Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For September: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

While everyone is bound to have a unique month (depending on your sign), two themes will be present in everyone’s September; overindulgence and freedom. We all want to treat ourselves and shirk our responsibilities, but unfortunately, life doesn’t always deal us the hand we want. Do you want to work? Nope, neither do I.

The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter could be very lucky for some – with a bit of fortune on your side, this planetary connection could mean extra cash in hand… and this is why a few of you will want to overspend! We’re looking at you, Leo ladies. Along with Venus and Jupiter making everyone yearn for a shopping spree, Jupiter and Pluto will offer extra energy to help you work through the lows of this month. In the latter half of the month, Saturn and Uranus will align to give us a couple of nerve-wracking dilemmas, which is why the following combination of Jupiter and Uranus will have you dreaming of freedom. Even if you’re an uptight Capricorn, you’ll be itching for some impulsive decision making!

Overall, September is offering us a generous month full of positivity, and Venus is lurking through our charts to provide a spicier love life. You know what else is spicy? Pumpkin spice lattes, which have arrived in stores for your fall aesthetic leisure. Here is your monthly lifestyle, relationship, and love horoscope for September, and it should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

24Virgo: A Life-Changing Moment Is On Your Horizon

This month will begin with the New Moon entering your sign on the 3rd, noting the turn of a new leaf. A fresh start will be easier for you to initiate! With your life on the cusp of a life-changing moment, Mercury is in your sign for the majority of the month, keeping you in top form. You’re feeling a little more vocal about your opinions and you want to be respected.

This initiation is a formula for positive change that will likely lead to a new life chapter.

While September should fill you with joy, be mindful of the tension between Saturn and Pluto – it could signal drama in your home/family life!

23Virgo Love Horoscope: Your Radiating Vibe Will Attract A Lot Of Attention

Your mind is buzzing with possibilities, and this bodes well for love. Since August 6th, Venus has drifted through your house of values and self-worth. This means you have extra cash on hand, and you notice how good you look when you walk by a mirror. Who’s steamy reflection is that?!

By the 9th of this month, the planet of love enters your third house of social media and mental stimulation. Your glowing vibe will flock lovers to you, and you’re feeling a little extra energetic and up for planning exciting social outings. Don’t waste this time, because how often are you overflowing with charm?

22Libra: You’ll Be Tempted To Act Impulsively Throughout All Of September, Especially When It Comes To Shopping

Venus meeting Jupiter at the beginning of the month means two things for you. One, you will feel pleasant and peaceful with an aspect of your life that was troubling you before. Two, you need to guard against excess. What does that mean?

The urge to acquire possessions for the pleasure of owning appealing things will surmount your better senses.

Not only will you feel materialistic, but the relationship between Uranus and Jupiter this month will lead to impulsive behavior, as you experience a rash desire to forgo planning and grasp at freedom. You of all people appreciate the importance of a plan, so don’t be too hasty!

21Libra Love Horoscope: You’re Feeling Yourself And Sparkling All Month Long

Whether you’re attached or single, this month is all about play for you when it comes to romance. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner will enjoy each other without any drama. You’re feeling extra adventurous, and the spiciness levels are going to hit the roof.

If you aren’t committed to one person, expect the unexpected. A Full Moon in your partnership sector on September 24th could mean anything from an old lover reappearing or an unplanned pregnancy gracing your life. Your emotional needs in love will be on the table for everyone to witness, so enjoy your confidence but be assertive in what you need.

20Scorpio: Your Life Is Changing In Many Ways, But Don’t Assume It Is Only For The Worse

This month will bring little morsels of tension with all aspects of your life. You will struggle with your partnerships at the beginning of the month and your income will come into question later in the month due to Saturn testing Pluto.

It might not be the horoscope you were hoping for, but be patient; September will be a month of learning for you.

When Saturn forms a difficult aspect to Uranus, new circumstances will be forced upon you. Adapting to change you don’t agree with might make you feel bitter, but be reassured these changes will be to your advantage in the long term.

19Scorpio Love Horoscope: You Might Learn An Unpleasant Secret About Your Partner

It is likely a surprising secret will surface this month, and it will hurt you because your partner knows how much you despise secrets. Luckily for you, this month is about not assuming the worst, and this omitted truth could bring you closer together. It’s the unexpected that can strengthen your bond.

Later in the month, you may feel like your partner is ignoring you for their career. It will begin with the New Moon in workaholic Virgo, but don’t fret; when Venus moves into your sign, you and your lover will be addicted to each other. Work through the unpleasantness of this secret, and the rest of your month will be heavenly.

18Sagittarius: The Presence Of Venus And Jupiter Will Make September A Warm, Affectionate Month For You

Venus and Jupiter meeting in Libra at the beginning of September signals all your social interactions will occur within a tone of warmth and affection. Your conversations and meetings should be imbued with kindness and positivism, but this sunny luck will hit a wall in the second week of September.

Don’t fret; Saturn and Pluto combining will frustrate you due to their interference with your need for positive change in a certain aspect of your life.

Matters will improve by the third week of the month, and you’ll be able to enjoy your light and friendly relationships with everyone around you. Keep up the happy thoughts!

17Sagittarius Love Horoscope: Your Love Life During September Will Make You More Comfortable With Change In General

With Mars, the ruler of your romance sector, finishing its retrograde, your love life is about to find a positive change. You’re usually one to handle change flawlessly, but a change in your romance life is uncharted territory. Strange feelings about your partner, whether you’ve been together for years or just a few weeks, will make you reconsider your life with them. Don’t worry – these feelings are from Venus moving throughout your chart, and the ‘feelings’ are simply worries about the unknown and your future together.

Try not to keep your concerns a secret. If you’re open about your thoughts on your future together, the Full Moon in your romance sector on the 24th could offer a pleasant surprise.

16Capricorn: You Will Be Consumed By Tension, But This Is Good News For Your Reputation

Being overcome by a few worries can help you find clarity once the tension has passed. The tense aspect between Saturn and Uranus will lead to a strenuous and nerve-wracking situation, likely related to your career, but hard work will make the circumstances worthwhile. The Full Moon in Pisces suggests a resolution will occur before September is over, and Venus meeting Jupiter in Libra also eludes to your professional life being held to its highest regard.

The month will be topsy-turvy, but it will result in your reputation being lifted to its highest esteem due to your hard work.

Don’t lose faith!

15Capricorn Love Horoscope: You Will Be Tested When It Comes To Your Romantic Life

While the twists and turns in your romantic life have been comical lately, they might take a downward spiral this month. Uranus has lingered in your love sector for months now and considering it is the planet of unexpected surprises, it’s been wreaking nonstop havoc.

Any semblance of control you thought you had is fleeting. Whether you’re about to discover the love of your life has been in front of you this entire time, or you decide you want to leave your long-term partner, be prepared for a jolt to the heart. Matters of love don’t come naturally to you, so breathe in and brace yourself for the tests and surprises.

14Aquarius: A Family Member Will Constantly Be Ruining Your Plans

Mars is still drifting through the area of your chart related to home and family, and its stirring up a bit of trouble. Tension will spark, especially if there is opposition to your ideas or personal plans. Saturn in Leo is demanding you exert all your energy on either your partner or a particular family member, which will only increase your frustration when obstacles are thrown your way.

With all of this family drama, you will be itching for much-needed freedom and ‘me’ time.

The planetary alignments are working against you this month, so in order to dupe their restrictions, spend time relaxing at home with minimal planning involved.

13Aquarius Love Horoscope: Communication Is At An All-Time High And It’s Making You So Happy (Or Will)

Mars in retrograde has left you feeling the blues. When it comes to your romantic life, Mars has made you angsty and internalizing all of your frustrations with your love life. Your ability to get what your heart needs has been blocked; if you’re in a relationship, you’ve been left bickering due to miscommunication. If you’re single, loneliness has been plaguing you.

Good news! No more Mars in retrograde! Now that Mars is moving back into your sign, communication will be heightened. You and your partner will reconnect at some point in September, and you will even laugh about the silly squabbles you’ve had lately. Things are about to be full of sunshine and happiness!

12Pisces: This Month Focuses On Your Close Relationships And Your Spending Habits

Plenty of good news will follow you during September, but you will be tempted to overspend. Not just during the first week, but throughout the entire month you will be itching to buy things you want but do not need.

The New Moon in Virgo offers a new beginning in your close relationships.

Perhaps a resolution to a nagging problem is discovered, but it likely involves your shared property or finances. If the tense aspect between Uranus and Saturn stirs the pot, you and your partner will face any fresh frustration together, and it will strengthen your bond.

11Pisces Love Horoscope: Your Love Life Is Nothing But Blessed

Considering your love life is existing in a healthy state of peace, contentment, and maturity, you now have time to reflect on it. This is what September will be about for you. Your whimsical state of mind will take a backseat, and you will focus on how practical your heart has become. Share these feelings with your partner, and you two will have a conversation about the future that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy!

If you’re single, you will meet someone you connect with instantly. When you lay eyes on this person, your mind will begin to say “relationship material”, and you’ll hit it off from there. Enjoy a month of true love and no drama!

10Aries: You’re Ready To Fight For What You Want And What Is Rightfully Yours

Your belongings are about to assume a greater importance to you. You are primed to defend what is rightfully yours, but partnerships are also important to you at the moment, and the meeting between Venus and Jupiter during September ensures that all of your relationships are content and joyous.

While a situation may arise forcing you to become defensive, you will be anchored down by friends and family willing to step up and have your back.

You won’t be facing any crisis alone this month, and while the tense aspect between Jupiter and Uranus suggests impending change, you have a security blanket to step into if need be.

9Aries Love Horoscope: A Thoughtful Gift Might Be Taken The Wrong Way

Your ruling planet has been causing mayhem for your love life. All of this changes in September (Mars will be back on track), and you need to re-familiarize yourself with what it means to feel ‘normal’. Perhaps you’ve been nursing wounds from a bad break-up, or maybe you’ve felt lethargic about your current relationship, but you need to rediscover your mojo!

On your quest to feel comfortable in your love life again, you should avoid offering your partner a token. While you might be trying to mend fences and thank them for their patience, Mars entering Aquarius in direct motion could cause miscommunication when it comes to possessions and gifts. Instead, show your lover you care with extra physical affection.

8Taurus: While You Might Feel The Need To Be Left Alone, Your Closest Relationships Will Remain In A Good Place

Mars remaining in your sign means you are focused on personal projects. While this could make you insensitive to the needs of others, September is filled with amiability for you and your relationships. Venus meeting Jupiter in Libra suggests your work relationships will benefit, and Venus moving into Scorpio later in the month will fill you with a willingness to compromise.

This will strengthen all of your closest relationships, despite your distant mood.

When Saturn aspects Uranus in the third week, a difficult new circumstance will affect your home life, but everyone will be in positive spirits and ready to face it together.

7Taurus Love Horoscope: An Ex Will Resurface And Try To Rekindle The Past

It can be tempting to travel back to the past, but what if the future is shining bright? This month could bring you a challenging ultimatum when you’re torn between two warring heartstrings.

Your love life has been banal for months, as you and your partner have hit a boring patch. This makes it more tempting when an ex tries to reconnect with you, promising change and a better future. Your current partner is not going to take this disrespect towards them lightly – be prepared for September to be anything but boring.

However, if you’re single, you can look forward to an easier month! The New Moon in your romance sector could place a stunning new beau on your horizon.

6Gemini: You And A Family Member Will Enter A New Phase In Your Relationship

Mercury is all over the map this month, but throughout its journey, it will force you to focus on your home life. The New Moon on the 3rd will give you the confidence to discuss a new beginning with your family, and it will bring you closer to a family member you once shared a strained relationship with.

Growing closeness between you and this family member will lift your spirits.

Jupiter aligning with Pluto will deliver a desire to find freedom, but your search for liberty will only strengthen your bond with your family. Even when you are at your most impetuous, they will provide you with patience and love!

5Gemini Love Horoscope: You Might Be Feeling A Little Extra Jealous And Possessive

A September storm is brewing in your love life. With a possessive and jealous streak running through you due to Mars’ placement in your charts, you won’t be in the mood for second chances this month. If your trust has been bruised or broken, you might forsake rebuilding faith in your current relationship. This could be linked to a miscommunication; you thought your relationship was heading in one direction, but your partner held other ideas.

If you’re functional enough to work through these valleys, the hills on the other end of the strife are rewarding. Perhaps you and your partner will realize you can work through anything together, and begin discussing starting a family.

4Cancer: The New Moon In Virgo Suggests You’re About To Make Lots Of New Friends

September is all about your social life! The New Moon in Virgo suggests you will spend your time in a new location or with newfound friends. Venus meeting with Jupiter in Libra will encourage excess, so be careful not to overindulge your friends or family, unless you want feelings of jealousy to bubble.

While you spend plenty of time with other people, you need to pay attention to your finances.

Balancing your accounts could become nerve-wracking when Saturn makes an uncomfortable alignment with Uranus. Will your newly created relationships be able to help you with a solution, or will you regret sharing your troubles with them?

3Cancer Love Horoscope: If You’re In A Relationship, You’re SO May About To Experience Family Drama

A relationship is give and take, and September might be all about helping your partner through a family situation. Sometimes all the attention needs to be on them and not you! Luckily, being a generous, compassionate person is your forte, so you have their back. Holding their hand through the problem will leave your partner feeling madly in love with you, and they’ll want to pamper you once their stress ebbs.

If you’re single, you might encounter a steamy, mysterious, unattainable person. The chemistry will be palpable but they will remain detached. Will you be able to hold their attention or will they be another missed fish?

2Leo: You Will Feel Bombarded By Responsibilities This Month

You might feel torn between two worlds this month. With Venus and Jupiter continuing to make your social life buzz with excitement, Saturn lingering in your sign leads to excess responsibilities weighing you down. While you will try to prioritize what you need to do, Saturn making a tense aspect to Pluto will only lead to trouble.

The people around you combined with your circumstances will prevent you from accomplishing what you want.

All of these responsibilities and the added drama will have you aching for freedom, but if you keep your head down and work hard this month, a lesson learned will offer you fresh insight.

1Leo Love Horoscope: A Conversation About The Future Won’t Go As Planned

Maybe you were excited to plan a weekend getaway, or maybe you were discussing your actual ‘forever’ future together, but somehow, the conversation will go awry. If this talk happens before September 10th, any bruised bones will mend and you will have a steamy month full of passion. Sometimes problems just solve themselves if you give them time!

If the conversation happens later in the month, your partner might leave a sour taste in your mouth. Maybe they aren’t everything you thought they were? The sparks may fade away, and you might not feel emotionally invested in the outcome of this squabble.

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