Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For March: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

It’s another month, which means we have another batch of horoscopes. Come and get it, ladies. What’s going on in March? UM, A LOT. February may have been a difficult month due to the black moon, but March may be even more challenging. And just a refresher, February’s black moon simply meant that it was a month without a single full moon. And so, many signs may have felt scattered, lost, or all sorts of other things due to this black moon situation. While March doesn’t have a black moon, it does have a lot of fun things going on in the stars.

First things first, it’s Pisces season, y’all. Pisces are dreamy, intuitive, and whimsical creatures. They’re like the mermaid-fairy-princesses of the zodiac signs. And so, the month may kick off with you feeling a bit more dreamy than usual. March, however, shifts into Aries season, which is definitely not marked by dreaminess. Instead, Aries season is about competition, ambition, and courage. It’s a season that often pushes signs out of their comfort zone and towards their big goals.

On top of all that fun, Mercury goes into retrograde on the 22nd. I know, I know. But we’re going to get through it. It’s the first Mercury retrograde of 2018 and we’ve got to put on a brave face, ladies. Lastly, March is stacked with a full moon on the 1st, new moon on the 17th, and full moon on the 31st. Like we said, there’s a lot going on in March.

Yes, it’s a challenging month, but it’s also a rewarding month. And, just a fun reminder about March, spring comes back! That’s right: sun, flowers, grass, and no more snow! It’s time to change out of the leggings and leave the house because the sun will return to us all in March! Praise be! To prepare for springtime and Mercury in retrograde, your March 2018 horoscope is below.

24Pisces: Try To Stay Calm Because March Is Pretty Wild

Pisces, February treated you well. While February’s black moon may have made many signs feel like they were running in place or scattered brained, you were able to be calm, serene, and meditative. And so, the rush of March may feel like a cold, hard slap in the face. Sorry, girl.

The full moon on the 1st will kick start the old hustle and bustle. If you can find a way to bring that particular calming energy along with you in March, you’ll be greatly rewarded. Yes, March will be a month of forward action, progression, and evolution, but having a calm, cool, and gentle mindset will help you approach these new opportunities with the right resources for achievement.

As March progresses, you’ll find it even harder to achieve inner peace because there will be a new moon on the 17th, we will enter Aries season on the 21st, and Mercury will go into retrograde on the 22nd. I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s a lot to swallow and it may make communication all the more difficult, but don’t let this deter you from making progress in your goals. Keep that peace, girl.

23Pisces Love ‘ Scope: Well, At Least It Starts Off Steamy

While it’s still Pisces season, the sun will be shining down on your gentle, intuitive, and dreamy nature. Others will be drawn to your fairy-like personality in the beginning of the month. However, this dreamy personality of yours may not come across as flattering when Mercury enters retrograde on the 22nd. Instead of seeming like the flowy goddess you are, you may come across as aloof, unaware, and naive. This is simply what happens during Mercury in retrograde, as communications often get jumbled and confused. And so, if you’re single and looking to make a connection, the beginning of the month will be much steamier than the end of the month.

If you’re in a relationship, avoid making any big decisions after the 22nd, decisions made during Mercury in retrograde also backfire. Though, the 17th could be a great time to spice up your relationship if it’s hit a dull patch. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of flavor back into your love life – whether you’re single or taken – the 17th is a great time to do so.

22Aries: You’ll Make Progress, But It’ll Take A LOT Of Work

Aries, the sun is shining bring on Aries season starting on the 21st! So, happy Aries season! However, it will also be a difficult month for you, Aries.

The month starts in dreamy Pisces season, coupled with the black moon in February, you may be feeling stagnant in your goals, which is a huge issue for you. As an Aries, you love to be moving forward all times in all your goals. Thankfully, you’ll feel a boast of energy from the new moon on the 17th and Aries season on the 21st. About mid-month, you’ll be ready to crush the game.

However, career achievements will be difficult. With Mars in your career specter, you’ll likely face some challenges at work. Of course, you’re not afraid of challenges, but the fact that Mercury is in retrograde may make those challenges even more… well, challenging. In March, you’ll achieve the forward progress you longed for in February, but it will take a lot of energy to get there.

21Aries Love ‘Scope: It’s A Really Good AND Really Bad Month For Relationships

Aries, it’s a good and a bad month for love.

On the 6th, Mercury and Venus move into your sign, which is great news. This will put the focus on beauty, communication, and love. Suddenly, you’ll feel like Kim Kardashian while having conversations with men. You will be thriving. If you’re hitting it off with anyone in particular, the new moon on the 17th is a great time to embark on a new relationship. All good news, right? Well, not so fast.

On the 22nd Mercury, which is in your sign girlfriend, goes into retrograde. This will make communication particularly difficult for you at the end of the month. Savor all the great, easy, and flirty conversation you’re able to have at the beginning of the month because the end of the month will see miscommunications and frustrations. Sorry, girl.

20Taurus: You’re Feeling Extra Creative, So Use It To Your Advantage

Taurus, it’s a great month for creativity. You’re a naturally down to earth sign. You’re grounded, loyal, and stable. This can sometimes curb your creativity. But you are truly creative, especially in the kitchen, garden, and with fabrics.

The new moon on the 17th will fall in Pisces season, which will give you a burst of creative energy. You should really tap into that creativity during March. If you have lofty career goals, use this creativity to stand out from the crowd with an interesting approach to a project. If you have health goals, use this creativity to make some nutritious meals that actually taste good too.

Whatever you’re goals are, this sudden burst of creativity can help you achieve them.

19Taurus Love ‘Scope: Mark Your Calendar, Your Are Absolutely Fire On The 31st

Taurus, creativity can be used for your fitness or career goals, but it can also be used in the romance area. When you feel a sudden burst of creative energy in the middle of the month, channel this into being you’re most adorable self. Because hey, flirting is 90% creativity. So be creative in your jokes, stories, and other ways you flirt with charming strangers. You may just see something that sticks.

If you’re in a relationship, this burst of creative energy can be used to spice things up and keep it feeling new.

On the 31st, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign. This means you’ll have a confidence boost at the end of the month. On top of that, the 31st is also a full moon, so it will be a great day for climaxes of sorts, whether it’s finally making a move on that guy in HR who is totally cute or fully committing to someone and changing your Facebook status. Mark the 31st as a special day in the love department.

18Gemini: Your Head Is In One Million Places This Month

Gemini, you’re a very adaptable sign. Like, you can probably much mold yourself to fit into whatever situation you’re in. This is your strength, which you’ll especially need it this month because you’ll be all over the place.

The month begins with a Virgo full moon on the 1st, which will have you focused on your career. So, you’ll feel ambitious and action-oriented at the beginning of the month. Great! Good for you! Then, the Pisces new moon on the 17th will highlight your creative side, which will be evident in your sudden interest in art, music, and literature. It’s a great time to buy a book about art history or astronomy or whatever else it is you’ve always wanted to learn about.

Okay, but then Mercury goes into retrograde and messes everything up for you. Gemini, you’ll make progress in some areas this month, but it’ll be hard earned. Then the end of the month will feel like an uphill battle. You may feel like your energies are being pulled in different directions and/or held back, but take time to center yourself and you’ll still be able to achieve greatness in March.

17Gemini Love ‘Scope: The Full Moons May Give Your Scattered Heart Some Clarity

Gemini, the scatterbrained feeling isn’t limited to your work, health, and projects. You will also totally be feeling scatterbrained when it comes to relationships, though you always kind of feel scatterbrained when it comes to relationships. You’re the type to be in love with three different people at the same time. Like, you’d never be able to hand out roses on The Bachelorette because you’d love way too many of the contestants.

That said, look to be beginning and end of the month for clarity. March is bookended with full moons on the 1st and the 31st. Full moons are a time of revelation and awareness. Sure, you may gather some realizations you may not exactly love, but it’s better to find out than to be left in the dark.

With Mercury in retrograde at the end of the month, huge relationship decisions are better left until April. If the full moon on the 31st does, in fact, give you some clarity, wait to act on said clarity until Mercury is done ruining everyone’s lives.

16Cancer: It’s A Month For Self-Care And Making Plans

Cancer, you’ll have some personal highlights this month, but you’ll also struggle career-wise.

The full moon on the 2nd will shine on your communications. You’ll feel more expressive, knowledgeable, and charming than usual. It’s a great time to have tough conversations you’ve been putting off. The new moon on the 17th falls under Pisces, another water sign. This will heighten your emotional state, making your more sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive. It’s a good time for self-care and meditating. Try to use this push in emotions to connect to yourself, rather than letting your emotions take control, which can lead to a breakdown. Hey, it happens.

After entering Aries season on the 21st, you’ll feel a push in your career sector. But slow down. While you may have heightened career ambitions, they will be difficult due to Mercury in retrograde. Instead of being frustrated that you’re not achieving what you’d like to achieve because of ol’ Mercury in retrograde, take this time to make career goals and plans instead. Then, you can put the career plans into effect once Mercury isn’t so loopy.

15Cancer Love ‘Scope: You’re An Aggressive Flirt (YAS, QUEEN!)

Cancer, use the full moon on the 1st to your advantage. You’ll feel your communications thriving, so go on and flirt around. You’ll find yourself able to flirt even with that cute bartender who usually intimidates you because he’s so hot. Because you’ll be saying all the right things at all the right times, guys will find you magnetic. Slay, girl.

When the middle of the month hits, you’ll feel willing to get out of your comfort zone and be more aggressive than usual. So, flirt your butt off at the beginning of the month, then finally make your move in the middle of the month.

The end of the month, however, will be rough for relationships. Blame pesky Mercury in retrograde. If you’re a taken Cancer, taking your relationship to another level – whether it’s becoming exclusive or moving in together – is a decision best made in the beginning or middle of the month. Avoid relationship decisions at the end of the month.

14Leo: The Sun Starts Shining Again On The 21st, So Live Your Best Life

Leo, you may be feeling low at the beginning of the month. The Virgo full moon on the 1st will have you putting your head down and getting the job done, even though you’d rather be hanging out with friends. But let’s be honest, you’d always rather be hanging out with friends. On top of that, dreamy Pisces season has had you feeling like quite the couch potato. You’ve only been in the mood to binge-watch and eat pizza. (Same, girl.) However, it’s time to get out of this slump. Yes, winter can be an especially difficult season for you, as you’re a fire sign who was born in summer. Therefore, you have a true and deep connection to sunlight. But guess what! The sunlight is coming back!

With the first day of spring and Aries season (another fire sign) starting on the 21st, it will be a day that will bring you back to life. A new moon full on the 17th, which will make mid-month a great time for starting and getting out of the couch potato routine. If 2018 has been rough for you so far, the middle of March will feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time for you to be you again.

13Leo Love ‘Scope: Aries Season Has Your Feeling Feisty

Leo, your love life will also take off again in the middle of the month. Aries season is a great time for you, as your fire sign traits will be thriving. You’ll be feeling competitive, aggressive, and charming. That charismatic achiever and perfectionist inside of you be driving the car for the next month or so. Embrace that, and embrace how extra flirty it makes you feel. Hey, the winter months can be cold, boring, and lonely. Let the new moon on the 17th and Aries season on the 21st steer you into a steamy spring. You deserve it.

Of course, it can seem slow moving at first, with Mercury in retrograde on the 22nd. It’s worth working through it, as Aries season will provide you with more than enough energy to put yourself out there. Of course, don’t run off and get married or anything at the end of the month. Major relationship decisions are best not made during Mercury in retrograde.

12Virgo: You’ll Be Carrying Some Heavy Secrets Around This Month

Virgo, you’ll have some swagger in March. Yes, swagger. I know, girl. You’re usually not one for the swagger, but it’s going to happen. The full moon on the 1st will have you feeling proud of yourself. Of course, there’s always a reason to feel proud of yourself, as you’re a hard-working overachiever. However, you’re usually too critical of yourself to give yourself the much-deserved pat on the back. Not this month, though. This month, you’re patting!

While you may be living your best life with all that swagger, you’ll also feel burdened by you secrets this month. Mercury enters your secrets zone on the 6th. If you do feel the need to tell a secret to a friend, try to do it before Mercury goes into retrograde on the 22nd. If you spill the beans when Mercury is in retrograde, you may tell the wrong person, regret telling someone, or just say everything wrong.

The 31st is a full moon, which can often bring things to light. This may reveal secrets or give you a whole boat-load of new secrets to carry around with you. Whatever the case, it’s a month of secrets galore.

11Virgo Love ‘Scope: Alright, Super Flirty Virgo!

Virgo, that swagger you’ll be feeling from the full moon on the 1st will translate to your love life as well. You’ll feel flirty and confident. Because you’re so self-critical, you can often be judgmental about putting yourself out there. You’ll critique everything you said to that cute guy in accounting for years. It’s just who you are. However, the beginning of the month will give you the confidence to put yourself out there with no insecurities. Take this moment to make some moves. If you’re in a relationship, take this time to take your relationship to another level or go on a fancy date that you’ve always been a little intimated by. That super nice restaurant that costs, like, a whole paycheck for dinner? Do it, girl. You live so strictly usually that cutting loose once in a while will certainly not hurt.

The Pisces new moon on the 17th happens in your relationship zone, which will be a great time for new beginnings, whether in the literal or figurative sense. It’s a great time to start a new relationship (literal) or perhaps forgive your partner for something and move forward together (figurative).

10Libra: You’ll Have Some Career Confidence In March

Libra, it sometimes takes you a long, long time to make decisions. This is because you have to have ALL the facts. It’s just who you are. You only like to make decisions when you are fully educated and knowledgeable about the circumstances. That said, you can sometimes get lost in life. As everyone else seems to be propelling forward with decisions, goals, and careers, you sometimes feel like you’re standing still. And it’s not that you’re standing still. It’s just that you’re making your informed decisions, OKAY!

Well, the Virgo full moon on the 1st will bring information to light career-wise. You’ll find yourself finally ready to take over the world career-wise. Go forth, Libra. So often you’re paralyzed by your need to do the right thing for everyone, but this full moon will send you off to the races.

The new moon on 17th is a great time for new beginnings, whether it’s working towards the promotion you finally decided you want or looking for a new job.

9Libra Love ‘Scope: Just Forget About The Whole Love Life Thing This Month, Seriously

Libra, you’ll be more career focused at the beginning of the month. And that’s fine. Not every month needs to be about swiping right and swiping left. However, Mercury in retrograde does bring the attention back to relationships. Not only is it Mercury in retrograde, but it’s also in your relationship zone. This is, um… Actually, you should probably just not even try for a love connection in March. Trying to make something work while Mercury is in retrograde in your relationship zone can be a total headache and led to absolutely nothing. It can be a true let down, especially if you feel like you wasted energy. You’re better off focusing on work, goals, health, family, and friends, rather than finding a cutie for the spring.

Yes, you’re a super social sign and focusing on your goals sometimes feels a little unnatural, but do it in March. This way, your ducks will be in line for a fun spring fling down the road.

8Scorpio: It’s All About Rest, Relaxation, And Self-Reflection

Scorpio, the beginning of March will bring about much-needed self-reflection. The Virgo full moon on the 1st falls in your friendship zone, which will have you thinking about friendships. There may be a big revelation made by a friend or you may finally realize something about one of your friends. Either way, you can expect a very specific shift. It’s also time to trim that social circle. You’re a very secretive, private person, so only focusing on those close friendships that bring the most to your life is important.

On top of that, the 1st brings a Jupiter retrograde in your sign, which will bring about even more self-reflection around this time. It’s not just friendships you’re examining. You’ll be thinking about your daily habits, your long-term goals, and your living situation. It’s a great time for quiet moments and self-care, so you can really get to the bottom of how you’re really.

The full moon on the 31st also brings back feelings of rest and relaxation. It’s a month for connecting with yourself.

7Scorpio Love ‘Scope: The Middle Of The Months Gets Extra Hot

Scorpio, the beginning of the month will also find you reflective about your romantic relationships. Is this relationship everything you hoped it would be? Is there a way to fix the flaws in this relationship? Are you truly as happy as you could be? These are difficult questions to ask, but the beginning of March is definitely the time to ask such questions.

Though, these big questions may get swept away by the new moon on the 17th, which occurs in your pleasure zone. Scorpio, you’re the most passionate sign of the zodiac. You love having great physical connections with your partners, and the 17th will certainly be the time for that. Whether it’s taking a relationship to the next level or reconnecting with your partner, the 17th will be a great time to, uh, stay in bed.

Mercury will be in retrograde at the end of the month, so it’s not a great time to come back to those big questions you were having at the beginning of the month. But hey, at least you thought about that stuff, right?

6Sagittarius: It’s All About Small Steps To Become Who You Want You Be

Sagittarius, it’s time for some career moves. The Virgo full moon on the 1st will have you looking forward to taking some career steps. The thing with you, Sagittarius, is that you often have big career goals. You’re an idealist and think big picture. However, you’re not the best with taking the small steps necessary to achieve those huge goals. You just want to, like, achieve the goal, rather than all the small, boring, but necessary steps it takes to achieve said goal. That said, the Virgo full moon will have you thinking smaller and more analytical. You’ll see the path you must follow to achieve that big, big goal of yours.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde, which will make you more contemplative and introverted than usual. This can feel a little off for you, as you’re usually a social, loud, humorous person. Don’t let it get you down. Instead, take the time to really think about how to become the person you’re trying to become.

5Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: Mercury In Retrograde Is Actually Good News

Sagittarius, the beginning of the month will have you focusing on your career and yourself, but there are also some big relationship moves that happen in March.

The new moon on the 17th will have you hitting the reset button on various aspects like your apartment, exercise, and nutrition. It sounds boring, but this will give you a gust of confidence. You’re a sign that loves changes and these small changes on the 17th will have you feeling like a brand new queen. So, don’t be surprised when men flock to this new pep in your step.

On the 22nd, Mercury goes into retrograde in your pleasure zone. That’s right, your pleasure zone. So while everyone else is losing their minds during Mercury in retrograde, you’ll be indulging in bodily pleasures like eating, kissing, relaxing, and swimming. While Mercury is in retrograde, do whatever makes your body feel good.

4Capricorn: You’ll Be Breaking Your Own Rules, Which Is Great

Capricorn, you’re a sign that loves rules. In fact, you probably have rules about how to follow rules. You’re a traditionalist, who likes doing things the “right” way. Because of this, you can sometimes be a little… strict. You go to bed at a certain time and always go to the same workout classes. You like routines. However, the Virgo full moon on the 1st may have you feeling a little looser. You’ll suddenly be saying yes to that happy hour, or a hike, or a girls weekend. You’ll be open to stuff that brings you out of your comfort zone, which is a welcomed release.

The new moon on the 17th falls in your communication sector, so you’ll also be feeling chattier than usual. That’s all well and good, but just make sure to watch your communications after Mercury goes into retrograde on the 22nd. This time will make miscommunications very likely and if you’re feeling chattier than usually… well, you get it.

3Capricorn Love ‘Scope: You’ll Meet New People, But Have Issues Communicating

Capricorn, the full moon that makes you get a little looser will do wonders for your love life. Sometimes, you can be in such a routine that you miss out on opportunities to meet new people. And so, skipping the fitness class and going to a new pub with friends may bring a brand new love interest into your life. Being open to new experiences means being open to new love interests, so win-win!

While the new moon in your communication sector would make you think it’d be a great time for conversations, Mercury in retrograde completely messes that up. Instead, Mercury in retrograde will be a great time for redoing your apartment. That’s right, buy some plants and a new lamp! Hey, you never know how much a little apartment glam can really improve your love life.

2Aquarius: It’s All About The Body This Month

Aquarius, the Virgo full moon on the 1st happens on the sensuality sector. This means you’ll be feeling particularly bodily, but also very analytical. What does that mean? Well, you’ll be super in tune with your body. It’s a great time to meditate, do self-care, try a new workout, or maybe try a move from 50 Shades of Grey. Wink-wink!

Mercury in retrograde on the 22nd can be extra painful for you. As an air sign, you’re very friendly, curious, and intellectual. You love getting into love and interesting conversations with friends. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in more arguments than debates. If Mercury in retrograde has you down and feeling intellectually uninspired, focus on your body.

Instead of trying to force March to be able knowledge and intelligence, follow it. It’s a month of bodily intuition, so go with that.

1Aquarius Love ‘Scope: It’s A Month Of Exciting New Vibes

Aquarius, you’re feeling especially connected to your body as the full moon on the 1st. So, go with that! You may find yourself a little more frisky than usual. Don’t fight it. Yes, you generally connect with people by having witty back-and-forth conversation or like telling interesting stories. But hey, if you’re more in the mood to connect via make out session, is that so wrong?

Speaking out of your comfort zone, the full moon on the 31st takes place in your house of adventure. This means you’ll be excited to try something new and willing to do something you’ve never done before. Basically, your love life will feel a little foreign and strange in March, but that can make it even steamier. Whether you’re single or taken, let this excitement translate to fireworks with someone special.

That’s your March horoscope, ladies. May the odds ever be in your favor during Mercury in retrograde. Check back next month to see what’s written in the stars for April.

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