds you very connected to yourself. You feel extra confident, independent, and strong. Use this surge of natural self-interest to ask for something you’ve been putting off – like a raise or a promotion. Speaking of raises and promotion, don’t be surprised if career opportunities seem to be hunting you down in December. Due to planetary alignment, you’ll have luck in your career, even if that’s not necessarily the focus of the month.

5Scorpio Love ‘Scope: Look For Love In The Neighborhood You Grew Up

Scorpio, the love scene is looking HOT for you in December! You’ll be able to meet and attract many people in your family circle or close residence. What that means is if you go home to your childhood house for the holidays, you may be able to rekindle a little something with that cute guy from your elementary school or your mom’s best friend’s son who got really hot. You’ll also find yourself extra attracted to men who are intellectual and communicative, which is good news as you can sometimes fall for f-boys since your heart does a lot of the deciding.

If you’re a Scorpio in a relationship, you can expect a rocky road while Mercury is in retrograde. Not only will there be miscommunications, but you may also get the itch for singlehood. Don’t stray. Instead talk to your partner and wait for that stupid Mercury in retrograde to end on the 22nd.

4Sagittarius: It’s All About Relationships (And Maybe A New Workout Routine Too!)

December begins with Sagittarius season, so happy birthday, Sagittarius! During your birthday month, it seems your House of Family is very strong, while your House of Career is very weak. This is not to say you’ll be particularly unlucky in work. In fact, you’ll likely experience some kind of career growth in December. However, it’s just about where your energies should be going. Instead of putting too much energy into work, use December to really connect with your loved ones. Plus, spending time on your relationships with others can also reflect in a career opportunity via a new connection.

When it comes to your health, you should be rock solid through the holidays. With your good health and positive vibes, it’s a good time to introduce some new exercise routines into your daily life as well. Overall, your birthday month should be full of happiness and stability.

3Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: Resist The Urge Of Cuffing Season

Sagittarius, December is a great time for you to make a love connection. The sun is shining on you, girl! Though you’re naturally charismatic, you’ll feel even more people drawn to your natural charm and sense of humor this month. While it’s a great time to make a connection, don’t get too swept up into anything. Yes, it’s cuffing season, but you’re also not a sign that loves to settle down for just anyone. Resist the urge to jump into a relationship just for the major holidays and wait to see if he’s really the right one for you.

As for the Sagittarius in a relationship, it’ll be smooth AF. If there are issues in the relationship, they’ll be resolved in the beginning of the month to make for a great December. Use this time to think about making the next step together in 2018.

2Capricorn: Speak Your Mind While Shining At Holiday Parties

Capricorn, by the end of the month it’ll be Capricorn season! So happy birthday to you! On top of that, you’re a sign that thrives when indulging in traditions. Like, you’re a really good wedding guest and thrower of birthday parties. That said, the holiday season is your time. You’ll slay at the office holiday party and your family celebration. And that’s exactly where your head will be divided between this month: career and family. Focus on both equally and you’ll have your best December yet.

In terms of actions, your House of Self is very dominate, which means you’ll be feeling very independent. Speak your mind and do what your gut tells you to in December. Trust your own instincts and you’ll be plenty rewarded.

1Capricorn Love ‘Scope: Mingle, But Don’t Fall In Love

Capricorn, your love horoscope is looking good for you… but only if you’re not in it for the long-term. You’ll have many opportunities to meet potential love connections. I mean, holiday parties! Get your mingle on! However, there doesn’t seem to be much long-term stamina in these relationships. In these relationships, look for fun and entertainment rather than you’re next great love. This, too, may have a little something to do with your House of Self. It’s an independent month, during which you’re likely to experience a surge of self-interest rather than romantic interest.

As for the Capricorn in a relationship, December will be blissful and smooth for you. If you feel a shift in the relationship, consider your House of Self. This self-interest may be pushing your to be more independent and less emotionally connected. Make sure to connect with your loved one, despite your independent vibes.

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