August13 , 2022

Horoscope: How The Zodiac Signs Behave When They’re In Love In 2020



A lot of information about a person can be gathered using astrology. According to our horoscopes, the stars say a lot about how we live, how we appear, and how we express our feelings. Fire signs love passionately, earth signs cautiously, air signs intellectually, and water signs emotionally.

Each zodiac sign exhibits a certain repertoire of characteristics that correspond with their sign’s energies. From Aries to Pisces, here is how the twelve signs behave when they’re in love.


Aries is a passionate lover who loves with fierce and fiery enthusiasm. The cardinal energy of their sign encourages them to be forthright and direct with their feelings. Aries loves the thrill of the chase, though they can get bored quickly before moving on to their next great affair.

The brave Aries will likely make the first move. Their feelings are intense and their brutal honesty will either make or break a relationship.


Taurus is a grounded earth sign that requires physical contact to feel secure. Taurus lovers are sensual and will initiate frequent affection with the people they love.

This earth sign likes to surround itself with material possessions, so don’t be surprised if your Taurus partner decides to shower you with gifts to express their love. Taureans are naturally generous and romantics at heart.


Gemini falls in love through language and likes to woo their partner with their words. This talkative air sign is a natural flirt and can, sometimes, appear quite fickle. They seek a lover who mentally stimulates them and understands their need for freedom.

Gemini will initiate contact and spend a great deal of time discussing a variety of topics when experiencing romantic feelings for another person. Expect an interested Gemini to text or call frequently, a rare feat for this detached sign.


Cancer loves intensely and their affections can be hard to miss. They like to show their love and be shown love in return. This water sign is highly emotional and wants to dedicate every facet of themselves when in a relationship.

Cancerians can appear snappy if they feel threatened but generally wear their hearts on their sleeve. They have high expectations when it comes to romance, however, and require a fully devoted partner.


Like Aries, Leo is a fiery lover with an intense passion that can be overwhelming. The proud Leo is unlikely to wear their heart on their sleeve like Cancer, but their powerful feelings shouldn’t be underestimated. Leo loves with an enthusiasm that can light up a room or consume it.

Confident Leo will make their feelings known when they are in love and can sometimes appear aggressive. They are loyal lovers who charm their partners with flattery and attention.


Virgo is more reserved than Leo and shows their affections in more subtle ways. This earth sign loves cautiously. They prefer to get to know their potential partner well before progressing to the next step in a relationship.

Virgo’s analytical skills allow them to pinpoint their partner’s needs. They will notice minor details about their loved ones and make several small gestures before finally allowing themselves to be vulnerable.


Libra feels complete in a relationship and often spends their time searching for their ‘other half.’ This air sign seeks harmony and beauty. They will rarely instigate arguments; instead, they shower their partner with compliments and listen intently to their problems.

Libras are less likely to be direct about their feelings than other signs such as Aries. They are romantic and idealistic, however, often wooing their partners with traditional gestures.


It’s hard to miss Scorpio’s interest as they love with a fierce intensity that can be stifling. Scorpio has a dark side. They can be possessive and jealous, envying any time their partner spends with another person.

Although Scorpio may appear to have an impenetrable shell at first, the depths of their feelings soon make themselves known. They are stubborn, driven by their emotions, and can be overdramatic with their declarations of love.


Sagittarius is a free-spirited fire sign that needs a partner who loves fun as much as they do. Their optimistic energy is contagious. They bring cheer into the lives of their loved ones, wooing them with their warm energy.

Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius is blunt and will likely tell someone directly if they have feelings for them. They will often try to impress their partners with their experience and knowledge of the world.


Like Virgo, Capricorn is shy and reserved when it comes to matters of the heart. They are seeking a long-term partner who will become a fixture in their organized lives. Capricorn can be conventional, preferring old-fashioned expressions of affection such as flowers and chocolate.

It can be difficult to gauge Capricorn’s true feelings. Nonetheless, they are faithful lovers who are generous and protective of their partners.


Aquarius can appear aloof as this air sign constantly has its head in the clouds. Despite appearing emotionally distant, however, they are incredibly loving and caring. Like Gemini, Aquarius takes an interest in their partner’s thoughts and like to learn everything about their lovers.

Aquarius loves freedom, so feel flattered if they sacrifice their space to spend time together. Aquarius seeks an interesting partner who can hold their attention.


Pisces is another emotionally-driven water sign, though their feelings are harder to decipher than Scorpio or Cancer. Pisces has a mysterious aura that connects them to the spiritual realm. It can be hard to tell what Pisces is truly feeling due to their enigmatic and introverted natures.

Pisces may try and attract the attention of their potential partner with longing eye contact and shy, subtle signals. They are dreamy romantics who can idealize love when in a relationship.