Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For February: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

February is the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed with some good stuff. I mean, Valentine’s Day! Okay, Valentine’s Day is actually a lame-o holiday if you’re single. Of course, celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Galentine’s Day party is the way to do it. Get your best girlfriends together for a night of wine drinking, romantic movie watching, and laughing. So really, Valentine’s Day can be a win-win for the single girl or the girl in a relationship.

Still, we may all be wondering what this short, romantic month has in store for us, which is where your horoscope comes into play. All of the signs will be dealing with Aquarius Season and Pisces Season. During Aquarius season, the focus will be on socializing, knowledge, and independence. As the time shifts into Pisces Season, it’ll be a time full of creativity and emotions. On top of that, the new moon on the 15th provides an excellent time for starting over. If you want to take up a new hobby, start a new relationship, and break a bad habit, the 15th will set you up with the right energy and mindset to do so.

Of course, every sign experiences different specific things each month due to the alignment of the planets. You can find your specific horoscope and love horoscope below. This way, you can plan ahead for Valentine’s Day accordingly… or just skip the holiday altogether. No one’s judging.

24Aries: Talk Your Way Into That Promotion

Aries, you will like February because it’s all about career, baby. With your ambitious goals, you’ll be happy to hear that career advancement will come to you easily this month. Of course, career progression isn’t just about work, work, work. During Aquarius Season, you’ll feel extra social, which will also help you achieve your goals. So go to that happy hour with a coworker, have lunch with your boss, talk to that guy in accounting that you never really talked to before. Whatever the case, remember that career advancement can happen through hard work or social interaction, and it usually happens through both.

When the season drifts into Pisces Season, you’ll feel a focus on spirituality. This, too, can help with career advancement. In connecting more deeply with yourself, add some affirmations or meditation to your day. You’ll have a burst of self-confidence that may just help you ask for that raise.

23Aries Love ‘Scope: The Workplace Is A Loveplace

Aries, you will have a great love month in February. With both your ambition and your social skills on high alert, you’ll have success in progressing current relationships and sparking up new relationships.

If you’re in the market to meet someone new, you’ll have extra luck in the workplace. While dating someone in the workplace can be tricky, you’re always meeting people in the workplace. This is due to you ambitious attitude. You’re an ambition girl boss, who values ambition in other people. And so, when you see that coworker clocking in extra hours for that project he’s super passionate about, you totally form a huge crush on him.

If there has been something bothering you about your relationship, the mid-month new moon, as well as the change from Aquarius Season into Pisces Season, will be a great time to address said issues.

22Taurus: You’re All About That Independence This Month

Taurus, you will feel especially independent this month, which is a change of pace for you. As an emotional earth sign, you truly value your relationships. You’re a sign of devotion, loyalty, and love. Because of this, you are often thinking of everything in terms of your relationships. How will this promotion or new apartment affect my loved ones? In February, you’ll find yourself thinking less about others and more about yourself. This isn’t actually a bad thing! You’ll really be looking at opportunities and figuring out what will work best for you.

Along with your independence, you’ll feel your personal creativity thriving. Use this month to connect more with yourself. Start journaling and brainstorm certain career goals, as you’ll be thinking clearly and for yourself.

21Taurus Love ‘Scope: Your Independence Makes You Extra Attractive

Taurus, you may be feeling more independent in February, but this just makes you an even more attractive mate. Seriously, people will be drawn to you in February. While there will be a ton of opportunities for relationships, there aren’t many opportunities for a serious, long-term relationship.

As the Taurus, you can fall into the habit of being quite the homebody. When we enter Pisces Season, you’ll find yourself more social than ever. You’ll be itching to go out and make new friends, which can be different for you

The Taurus in a relationship can expect to move the relationship forward. You’ll still be in your independent thinking, so this may be a time in which you truly see what is the best way to move the relationship forward for you.

20Gemini: Nurture Yourself So You Can Achieve Your Goals

Gemini, you’re a very social air sign. You love meeting new people and making new friends. Because of your warm, curious, friendly personality, you’re simply always a social butterfly. February may be weird, as you’ll feel yourself gravitate toward career ambition rather than socializing. You’ll feel grounded, ambitious, and steady this month.

Though, you should also concentrate on your health this month. In order to function at the high level necessary to achieve your goals, you’ll have to eat healthily, drink water, and get rest. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, Gemini. You tend to do that from time to time, but your ambition can best meet it’s heights when you’re well rested and ready to take over the world.

19Gemini Love ‘Scope: It’s An Active Month With Big Emotional Questions

Gemini, your love life will be oddly active. You’d think that hunkering down and trying to achieve career goals would take up time, but you need let off some steam. And so, for all your career ambition, you’ll also find yourself relaxing, making connections, and falling in love.

For the single Gemini, you’ll have many opportunities to find romance among your friends. Whether it’s noticing your cute friend in a new light or meeting a cool friend of a friend, you’ll find a connection. In the beginning of the month, you’ll find yourself needing more physical attention in relationships. Keep in mind that the air will shift near the end of the month and you’ll be evaluating relationships based on emotional needs. Long story short, you’ll want to jump into being physical at the beginning of the month, but the end of the month will you asking big emotional questions. Just be aware of this before deciding to take the relationship to the next physical level.

18Cancer: It’s All About Family, Friends, And Going Out

Cancer, you’re generally a sign that looks inward. Being so highly emotional and connected to said emotions, you’re often thinking about how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that certain way. In February, you’ll find yourself more looking outside of yourself. You’ll be more interested in how others are feeling and why.

Not only that, but your interest in outwardly feelings will result in a more social you. The Cancer can occasionally be a homebody, as their gentle, emotional nature feels best when they are in a harmonious home. The Cancer loves watching Netflix for a whole weekend. They don’t even judge themselves for it. However, February will bring you out of the house. Yes, it may still be chilly, but suddenly you actually want to go to that party on Saturday night.

Take this month to connect with friends and family, as you’ll have great success in strengthening relationships.

17Cancer Love ‘Scope: Save Romantic Decisions For March

Cancer, you’ll have a lot of success in meeting new potential partners. Because you’ll be extra social and outgoing, as well as highly empathetic to other’s feelings, you’ll be primed to make new connections. Yaaasss girl, make those new connections. Have 100 boyfriends.

However, February is not the time to make any big decisions, as you won’t have a great connection to your inner-self. So, meet new guys and have some dates, but don’t hop into a relationship. Come March, when you’re back to being the introspective Cancer, you’ll likely regret making that decision.

The Cancer in a relationship may feel their relationship tested but, again, it’s best to not make any huge decisions until the focus is back on your inner life as opposed to outwardly things.

16Leo: Go With The Flow Of The Universe

Leo, you’re a go-getter. As a fire sign, you love making the decisions. You’re all about forward action and decisions. For this reason, February will especially test you. In February, the universe will be making the decisions and you’re just along for the ride, baby. So, give in. Let the universe take you where it will and focus your energy to adapting to these changes. You cannot make the decisions, but you can react to them. But hey, you’re great at going with the flow when need be. You’re a warm, charismatic, friendly sign. Others are drawn to you. Use these social graces to steer the ship after the universe sets you off in another direction.

As for where your interests lie, you’ll be more interested in career ambition than family matters. If you feel unable to connect with your loved ones, accept that and focus energy on career instead. February is all about not trying to force things that feel unnatural.

15Leo Love ‘Scope: People Are Extra Drawn To You This Month

Leo, your social graces will be on high alert. Try to bring out your best social self in career-related activities. Whether it’s grabbing a drink after work or at a weekend conference, use those social graces to make new work connections.

Overall, all of your romantic relationships will be harmonious this month. There’s no need to worry about too much conflict. This is a relief, as it means all your energy can go into your ambitious career goals.

Not only will you have success with work connections, but you’ll also feel drawn to those in the medical field. Think relationship with a doctor! Okay, the term medical field may be loose, as you may just hit if off with an accountant for a pharmaceutical company, but you get it.

14Virgo: Your Emotions Get In The Way Of Your Work Ethic

Virgo, you’re known as one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. Seriously, you’re all about keeping your head down and getting real results. Your bosses all love you. That said, February will challenge you in the career field. Instead of that strict work ethic, you’ll find yourself preoccupied with emotional issues and family problems. You’ll be busy texting your mom instead of putting the finishing touches on that weekly report. You’ll want to go home and cry to The Fault in our Stars instead of staying late at the office.

Instead of trying to work through your emotions, embrace them. If February isn’t the greatest month ever at work, that’s fine. Tend to your emotions and relationships. That way, you can get back to work hard in March. Don’t ignore your emotions, as it’ll come to a head eventually. Emotions don’t go away, girl.

13Virgo Love ‘Scope: Accept Imperfection To Make A New Connection

Virgo, you’ll find yourself connected more to people than usual. You tend to be a logical, analytical sign, but February brings out a more emotional side to you. This is great for your emotions, as you’ll feel closer to your loved ones. You may feel halted at work, so work on those relationships! It’s a great month to take a healthy relationship to the next level.

The single Virgo will have success in meeting new people, but they will encounter some difficulty in making a new relationship actually work. The Virgo’s obsession with perfection can make it difficult for them to get into successful relationships, as they want the perfect partner at the perfect time. However, the Virgo will have succeeded in making a new relationship work if they can detach from the idea of perfection. Not every guy is Ryan Gosling and not every relationship is The Notebook.

12Libra: Embrace Being Social, Then Embrace Being Solitary

Libra, you’ll start February feeling more like yourself. Since it’s Aquarius Season – another air sign – the sun will be shining on the favorable traits that make you so good at being you. So, you’ll be more talkative, friendly, and fair at the beginning of the month. If there are disagreements between your friends or family members, you’ll make for a great mediator. On top of that, take this time to plan some social activities. You love being the one to get the whole gang together, so do it!

As the month continues, you’ll find yourself more introspective and less social. This can make you feel out of sorts, as you’re an extremely social sign. Don’t fight it, though. If you feel like staying in and making a dream board, do it. You can’t always be surrounded by friends. Recharging your personal energy at the end of the month will help March start off with a kick.

11Libra Love ‘Scope: You May Actually Be Sending ‘U Up’ Texts

The single Libra will have no issues meeting new potential partners this month. Though, you never really have issues meeting people. That’s the charm of the Libra.

It won’t really be about long-term relationships this month. Until the 23rd, you’ll be more concerned with physical relationships. Yes, you’ll be about with those late night ‘U up?’ texts. In fact, you may be the one sending those texts. The end of the month will bring up questions of long-term compatibility. If you see a future with a partner, move forward. If you can’t see a future with the ‘U up?’ guy in the light of day, cut him loose. There’s no need to put energy into a relationship that will never actually work

For the committed Libra, this shift in energy will have you moving your relationship forward by the end of the month.

10Scorpio: It’s About Career, Then Reconnecting With Loved Ones

Scorpio, your career comes before family this month. As an emotional sign, it may be odd to feel detached from family and friends, with a focus more on work and self-improvement, but go with it. Put that energy into work and you’ll see great career advancement.

When we enter Pisces Season on the 19th, you’ll find yourself extra emotional. With the sun shining on a water sign, you’ll have a deeper connection with emotions and you’ll find yourself reconnecting with family and friends. So, think career in the beginning of the month and family/friends by the end of the month. You’ll have the best of both worlds, as you’ll be moving forward in career and then relationships.

9Scorpio Love ‘Scope: Don’t Go For Your Type And You’ll Find Love

Scorpio, your love life will be on fire this month. The Ying and Yang of your ambition and emotions will push you to be your fiercest version of yourself in relationships. The Scorpio in a relationship will find their relationship has a new spark this month. If it has been feeling dull, you’ll suddenly feel an excited spark with your long-term babe.

The single Scorpio can expect to find relationships with unusual people. If you have a certain type, you’ll find yourself attracted to someone who is so totally not your type. Don’t fight this, as going against your “type” can open you up to exciting, new relationships.

The Scorpio should especially be looking for a highly intelligent partner who is willing to communicate, as this will make for the best long-term compatibility.

8Sagittarius: You’re More Grounded Than Usual

Sagittarius, you’re generally a sign of moving forward. You’re all about onward and upward. On top of that, you’re a sign that values travel and personal freedom. You tend to feel very boxed in very easily. In February, you may be feeling a little… backwards. Instead of focusing on personal goals and freedom, you’ll be focusing on family and long-term financial goals. You’ll feel more steady, settled, and comfortable than usual. Instead of planning a vacation, you’ll be focused on paying off credit card bills, growing your savings account, and investing.

Of course, you may start to feel itchy by the end of February, as this grounded personality is not what you’re used to. That’s okay. Use February to get yourself in order and by March, you’ll be able to be your freer, more ambitious self again.

7Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: Don’t Hop Into A Relationship, As You’ll Break Some Hearts

Sagittarius, you’ll have progressed in romantic areas, but not necessarily the type of progress you want. Because you’re feeling grounded and emotional during most of February, you’ll be willing to commit to relationships big and small. In fact, the single Sagittarius is likely to hop into a relationship without weighing the pros and cons. If you feel yourself falling into a serious commitment in February, pull back and slow it down. If you jump into something without thinking it through, you may find that you’re itching to be single again in March and you don’t want to go breaking hearts in March.

For the Sagittarius in a relationship, the commitments may be strained this month because you’re feeling out of sorts. If the relationship is usually healthy, stick it out. You’re just not feeling like yourself this month. You’ll bounce back in March.

6Capricorn: You’re Becoming The You That You Always Wanted To Be

Capricorn, you love traditional things in life, like family, hard work, and history. Seriously, there’s nothing you love more than those Christmas traditions you do with your family every year. Because you’ll feel yourself develop in your relationships and career goals, AKA the things you care most about, you’ll feel extra yourself in February. You’ll feel like you’re growing into the person you’ve always wanted to become.

Around the 19th, it’s a great time to work on personal growth and education. Think about taking a new class, learning a new language, or simply adding a new podcast to your rotation. Capricorn, the fact that you’re showing signs of being the person you’ve always wanted to be will give you even more energy. It’s like achievement gives you more energy for achievement. Keep grinding away, girl.

5Capricorn Love ‘Scope: People Are Attracted To You, But It’s All Short-Term

Capricorn, your relationship horoscope isn’t the strongest. In fact, relationships will be on the backburner. Still, you’ll be feeling and looking attractive, strong, and confident. Because you’re thriving in so many areas of your life, you’ll be giving off that certain energy that attracts others to you. You’ll be a magnet, so you may meet some new people. However, these relationships will be short-term and not suitable for a long-term commitment. Instead, accept that February is a month of being the bigger, better, brighter you. Don’t force relationships to be an issue in February.

4Aquarius: Being A Better You Is Happening Now

Aquarius, February begins in the Aquarius season. So, YAY! Happy birthday to you! This month is all about forward progress in more ways than one. In the career spectrum, you’ll feel extra ambition and willingness to put that ambition to work. You’ll find yourself putting in more hours, volunteering for extra projects, and answering emails on weekends.

February isn’t just about career ambition. It’s also about moving forward in other areas of your life, like bettering yourself personally. Spending the extra money on yourself is completely worth it if it helps further your own self. Yes, those fitness classes are expensive, but it’s an expense that will have both physical and mental rewards. That’s money well spent, girl.

When it comes to February, think only of what feels to be bettering and furthering your life. If something in your life is no longer as beneficial as before, February is the time to let it go.

3Aquarius Love ‘Scope: If You’re Single, It’s A Yawn Fest

Like everything else in February, it’s all about forward progress in your relationships too. Keep on moving forward in those relationships. Aquarius in harmonious relationships will feel strength and progress with their significant other. Those who are in less than stable relationships will be at a crossroads, during which it may be time to cut those ties. Remember, February 2018 is the time to move forward or let it go in all areas of your life.

During February, your relationships with friends and family members will be tested through simple misunderstands and arguments. These will feel exhausting, as you won’t necessarily want to put the energy into working through these misunderstandings, but sit down and talk it out. Your intelligence and understand will shine in relationships during February, especially during Aquarius Season.

For the single Aquarius, your love life may be a yawn fest. Focus your energy on career instead and circle back to that love in March.

2Pisces: The Rough Start To 2018 Is Finally Over

Pisces, if 2018 has been off to a rough start, have no fear. On the 19th, we enter Pisces Season, which means the sun will be shining on your sign. It’s a perfect time to energize yourself and look forward to the rest of the year. Coinciding is a new moon on the 15th, which is a great time for new starts. Basically, 2018 is finally beginning now for you. January was just, like, a practice month.

While you will feel the extra energy in your friendships, career, and person projects, you’ll also be feeling an overwhelming generosity. For as much energy as you have, you’ll be putting out even more into the universe and be rewarded heavily for this. Maybe it’s that you stop and talk to a stranger on the elevator, but that stranger just so happens to be your boss’ wife. Maybe it’s that you help a coworker with a project that just so happens to get your boss’ attention. You get it. You’ll put it out into the universe and it will come back to you. Dreamy Pisces, 2018 finally starts feeling like your year this month.

1Pisces Love ‘Scope: Rocky Roads Ahead

Ah, not everything can be perfect in life, Pisces. And so, you’ll feel yourself moving along happily in personal projects, career, fitness, and basically everywhere… except for your love life.

If you’re in a relationship, there will be some turbulence, as you will feel neglected at home. As a sensitive water sign, you take being neglected extra hard, but don’t. Try to tap into that strong sense sympathy and understand that your significant other may be feeling stress at work or dealing with a family issue.

If you are single, you’ll have some good luck and some bad luck. It’s likely you’ll make a connection, but it’ll be based on an unstable ground due to your unclear requirements for this new bae. Try to fight this by being as upfront as possible. Are you looking for long-term or more of a text buddy? Are you not into the fact that he’s a smoker or living on his friend’s couch? Speak up now before the relationship progresses too far along and the conversation becomes much more difficult.

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