Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For January: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

New Year, new you! Well, maybe. I mean, we all make lofty resolutions to which we don’t necessarily stick. We’ve all said we would go to the gym, eat healthy, and drink less. Then, come February, we’re back to binge-watching Riverdale again and eating a whole pizza in the process. However, January is usually the biggest hump when it comes to the whole resolution thing. If you can get through January sticking to your resolutions, you’re probably more likely to stick to them for the whole year. Well, your horoscope for January may be able to help you stick to your resolutions. Your horoscope won’t necessarily get you out of bed for that 6am yoga class, but you will be able to find out when the best time of the month will be for starting a new habit like yoga.

When it comes the January, the moon will be doing all kinds of things. Seriously, if you thought Mercury in retrograde was a problem, get ready for the zany moon moves in January. With a super moon on the 1st and an eclipse on the 31st, January’s moon will have every single one of us feeling all the feelings. But hey, it’s better to know ahead of time so you can have a bottle of wine and your favorite Ryan Gosling movie ready for those rough days.

Below is your January horoscope. No, your horoscope won’t tell you to put down the pizza and stick to your New Year resolution, but it will tell you just about everything else going on this month. So, plan accordingly, ladies.

24Capricorn: You Are In Your Element In The Beginning Of The Month

Capricorn, January begins under your sign. So, happy Capricorn season! Capricorn season will have you feeling more chatty and energetic than usual. This will feel great, as it’ll help you shake off the weirdness from the Mercury in retrograde during December. Chat it up and enjoy being able to express yourself this month.

This month begins with a full moon, and not just any full moon. It’s a super moon in Cancer, which means there will be emotional revelations. Full moons are always illuminating, but one in Cancer may specifically affect your emotions and your love life. So, any questions or concerns you’ve had about someone may be cleared up on the first of the month.

A new moon arrives in Capricorn on the 16th, which is a great time to start over. Yes, we all make New Year resolutions. And yes, we all fail at them every year. If you feel yourself falling back into old habits in the very beginning of the month, look towards the 16th as a great time to start anew.

The month ends under the sign of the Aquarius, so be prepared to be thoughtful and inquisitive during this time. The Aquarius is also a sign that promotes breaking the rules and marching to one’s own beat. While you, Capricorn, may be more of a rule-follower, you may find yourself itching for a bit of rebellion at the end of the month. Let yourself get a little loose. What’s the worse that could happen?

23Capricorn Love ‘Scope: You Can Finally Express Yourself

Capricorn, the beginning of the month will feel like a welcomed change from December. Not only was December a busy month, but it was also a month of Mercury in retrograde. This means communication was difficult and frustrating for most of December. That said, the beginning of January will have you able to openly and directly communicate once again. Ah, doesn’t that feel good? So go tell that guy how you feel!

On top of that, the full moon on the 1st may shed some light on a difficult or troubling situation. And that’s not the only special lunar spark you’ll be feeling this month. On the 31st, there will be a lunar eclipse in Leo. The Leo is a very passionate sign, but also a self-interested sign. This eclipse will result in even more elevated feelings than just your plain ol’ full moon. However, be aware that during this time you may have you more concerned with issues of yourself rather than your partner. Don’t forget about your partner when making a big decision around the end of month eclipse.

22Aquarius: You’ll Feel Like You By The End Of The Month

Aquarius, you aren’t a particularly emotional sign. I mean, you’re not a robot or anything. However, you tend to lend towards thought, logic, and analysis. It’s just who you are. You can also have difficulty expressing emotion. Well, get ready for some emotion, Aquarius. The month opens with a super moon in Cancer, which means emotions, emotions, emotions. If you feel the need to watch The Notebook and cry into a glass of wine, go for it. Letting those emotions out will be good for you. The this full moon will also be about nurturing, so consider kicking the year off with a little self-indulgence. Facemask? Bubble bath? Massage? Yes, you deserve it.

Mid-month, you’ll start feeling like yourself again, especially with the new moon on the 16th. Finally, the month ends by entered the season of the Aquarius, during which you’ll be thriving. So, if the month – and whole year, for that matter – seems like it begins on some shaky ground, just go with it. You’ll feel like yourself by the end of the month.

21Aquarius Love ‘Scope: You Are A Flirty Goddess

Aquarius, it’s a good month for some lovin’. Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your sign on the 17th, which will leave you more flirty, more outgoing, and more charming than usual. You’ll find that you simply draw people to you during this time. Embrace it, girl! December was a hectic month and Mercury was in retrograde. Then, January started off feeling extra emotional. When the mid-month makes you feel like Beyonce, go with it. I mean, it’s not often any of us get to feel like Beyonce.

The end of the month means big things for your relationships. There is a lunar eclipse in Leo, which will have all signs feeling extra fierce and passionate. On top of that Mercury enters your sign on the 31st, which will ramp up your communications. This means it’s a good time to have an emotional conversation you’ve been putting off. If you’ve been in one of those kind-of relationships, the end of the month will be a good time to finally ask him what’s up.

20Pisces: Pour Your Emotions Into Art

Pisces, in general, you can be a very emotional sign. You’re gentle, whimsical, and in tune with your spirituality. When the super moon in Cancer hits in the beginning of the month, you’ll feel your emotions go through the roof. You’ll be feeling all the feelings. When you’re feeling overly emotional, you can turn away from reality. To try to deal with things, you can sometimes embrace escapism through procrastination or art. Since it’s the beginning of a New Year and clean slate, try to indulge into creative endeavors rather than procrastinating, as you don’t want to begin the year by putting things off. Plus, putting your energy into creative endeavors has the possibility to yield amazing results. Write that book! Paint that picture! Join that improv troop!

The month ends in the sign of the Aquarius, so you may be feeling out of sorts. Aquarius is a logical, analytical sign, which is much different from you’re heavy feelings. Instead of shunning this, embrace the breeze this air signs blows into your life. Plus, it may be nice to embrace your head after the beginning of the month being all about your heart.

19Pisces Love ‘Scope: You’ll Be Intuitive AF

Pisces, you’ll be feeling the moons this month! The beginning of the month starts with a super moon in Cancer, which means you’ll be emotional AF. If you feel yourself getting into more fights with your partner during the beginning of the month, just know that it won’t always be this way. You’ll be able to shake it off by the middle of the month. So, don’t let those elevated emotions ruin a good relationship.

Oh, but the next big moon happens at the end of the month. And yes, it’s a big moon. In fact, it’s an eclipse in Leo. This will have you feeling more passionate and aggressive than ever, timid Pisces. On top of that, this eclipse happens during the season of the Aquarius, during which you’ll have heightened intuition. So, the end of the month is great for getting what you want with men, as you’ll be able to know what to do and you’ll be forward enough to do it. Go get ‘em, girl!

18Aries: Ambition, Ambition, Ambition!

Aries, this month is all about onward and upward. As the first sign of the zodiac, you tend to love the New Year celebration as it is. You’re all about a clean slate with new goals and possibilities. To you, every year is the year that is going to change your life.

With the New Year beginning under the sign of the Capricorn, you’re feeling extra ambitious and hardworking. Not only do you have those lofty goals that you always have, but you also see a clear path on how to achieve said goals. It’s a great way to start the year.

Of course, the super moon in Cancer may make you more emotional than usual, but those emotions usually come out in the form of power, passion, and productivity. It’s full steam ahead into a New Year and the possibilities are limitless.

17Aries Love ‘Scope: Um, It’s Not Your Best Month

Aries, most of January will be more about work than your love life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel some fire. At the very least, the end of the month will spark those desires, as there will be a eclipse in Leo. Because Leo is a fellow fire sign, you’ll be feeling more fiery than usual at the end of the month. You may feel that you can finally express yourself to that guy you have a crush on or you have the guts to tell that stranger at a bar that he’s really cute. Whatever it is, you’re ready for it.

Of course, the Leo is a sign of self-interest and self-determination, so if the eclipse on the 31st sparks up your professional life rather than your love life, don’t fret. You may just be starting the year with your professional goals in mind and leaving all that lovey dovey stuff for February.

Aries, you’re a sign that likes the idea of having it all, but you also need to accept that you can’t always have it all, all of the time. There are some months that may be more about career ambitions than a hot hookup.

16Taurus: Break Old Habits And Say Hello To New Opportunities

Taurus, as an earth sign, you’re generally a very grounded, stable, and steady. You’re down to earth and have a good head on your shoulders. However, your emotions can sometimes get the best of you, as you love with all your heart. Since January starts with a full moon in Cancer, those feelings may be raging. Being emotional can be a good thing because you aren’t holding in those feelings. However, you tend to get possessive, insecure, and jealous. If you feel yourself heading that way during the beginning of the month, tread lightly. You don’t want to begin the New Year by getting in a fight over that jealousy of yours. Instead, focus on breaking those bad habits this year. If you are looking for a specific time to work on better habits, the new moon on the 16th is a great time to reset your focus and your habits.

As the month progresses, you’ll be presented with new and exciting opportunities, so having and open and excited mind is best. You never know what wonderful results these new opportunities could bring.

15Taurus Love ‘Scope: Don’t Let The Drama Get You Down

As discussed in your overview, letting your negative emotions take the wheel in the beginning of the month can prove to be disastrous for relationships. Instead, try to rewire that head of yours. Instead of jumping to conclusions, think things through and try to ground yourself.

The full moon on the first will also provide a certain enlightenment in your life. If you’ve been iffy about a relationship, you may get your answers during the full moon on the 1st. This may also be a moment of enlightenment about yourself via a relationship. Perhaps an explosive argument on the 1st could led you to realizing a huge truth about yourself. Just be open and accepting of any lessons coming your way around this time.

The month ends with an eclipse in Leo, which will spice things up again. During this full moon, you can expect drama. Hold on tight, as a relationship that is worth it should survive this lunar shake. Of course, this may leave you feeling drained, so try to reconnect with your guy despite the drama. Think of a fun, new date or maybe just stay in and binge-watch something. Whatever the case, find a way to connect with him despite the drama and everything will work itself out.

14Gemini: New Year, New You Is Your Motto

Gemini, this month is all about transformation and you’re a sign that loves transforming. You love the idea of embracing a new identity, new project, or new hobby. That said, this will be a great month for all of the above. Not only is it the start of the New Year, but there’s also a super moon and it’s Capricorn season. Together, it’s prime time for reinvention. So, Gemini, decide who you want to be in 2018 and be that person. Yes, it’s as easy as that, especially for the very adaptable Gemini.

However, you tend to be shortsighted. Yes, it’s important to think of goals that are achievable in the near future, but you should also meditate on 2018 as a whole. When you’re making changes this month, think about your short-term and long-term goal. This will help you make the best decisions for the long run.

13Gemini Love ‘Scope: Go With The Flow Or Just Go

Gemini, get ready for an emotional month. There is a super moon on the 1st, which will bring both knowledge and emotion into your life. Full moons are known to bring about new information, so be prepared to see your partner or your relationship in a brand new light. On top of that, this super moon occurs in Cancer, which is an emotional water sign. Yes, you won’t only be dealing with some new information, but you’ll also be dealing with some high-flying emotions. But Gemini, you’re adaptable and fluid. You’ll be able to work through it with your partner.

Oh, but it’s not over. The 31st brings in a eclipse in Leo, which will – again! – bring about new information. Yes, it may seem like a lot to handle, Gemini. But you’re a sign that can go with the flow. If he’s worth it, you’ll make it work. If not, it’s time to clean your hands and call it a day. May January be the start of a new phase in your relationship or just a completely new relationship.

12Cancer: You Are Powerful This Month, So Embrace Your Wonder Woman

Cancer, Cancer, Cancer. Are you ready for it? That’s right, the big, full moon we’ve been talking about. On January 1st – the very first day of 2018 – there’s a super moon in YOUR sign. I know! What a great way to start the New Year!

The super moon in Cancer may be giving the other signs some emotional issues, but you’re down with the emotions. I mean, you’re a Cancer, after all. So, this super moon may not be giving you a huge emotional rush, but rather it’ll make you feel empowered. It’s your time to focus on yourself and your needs.

Because it’s the beginning of the year, use this power to your benefit. Start the year off with a bang! You should no only be thinking about what your need, but also what you should let go of. Full moons are a climax and an ending of sorts. If there is something destructive in your life, take this time to let go.

In the middle of the month, be open to new relationships and opportunities. These will lead to great career possibilities down the line.

11Cancer Love ‘Scope: You’re Aggressive And It’s Awesome

Again, you’re lucky with the beginning of the month. The super moon in Cancer will have many signs feeling oddly emotional and unable to handle it. Instead, you’ll be feeling more in your element than ever. Take this new found sense of power to get what you want. Do you have a crush on a guy? Do you want to tell that F-boy to leave you alone forever? Do you want to try to get back together with your ex? Whatever the case, make a move in the beginning of the month and you’ll happy with the results.

The month ends with an eclipse in Leo, which will bring about some new information with which you’ll have to deal. Because it’s in Leo, you’ll be feeling more aggressive and proactive, so deal with the new information headfirst. Don’t put it off.

Overall, you’ll find yourself more aggressive and forward this month. You’re usually a bit more timid, so embrace this saucy new you this month.

10Leo: Ease Into January Because 2018 Is A Marathon

Leo, how are you feeling? Do you need a nap? Yeah, you totally do! Leo, you are a fiercely social sign, so the holidays are your time. You likely booked about 100 holiday parties to go to in December and you slayed each and every single one of them. But now it’s time to relax. Pamper yourself in the beginning of the month, as it’ll mentally prepare you for a killer year. There’s a super moon in Cancer on the 1st, which makes it a wonderful time for letting go of stress, anxiety, and difficulties.

Mid-month, you’ll experience a new moon and the beginning of Aquarius season. This makes it a great time to think about goals for the year and plot ways to achieve said goals. Don’t worry about start off the month with a bang. Instead, this of the whole month as a primer for the rest of the year. Do what you have to do in January to make the rest of the months the best they can be.

9Leo Love ‘Scope: Big Emotions And Big Changes

Leo, January will be a month of emotional instability. But hey, everyone will be going through it. You can blame the moon for all your feelings. No, seriously blame the moon.

On the 1st, there is a super moon in Cancer, which will have all the signs feeling all the feelings. So, not only will you be extra sensitive, but everyone else will be feeling more sensitive too. Use tact in the beginning of the month when dealing with emotional situations.

Come the 17th, Venus enters Aquarius, which will have you feeling like your Leo-self again. Get ready for that swagger to return to you. You’ll be charming, fun, and warm again. Of course, the month ends with another monkey wrench, as there is an eclipse in your sign. For you, this means a moment of finding a new path – either in relationships or in your life. Take the end of the month to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not working, then proceed how you see best.

8Virgo: You May Feel Lost, But You’ll Find Yourself

Virgo, you’re the type to put your head down and work. That said, December may have been difficult for you. You enjoy structure, routine, and deadlines. So, having time off for the holidays have left you feeling a bit… lost. Don’t fret. 2018 is the time to fix that feeling, but be patient. 2018 starts with a super moon in Cancer, which will throw you through a slight loop. This will be an emotional time, in which you may realize you have different hopes and dreams than you once thought. If you decide to change your path in 2018, do so during this full moon. The full moon is a time of ending and healing, so it’s a perfect time to change your path. Out with the old Virgo, in the with the new Virgo.

Virgo, you’re a hard working and you’ll achieve anything you put your mind to, so all you have to do is decide what you want and go after it. Use January to reset and the following months will be all about achieving those goals, you hard worker!

7Virgo Love ‘Scope: You May Question Everything, And That’s Okay

Virgo, January starts in Capricorn season, which will have you extra connected to your earthiness. Earth signs are, by nature, stable, loyal, and steady. They are patient in their relationships, as they are in it for the long haul. So, you’ll be feeling extra grounded and extra connected to your loved one in the beginning of the month.

In the middle of the month, we enter Aquarius season, which may play with your mind a bit, Virgo. The Aquarius season can be a bit rebellious. During this season, you may find yourself asking if you’re really as happy as you can be in your relationship and other aspects of your life. Pay attention to your answers here. If you want to pursue bigger things, the super blue moon eclipse on the 31st is a great time for starting over. New moons symbolize both an ending and a beginning, much like how a breakup can be an ending to a relationship but also an exciting new adventure.

6Libra: Focus On Yourself And Not On Saving Others

Libra, the full moon on the 1st will have you questioning big picture things. You may find yourself wondering what exactly it is that you want to be remembered for after you’re long gone. Yes, it’s a bit morbid, but it’s natural to think about. Do you want to write the next great American novel? Do you want to dedicate yourself to your family? Hey, be the president! Whatever it may be, you’ll find yourself filled with thoughts about it. Use these thoughts to plot out your 2018.

On the 20th, we drift into Aquarius season, which is another air sign. This will have you feeling, well, more airy than usual. Expect a surge in social interaction. Not only will you want to interact more with others, but you’ll also thrive in social interactions. However, all the powerful moon movements in January may have others out of sorts. As the Libra, you usually feel like it’s your job to fix everything. Don’t indulge in this, as the other signs will need to work through their emotions on their own.

5Libra Love ‘Scope: YAAASSS, You’re More Flirty Than Usual

Libra, you’re a flirt in January! The Aquarius season heightens your flirty nature. And yes, you do have a flirty nature. You may not be as aggressive as, say, a Libra or Scorpio, but you flirt through your friendships and clever conversation. Pretty much anyone you interact with has a crush on. Seriously, that Starbucks barista is totally into you and you don’t even know it.

Of course, you’ll be affected from the moons just as the other signs. The super moon on the 1st and the eclipse on the 31st will shed light on something you’ve been in the dark about. Unfortunately, we can’t say if it’s good news or bad news. Just be prepared to find out, well, something you didn’t know before. Like, maybe that Starbucks barista is about to tell you how he feels.

4Scorpio: Do The Thing You Didn’t Do In 2017

Scorpio, the full moon on the first is in the sign of the Cancer, a fellow water sign. Since you are also a water sign, this full moon will empower your sense of self and independence. You’ll crave new experience, education, and self-reflection. It’s a great time to do something out of your comfort zone. Maybe take a wine tasting class, a new fitness class, or a creative writing class. If you spent 2017 thinking about that one thing you wanted to try out but you never did, the beginning of 2018 is the time to do it!

The full moon is also a perfect time to let go of things that no long fulfill you. Are you in a toxic relationship, dead-end job, or crappy apartment? Make the change! Moving into Aquarius season, you’ll feel extra chatty and social. This is a great time to make some new connections and friendships. Who knows? 2018 could be the year you meet your new bestie who will send you all the best memes during that boring workday.

3Scorpio ‘Love Scope: Embrace The Good, Embrace The New


Scorpio, it’s your month of new, new, new! The power of the moon will be propelling you towards newness. Of course, this doesn’t mean throwing away your old relationship and getting a brand new one. Instead, this can simply be a new stage in the relationship. Are you ready to move into together, to make it Facebook official, or to get engaged? Well, January may be the month to do so.

Specifically, the month starts with a full moon on the 1st. This is a time of climax and endings. But don’t be sad. The end of something always means the beginning of something else. So, you could be ending that awkward dating phase and embracing an exclusive relationship. The middle of the month sees a new moon phase, which is a great time for starting over and beginning new habits, routines, or relationships. Then, the month ends with an eclipse. So, it’s all about endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings. You can use this time to end a destructive relationship or embrace a new stage in a healthy relationship.

2Sagittarius: You Love The New Year And The New Year Loves You

Sagittarius, you are a sign that thrives on new experiences, so you especially love each and every New Year. It’s a New Year full of who-knows-what!

You’ll be especially excited to hear that the year begins with a big bang in the form of a full moon in Cancer. This full moon will shine a light on your intuitive, sensitive nature. Use this intuitive nature with others, but also with yourself. Take a second in the beginning of the year to reconnect with yourself and figure out what you truly want from 2018, then go get it!

As January progresses into Aquarius season, you’ll continue this intuitive nature. Embrace this and try to connect with people in January. Use this time to expand on your relationships, especially those that usually present a challenge like the rude coworkers or demanding boss.

1Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: Use Your Intuition To Get What You Want

Sagittarius, your intuitive nature will come in handy with your romantic relationships too. With the full moon in Cancer and Aquarius season, you’ll be able to read people better than ever. Use this to your advantage. Figure out if he is a F-boy or if maybe he truly is the type of guy who just sucks at texting back.

The month ends with an eclipse in Leo, which is another fire sign. This means you’ll be feeling fierier than usual come the end of the month. That passionate personality of yours will be more passionate than ever and you’ll be unafraid to go what you want in terms of love and other aspects of your life. At the end of January, do whatever you have to do get what you want.

That’s your January outlook, ladies. Come back next month to see what February has in store for you!

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